Top 5 Websites to Sell Your Old Gadgets Online

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Top 5 Websites to Sell Your Old Gadgets Online

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Re-commerce i.e. trading old gadgets for a price is not a common practice in India. But with more and more people wanting to buy the latest in technology, dispensing old gadgets safely has become important. And its all the more better if you can make some money while doing it. Even though prices offered depend on the time, market demand and the condition of the gadget, putting your old gizmos on sale is a good idea. There are numerous websites which offer the service of trading old gadgets.

We are listing 5 of these website where you can sell you old gadgets in return of cash.



 The company offers consumers a profitable and environment-friendly way to dispose of their used smartphones, MP3 players, laptops, digital cameras, tablets and other electronic goods. The site is user friendly and three easy steps let you recycle your old gizmo. You need to type in the name of the device and if it is listed on, then answer a few questions about the device and you’ll know how much the site would pay you. 

2. Karma Recycling


Karma Recycling is one of the leading e-waste management services in India. The website is also quite user-friendly; you have go through 4 steps to sell your mobile. Choose your mobile, its condition and they will offer you a price. You can choose your payment through check , or gift card.

3. Atteroboy


Atteroboy works similar to Karma Recycling. Website works in a same way, choose you mobile, its condition and they will offer you a price. Though we noticed that they might pay you less than Karma recycling.

4. Cellforcash


The first thing to remember when you decide to sell old mobile phones online is if you send handsets in beat up condition – that do not work or without accessories – then don’t expect a high payoff. clearly highlights in its ‘Terms and Condition’ section that it is looking for quality used-items and the better conditioned the phone, the better chances of getting a nice payout.

5. Buymytronics

buymytronic, earlier known as, lets customers sell used iPods, iPhones and consumer electronics like laptops, game consoles and digital cameras. The process of selling the item is the same as other websites — select the category of the gadget, select it from the list and specify its working condition. The site would then quote a price, and if you think it’s a good bargain, then you need to ship it to the address provided to you by email.

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  • inshat

    neerajkarn capriyank Do you mean ? I am unable to find any sellup site

  • Rishi Doshi

    KARMA RECYCLING are frauds. In the online quote they stated that i’ll get 2300/- for my old laptop. After i sent it to them, they revised the quote to 250/- !!!! Only dhai sau rupay!! brilliant joke. If i want my laptop back i need to pay 250 as courier charges. Excellent scam idea… keep it up. Such frauds are plenty in Delhi. I should have known.

  • NehaSrivastav

    Try for buying and selling your used mobile phones. It is one of the best online marketplace to sell and buy used mobile phone.

  • tyrionbaba

    fahr3nh3it i want sell my phone on Atterobay. Can i trust the site?


  • http://WWW.SELLUP.IN
    hello guys now sell your old MOBILE PHONES & TABLETS to give him a new life and go with green India, and get a best price of your old gadgets.

    Profits if you go with pickup from your home or office
    2.Quick Sale and instant Cash
    3.Guaranteed Re-purchase Price
    4.Saved from hassle of answering numerous calls
    5.Maintained Privacy – no mobile number shared on public site

    Other selling points ecommerce website

    1.No guaranteed Selling
    2.Sharing your personal number on public domain
    3.Keep waiting for potential buyers to call
    4.Attending numerous unwanted calls
    5.Hassle of going through too much negotiations
    6.Getting Paid way below than expected

  • SrinivasMaddimsetti

    Hai sir… how many days for payment’s…its really trust or not…plz tell me my email address : 9966872513

  • capriyank

    Are there any receipts or something that these companies provide??
    How do I place my trust on them for paying for my old device??

  • Kashish Rajput

    Shubham Aggarwal Deepak NegiAnkit Kumar

  • Sidhesh Jadhav

    Thanks…very useful info

  • Prince Dhart

    Wow…!!! guyzz Got 100 Rs Free Recharge Only in 5- 10 Minutes check

  • Farzan Lelinwalla

    Rishii Rohra here sell your old phone here

  • Titiryu Chakraborty

    Hey igyan u dnt knw na ki asus zen fone 20000 zenfones sold in hours.. u only xaiomi nd xaiomi

  • Anurag Sharma

    Olx best :3

  • Samrat Rahaman


  • ManavVerma

    fahr3nh3it I have used Atterobay to resale my Old smartphone..You can give it a try.

  • ManavVerma

    Bharat…As per my personal experience, Atterobay gives better value for old smartphones.

  • fahr3nh3it

    None of these are Indian websites. Writer should have mentioned it in the title.