Buy a Xiaomi Mi3 In The Next Sale Using These Tips to Better Your Chances

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Buy a Xiaomi Mi3 In The Next Sale Using These Tips to Better Your Chances

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The Xiaomi Mi3 has been a drop of evil for a lot of people, some have waited through the three sales patiently trying to get one of these chinese “wonder phones”. On August 12th 2014, at 2:00 pm the Xiaomi Mi3 will go on sale yet again, this time with a proported 20,000 handsets, says online shopping website Flipkart.

If you really want to buy a Xiaomi Mi3 this time around, here are a few tips to better your chances of scoring one of these budget bad boys.

1. Pre Register

Possibly the most obvious tip, you need to pre register to buy the phone, so go ahead and do it by : Clicking Here


2. Know the Time

The Xiaomi Mi3 will go on sale at precisely 2:00 pm IST on the 12th of August, so try and reach the buying page at least an hour earlier, even though it seems like overkill.

3. Multiple device logins

Try being online from multiple devices, preferably on different internet connections; in order to have different I.P. addresses accessing the site, this will improve your chances and bring to one step closer to buying a Xiaomi Mi3.

4. Flipkart App

The Flipkart app uses a separate server and has a higher chance of “not failing” at the time of sale. If you want to buy a Xiaomi Mi3 the app might prove to be easier, “might being the key word.



5. Super Refresh times 40,000

When the sale starts, most people are struggling to open the webpage, ctrl+R / f5 (refresh) is your best friend, hit it till you get a page to buy a Xiaomi Mi3. (cmd+R on a mac). Other people have reported opening several tabs being helpful.



6. Cart it!

If you do get a page loaded, add that phone to the cart like there is no tomorrow, once you have the handset in your cart, your chances have just gone up from 1 in a million to 50:50 in order to buy a Xiaomi Mi3.

cart cart 1


7. Patience

Once you have it in your cart, attempt payment by refreshing several times, in most cases you won’t be able to make payments due to overloads on the server so keep trying.Here the app helps too.

Also, if the website fails completely, there is a very high chance that the phone is in your cart when Flipkart comes back online, thats the perfect moment for you to buy a Xiaomi Mi3.

Once you do get through to the payment section and make your payments in whatever the mode you select, pat yourself on the back sir, you my friend are a lucky owner of the coveted Xiaomi Mi3.


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  • LandamNaresh

    Do you know that by using the Android device manager you can find your phone’s location if it’s stolen or lost.  You can even make a call to your device even if the SIM card is replaced by a new one. You can lock your device remotely and you can even erase all the confidential data that is present in the phone.I found this info here,

  • jitzz4u

    i have a Mi3 on my cart as on 26th august..
    Interested buyers can contact me on 09960695080

  • deleted_60818088_hgyftg

    Xiaomi has tested the patience! This is too much…I am trying from last 3 flash sales to buy it but not successful…I believe xiaomi doesnt takes us indians seriously, we are paying a good price and not asking the phone for free. I had no option other than opting for Moto G, because i wanted a phone. Xiaomi should have done a good market research, stocked their inventory properly before entering a big mass market like India. Very unhappy with Xiaomi!!

  • Akshay Babbar

    already have it

  • gopalpg

    if they are selling MI3 this way, for sure customers will move to other brands and slowly MI3 will fade .  Indians are already used to booking a tatkal train ticket and again buying MI3 is similar to that, so no one would waste time again and again for this phone. I logged in and waited for 1 hour but when the time came, I got a message that there was no stock. Got pissed off and will not buy MI3 at all, there are so many alternatives which I will choose, dont want to waste time again just for this phone when we have so many important things in life to take care …

  • AbhishekGiri

    Hey i tried getting it today but to no avail … well i think i am pissed off coz i really need a phone now and the next sale is a week later!! thanks for d tips but in my case it didnt work…

  • Sujoy Krishna Das

    Register from here to buy the Mi3-

  • Lawrence Leon D’Silva

    Stop this… too much.

  • Sminoj Navaneetham


  • Amit Gakhar

    Asus is best.

  • Tabrez Salam

    anyone got OnePlus One invites to give away. please keep me posted :)

  • Mohmmad Abbas

    Missed it again.

  • Faseh Ur Rahman

    just bought it!!!

  • Syed Muazzam

    Faseh Ur Rahman

  • Archish Umesh Koshe

    Yep awesome phone

  • Gurwinder Singh

    Im using this mbl .. Rely awsm

  • Vinay K Maturi

    Does this fone worth d buzz created? Too much of news about to get it …blah blah blah, as if v r getting something for free ..O_o

  • Pratham Chaturvedi

    Not interested anymore

  • Rishi Lee

    Who cares anymore!!!!

  • Anoop Mudholkar

    I’ll surely try those tips while ordering :)

  • Pavan M Kashyap

    Anoop Mudholkar

  • Akash Paul

    Thats fake, i m using this phone almost 7days but there is no problem there , no heat at all just switch mode to battery saving mode it will last more . and second thing is my sim card have no prob at all .

  • PrateekToppo

    if anyone wants to buy xiaomi mi3 in Rs.16000.

  • Yogananda Arisetty

    Its an awesome phone.. Regarding security issues the vice president has given an explanation.. Check the blogs.. There are no serious issues to worry about.. I am using it and its simply amazing.. 2 of my colleagues also bought the pbone after seeing mine

  • Anup Agarwal

    Dnt buy chinese products…swadeshi apnao desh bachaooo..

  • Akshay Dwivedi

    Are there any heating, battery or network issues?

  • AbhishekShrivastava1

    tell me one android phone that doesn’t send ur personal data to google :)…. its just a hype . if you want your personal data to be secure then please use nokia 1100 because as far as android is concerened google knows everything about us better than our friends & family .

  • AkshaySamjiskar

    TheRealASK latest news – mi3 is a spytool……….
    is that true???

  • Mahesh Kumar

    Got it today :)

  • Kaushal Jhobalia


  • Arup Jyoti Bhagowati

    I Bought Yeahhhh

  • SanjayChourasia

    ty igyaan
    even i was able to get Xiaomi MI3 from flipkart today using this process 

    love you guys

  • TheRealASK

    it worked….thx to igyaan i was able to buy Mi3…

  • Khyati Sanghavi

    Mi3 is a great phone Shreya Punmiya I love it. Good specs at such affordable cost. Best part is the batt life! Amazing

  • Shreya Punmiya

    Amit Punmiya KhyatiSanghavi

  • Omkar Parab

    why not ?
    1.its made of cheap plastic or half plastic but design not that great.
    2.there have been regular reports of mi3 sharing ur personal data though u cannot trust any of the speculations,a comman man like us can never find the right answer. service centers as of now,what if u get a defective phone or any problem later?.
    4.only thing good its priced perfect for its specs but u do have a lot of other options from local companies like micromax,lava etc moto is far better aswell and well established. i said before the phone is grest for its specs and price but its too too early to trust xiaomi.
    6.also mi4 is comig that will be even better .
    7.another china maker will indian market in a couple of months called one plus one.
    8.i am guessing it wont get updates even if it does,it will take long…at the end its a compete personal choice..rather than finding the best phone find a phone best for u…

  • IT_Professional


    Let me debunk some of the false statements made here:
    1. It is such a waste of time to be logged into Flipkart for an hour before the sale. However, if you do insist, spend the time window shopping or do some real shopping.
    2. No refresh i.e. pressing F5 button is needed. They enable the page using Javascript. So any number of refreshes wont help.
    3. Being connected from multiple tabs does not help, neither does it help to have multiple windows open. Your chances are finally in your “buy” action hitting the server. Doesnt matter how many windows you have open.
    4. Once the item is in your cart, you dont have to keep retrying. It is there for you. Trying to pay multiple times will only add to your confusion. You really dont want to pay multiple times and then sort out refunds. Wait for a while and then make the payment.

    Of course being on a fast network helps – like an office network. The mobile app goes over 3G at best and is not faster in any way.

    These are from my experiences in successfully buying a Mi 3 in the last sale.

  • BA BU

    I’m Waiting Redmi 1s :P

  • Chaitanya Gadre

    There is an Anti-Virus company name F-Secure proved that Xiaomi is stealing the personal data from their phones!

  • Raman Dev

    Realy…but i want to buy

  • ThakshakGudimetla

    a device reboot does the trick……
    1gb free ram.

  • Yaseen Sharieff

    Friends dont try to buy the phone i have one and facing sim tray and heating problem and also they dont give service centre address i am returning it to flipkart

  • Kaushal Jhobalia

    i saw a live mi3 device, it shows only 520mb free ram, with only 5 to 7 apps installed on it, whereas on nexus 5 it shows 1.1gb free ram with almost a full device of 16gb……still nexus runs like SILK SMOOTH…NEXUS 5 WINS…save more money, go for nexus 5 only……….

  • Ratul Bose

    Good one.

  • Harsh Manchanda

    if everyone will have a better chance using the tips, doesnt that make my chances even worse?

  • KartikMuchandi

    hahahaha!! dont buy…your loss…! :D

  • Omkar Parab

    faltu phone

  • Amit Parashar

    & u shared the tips on social network, lol ;-)

  • Sajid Assad

    Not worth these hype

  • Amit Ashar

    I am reading this on my mi3 it’s awesome

  • Vicky Bala

    Vignesh Thirugnanam

  • Roydon PhilipDsa

    Don’t want go to hell

  • Chandramani

    Hey bhagwan is bar to mil jaye ye :(

  • Shivam Jay Tandon

    I will not buy your phone until u stop being a nerd..i meant the scheme like how u are selling it..

  • Talha Jafferi

    As if they r giving it for freeU0001f60f

  • Philip Joseph

    Fine article.

  • Kr Vikash

    lagta hai isbaar bhi nahi kharid paynge

  • Sanajon Rajkumar

    I think I ll not able to get this “chow mow” phone again… :(