LG Might Bring Out the G Watch 2 at IFA Berlin

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LG Might Bring Out the G Watch 2 at IFA Berlin

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The tech evolution is happening at break neck speed. Just a few months after introducing the G Watch and bringing it out for the consumers, LG might already be ready to bring out the G Watch 2 at the upcoming IFA fair in Berlin.

It is probably the first time that the second generation has been ready to roll out so quickly after the debut product. This is also more than a rumor as it was an LG official who told KoreaTimes about the release.

The Second Generation G watch is expected to have an OLED display.

The Second Generation G Watch is expected to have an OLED display.

The new LG G Watch 2 is expected to have an OLED panel which has nearly become synonymous with LG. Firstly, the OLED panel would definitely help in creating a better display and secondly will help for innovations in fields of battery usage and graphics.

The watch is also expected to be powered by a Qualcomm chipset. It was earlier reported that LG would utilize Odin chipset that it has been developing internally. However, new reports say that they are not ready for the market just yet.

If LG gets this right, it may prove to be a major competition in the burgeoning Smartwatch business. The company will face some intense competition from the Moto 360 and Apple iWatch, both of which are expected to arrive in the market soon. Being the only company with two generations of Android Wear devices, LG has a good chance to carve its luck in the Smartwatch market.

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