Samsung Galaxy S5 Takes the Ice Bucket: Challenges iPhone 5S, HTC One and Lumia 930

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Takes the Ice Bucket: Challenges iPhone 5S, HTC One and Lumia 930

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After a slew of celebrities, looks like its now time for the smartphone brigade to join in. There is no denying the fact that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken over our social media feeds. If there is anyone still wondering why everyone is dousing themselves in iced bucket water, it’s to spread awareness about the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease.

The challenge is simple. If you’re nominated, you need to drench yourself in ice cold water and nominate three others to do the same within 24 hours. If you decide against taking it up, you have the option of donating $100 to the ALS Association. Since it started on 29th July, the organisation has already raised a whopping $53 million. A viral social media trend with a cause; we definitely need more of those.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 took the challenge. In the video, after completing the task, Samsung’s voice assistant nominated iPhone 5S, HTC One(M8) and Nokia Lumia 930 and gave them 24 hours to finish the challenge. A clear jab at their inability to withstand water.

By taking on the Ice Bucket Challenge, Samsung managed to do two things – spread awareness and raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and more obviously, it showed off its water-proof abilities.

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  • Sanjay Bhatnagar


  • Chow Iken Lozom

    ha ha. took the challenge by closing their charging ports. it’s not fair.

  • AnshulKathet

    why not Sony :p then Samsung will know :D

  • Rishabh Bhatia

    lumia 930 will take the challenge even though it’s not claimed waterproof by the company it’ll will survive!

  • AnkurKedia

    The time shown on the screen remains the same at 2:16 while the time in the status bar changes to 2:50 during the whole episode. It is clearly a work of photoshop….SAMSUNG! stop making fool out of people!

  • Nilesh Pawar


  • Titiryu Chakraborty

    you igyan people copy Android Authority #copycat

  • Praveen Pappachan

    Sony bhool gaye sir? btw y am I complaining! I got an s5 too!

  • Mohammad Farhan

    Awesome cell phone hai yaar i am using

  • Sanoj Prasath

    Take challenge with sony

  • Avik Bhattacharya

    guys see the time carefully in the phone during the video .. samsung doing it again.

  • Avi Pawar

    Dare Challenge z2. I double dare you.

  • Shashank Shekhar


  • PhaniRam

    Z2 is pamaleon S5 is a dalmation
    ..Chu Chu z2

  • PhaniRam

    Z2 is pamaleon S5 is a dalmation
    ..Chu Chu z2

  • Spandan Sen Gupta

    #Samsung kindly challenge #XperiaZ, #LGG3 :3

  • Kapil Bajaj

    why not xperia z2

  • Chaitanya Vihari

    Lol…heights of advertising. .

  • DharmikJoshi

    This is ridiculous ..Samsung Galaxy S5 Takes the Ice Bucket: Challenges iPhone 5S, HTC One and Lumia 930..??
    Its a charity event and they are using it to sell thier phone???
    A big BOOOOOO for Samsung

  • Anantha Prabhu Joshi

    xperia z must be challenged

  • Pankaj Tichkule

    He he he very funny

  • KaShish SHah

    Akhil Mahadevan Tania Graphy hahaha

  • Sandip Soni

    Igyaan always shares old news…follows other tops websites nd whatever they publish , this guys posts after few hours…

  • Chetan Patil

    Lol….copycase reported..

  • Sabin Jamal

    They dnt have the dare to challenge Xperia :-D

  • Sushant Gulati

    They’ll donate instead ;)

  • Tariq Qureshi
  • Chow Iken Lozom

    Nice way by #Samsung to mock #iPhone #Htc & #Nokia. This really gonna hurt the rivals of #Samsung

  • Aafrid Silawat

    Why not z2

  • Ishwari Dangwal

    :) technology

  • Supreeth GangaTkar

    igyaan u r tooooo late in sharing!!!

  • Vikas Kapadiya

    when sony takes ICE Bucket Challenge

  • Anand Kumar

    Xperia z2 survived sea water wont it survive this???run away s5!!!

  • Saurav Sinha

    doesnt challenge xperia z2 because they knw they cant win :P

  • Akash Ace Asthana


  • Afsar Ahmed

    Should hav invited sony too

  • Manav Bagai

    Sony Xperia Z series ko challenge nhi kiya..

  • Satyam Singla

    haha nice

  • Vadya Sonawdekar

    Now THATS gonna burn them