Cortana to Come to Your Desktops With Windows 9

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Cortana to Come to Your Desktops With Windows 9

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We all are familiar with the competition between Microsoft and Apple. Just last week we heard rumors about Apple integrating its virtual assistant Siri to its desktop. It looks like Microsoft might be planning the same thing by bringing the Windows 8.1 voice assistant Cortana to the Windows 9.


Microsoft is preparing to include its Cortana digital assistant in the next major version of Windows, Windows 9

It is said that like the Windows Phone 8.1 phone version, Cortana will be an app and not be integrated into the operating system. Unlike the Windows Phone 8.1 app, however, Cortana is not a ‘full screen experience,’ and rather, will allow users to ‘either type in your question or ask verbally inside a smallish window.’

Microsoft has been gradually improving Cortana every two weeks by adding additional data points and features, and as the service is HTML driven, these improvements can be expected to make their way over to the Windows 9 version.


windows 9 design concept

Well, we should keep in mind that a lot can change between now and Windows 9’s eventual release. Microsoft could decide to drop Cortana from Windows 9, at least at first, or reversely more updates to the virtual assistant could allow for even deeper integration into the OS.

Not too long ago, we had seen leaked images with a revamped Start Menu. Microsoft is also expected to release a preview version of Windows 9 later this year with “Metro-style” apps floating in windows on the desktop, a virtual desktops feature, and the removal of the awkward Charms bar from desktop versions of Windows.


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    Concept Look Appealing.
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    Arre pahale India main phone U0001f4f1 pe to launch karo yaha to abhi tak 8.1update nahi aaya hai

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    Now what’s this, anybody know what is this

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    I hope next version of windows will be awesome