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Review : OnePlus One – Just Call It Two

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The Market has been recently flooded by Chinese smartphones, and everyone is confused. The question, however, has always been : are these phones really worth of all the hype they create?. The Xiaomi Mi3 showed us that a great phone package can come for a decent price, and the Redmi 1s is taking it hard to the competition.

One phone is still missing from the equation and with its arrival in India soon, does the OnePlus One threaten the existence of many brands here in the country? Lets find out.


The OnePlus One is a complete device when it comes to hardware and build quality. Thanks to the inclusion of CyanogenMod the software is mostly community dependent and is expected to get great support for a long period of time.


The OnePlus One comes with top notch hardware for its time, apart from the 5.5 inch LTPS display with a 1920 x 1080p resolution, Gorilla Glass 3 :

Operating System CyanogenMod 11S based on Android 4.4
CPU Qualcomm© Snapdragon™ 801 processor with 2.5GHz Quad-core CPUs
GPU Adreno 330, 578MHz
RAM 3 GB LP-DDR3, 1866MHz
Storage 16/64 GB eMMC 5.0, available capacity varies
Cameras 13 Megapixel – Sony Exmor IMX 214 / 5 MP Front
Battery Embedded rechargeable 3100 mAh LiPo battery

 Build and Design

The OnePlus One is superb, the fact is that anyone who has seen the phone in my hand, especially the sandstone variant, has been amazed with the way this phone looks and feels. The brilliance is in fact in the overall look of the phone, it’s just the right size, has just the right amount of chrome and metallic accents, subtle logos, simple buttons and the nicely printed Cyanogen at the back helps too.

The built of the phone is also pretty superior, although we wouldn’t say the phone can be dropped several times (especially because if you break it, you will go through hell to get another one). The display is protected with Gorilla Glass 3, but it’s not the ultimate form of protection, and thanks to the large damageable screen real estate, one should be extra careful. The back is a solid plastic, coated with the sandstone finish in the 64 GB variant and a polycarbonate white on the 16 GB variant, both of which feel great and look great too.

OnePlus One iGyaan 12

Display and Camera

The LCD is impressive, it’s quick and bright, has great viewing angles and the touch is very sensitive. We also found colours to be very accurate. You do have several display modes that will help you adjust between temperatures and also customise the display of the phone as per your colour tone preference. Video playback is great, and deep blacks and greys are separately identifiable resulting in a viewing experience that will leave you satisfied.

The camera on the OnePlus One is equipped with a 13 MP Sony BSI sensor, which by far is the best implementation of the equipment. Shutter Lag is close to none, the response times are amazing, shot composition accurate, focus fast and colours are deep and rightly defined. The camera is equipped with a dual led flash with one amber and one white light, giving the device the ability to correctly compose the shots, especially so, in low light conditions.

The Camera also does 4K video, which in this day of flagships is only restricted to a few. You also get time-lapse and slow motion video at 120 fps on 720p which works really well. Video is really smooth and jitter free, and the end resultant is rather satisfying, included preview filters and pre shooting tweaks make it easy to compose and deliver the right kind of footage.

The sensor is bright with a f/2.0 aperture , giving it a great deal of low light visibility, although noise is still prevalent on low light images.

OnePlus One iGyaan 6

Multimedia and Performance

Thanks to the mix of the high end specs as well an a fantastic display, Multimedia capabilities are right up there with all other flagship devices. In certain cases even better so than the other. The low end on the spectrum for OS functions in the background, less busy Cyanogen OS and 3 GB of onboard RAM really improve things on the OnePlus One.

Performance wise, the OnePlus One aced all benchmarks and kicked it in gaming, with little of no lag on high end graphics and all games running on full juice. Impressive day to day usage and the fluidity of the performing tasks is really appreciable.

Considering the kind of awesome experience you get with the OnePlus One, we feel that the company should’ve just called it “Two”. because it offers double the experience of any regular manufacturer smartphone, with performance, gaming and built.

Benchmarks and Gaming Video

Cyanogen and Android

Today Android is really in a good place, and with Android L on the verge of launch, a lot is expected from the OS. Generally one should choose hardware that not only supports the update, but a manufacturer that is willing to do so. In most case scenarios you would have to wait months before the next big Android OS would be pushed out by manufacturers. The last version of Android aka Kitkat is now available throughout the segment, however it was announced a year back, and yet today some phones ship with Jelly Bean.

With the Oneplus One and Cyanogen Mod OS, you will never have to worry about that, this group of developers managed to run Android on the HP Touchpad, and now it is updated to Android 4.4.4. So with the Oneplus One you can not only expect quick updates, you can also expect some nifty features and usage improvements.

The UI is very customizable and theme-able using their theme changer and by downloading themes from Play Store, and other resources. Cyanogen allows you to mix and match different elements of different themes to make the one perfect theme for you.

OnePlus One iGyaan 9


The OnePlus One is not here yet, the company is busy working out a strategy and will have the phone in India, as early as Sept-Oct 2014. However, for a price sensitive market like India, the cost of the phone will be a major factor. Another big deal is the fact that the company is doing away with its invite system, and hopefully by the time they arrive in India, they can ensure supplies to the huge and impatient market.

Where companies like Xiaomi have really gained respect and market share simply by cutting down admin, distribution and marketing costs, OnePlus may bring the One at a premium in India.

The Oneplus One is expected to be priced around Rs. 21500 for the 16GB variant and Rs,. 25000 for the 64 GB variant. Although the prices are more than the $ price, they are much less than the Indian price of major flagships. So for the price of one LG G3, HTC One M8 etc you could typically get , “One Plus One” = 2 phones.

If you can get your hands on an invite today, do not think twice and get the phone, in fact you should have owned it yesterday. As far as warranty issues are concerned, the company has great service support, but you will have to deal with shipping to their support centers overseas, or wait for the Indian one/s.

Review Video

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  • Beautifully built
  • Loaded with hardware
  • Excellent screen
  • Fast and sharp camera
  • Cynogen mod is wow!

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  • Availability is grey
  • Price in India is unknown
  • Service and warranty is difficult


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Banti Kumar

i really want this phone ..can anyone send me invite…or any other way to buy


I have heard(and done some research) that both Mi4(16GB) and OnePlus One(16GB) will launch in India under 18K INR.

Kashish Rajput

don’t worry. they are working on OnePlus Two & will be announced within 6 months.


Don’t buy this device, their customer support sucks. Yellow screen issue,touch sensitivity issues with some devices. You have to wait a looooooooong time to return the device and get a new one,if the device has any defects. Go to their technical support forum and see what’s happening there.

Nabeel Javed

One plus has already pushed updates regarding these issues. Research a bit before posting such negative comments about such a wonderful device. As far as returns are concerned, one should keep in mind that the company hasn’t launched the device in India yet; such issues shall be taken care of at the time of launch by the company.

Smaran Challapalli

Just because you’ve read that it’s a “wonderful device”, doesn’t make it one. It’s a good device, i give you that. But it has a fair share of problems. For starters, pathetic support. I have this device as i presently live in the us.If you break your screen, you have to either ship it California or canada. And they ship it to HK, and then you get it back.Atleast in theory they repair. God knows the cost. The company has primarily launched here. What do you say now?

Nabeel Javed

Just because you own a defective device doesn’t imply that the device is a bad choice to own. I don’t know about U.S., but One plus is surely looking towards opening service centres in India prior its launch (just like Xiaomi did). And given the price and and the hardware, I can surely ignore the “Yellow Tint issue” as highlighted by Sharath ( which doesn’t occur in all of the devices, and in some cases, can be cured by UV exposure)

Smaran Challapalli
You should really spend more time reading the comment rather than blindly trying to retort. First, have I, directly or indirectly implied that my device is faulty? Secondly.. I have said… It is a good device… But after you buy the device is where you’re left hanging by OnePlus. And finally , a company which has failed to cater the country where it initially launched cannot be trusted when it is launching to a new country. Please, do go ahead and by all means… Buy it. If you can. Then, you’ll come back and be on my side. I’m sure.… Read more »

I think you should research first. Yellow screen issue is a hardware issue,it cannot be fixed by software update. OnePlus said that it’s a feature,lol. Customer support is just sh*t, people who got a defective device are waiting more than a month for refund/new device. Have you ever been their Technical Support Forum? Go and see for yourself before praising it. I agree it’s a great device with such great specs and cheap price, but before giving it to the customer, did they even check for quality.

Nabeel Javed

I misunderstood that with the Display’s colour temperature, which can be adjusted in Cm’s settings. But come on, not everyone is having this problem, and some are even able to cure that with UV exposure ! They have ruggedly checked their device ( as mentioned on their official website ). Yeah I agree that the customer service is a bit problematic, but lets wait and watch what One plus has for India !


Don’t worry one solution for the yellow screen issue is putting the device directly against sunlight/UV for sometime. I have learn this from review by another person.
They make very few Premium Phones so they give it by only invites(therefore there maybe a delay in refund). So don’t blame it by referring to some people.
I heard that in case of service Xiaomi beats Oneplus (When we compare both brands)


That solution doesn’t work for most of the people, also this isn’t acceptable. You buy a device and you have to do all these? Oh come on!!


Your Concern is right but look at the price of the phone and all the models doesn’t have that problem. I’m quite sure that it will be fixed by the company soon or might have even already been fixed.
Let’s wait for the new shipment of the model..

Royal Prabhat

Price it under 20K and I am in…will use this as my secondary device..I had invitations but they dont ship it in India…

Shovon Mukherjee

Xiaomi already rocked India with the Mi3. for 14k it’s a phenomenal phone. Oneplus One, Mi4 are indeed great but costlier..

Aniket Udare

OPO will rock india when it strikes (provided they keep it super cheap as in the international market 299$,399$)