Leaksters at it Again : iPhone 6 Box and Handset Revealed

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Leaksters at it Again : iPhone 6 Box and Handset Revealed

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Love them or hate them, the leaksters are out for the all-new upcoming smartphone. No other phone has seen such scrutiny or faced such regular leaks like the Apple’s iPhone 6.

Now Techradar has gone ahead and posted snaps of what they say is the next iPhone 6 along with its box. The phone they are showing off may look like a knock off but they do have a snap with the Apple logo at the start on the display. The box seems no different from the previous releases of the phone; the screen as expected is bigger than its predecessors.

Techradar claims the photos are authentic and have been acquired through an Apple insider. The square at the center of the home button and the health app on the screen seems to be missing thereby fueling speculations of this being a mock product made by somebody with a lot of time on their hands. But overall the device shown in the image lives up to all the leaks and renders posted in the past few months.

The leaks have slowly started to become a menace. They were great when they used to release certain specifics of the upcoming products. They used to add to the hype around the products and in turn made us eagerly wait for the release date of the products. But now they are being giant spoilers, both for the companies as well as the enthusiasts. There needs to be a sort of leakster ethic with limits. By doing this, they’d keep some healthy surprises for all.


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    come on! thats a pic of goo phone i6!!

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    Manoj Kumar

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    Zafer Shah Bharath Reddy Cbr Shashi Gudupally : beast is ready… ;)

  • Piyush Mathur

    Lets hope something interesting is inside the hood! Otherwise this will be again a screen size upgrade.

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    Can’t wait till Sept 9…. #iPhone6

  • Anirudh Dasgupta

    just a clone by Jonathan Morrison and Danny winget.

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    Faez Hardy

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    Yash Baid Akhil Nair Akhil Mahadevan

  • HarshWardhan1990

    The square symbol has been omitted since the 5s, due to the introduction of sapphire button. So the health app is the only missing feature here….