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Giveaway : Xiaomi Redmi 1S

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As promised we are giving away a Xiaomi Redmi 1S.  Every Tuesday, the smartphone sells out within mere seconds on Flipkart. So here’s a chance you might win one instead. Simply enter the sweepstakes.

Follow the Instructions carefully and read the terms and conditions on the form as well as given here. This Giveaway is open only for residents of India.

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We recently reviewed the Xiaomi Redmi 1s, watch the full video here:

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Nitya Uppal
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  • Garvit Gothwal

    Bhad me jaa iShit iGyaan …… Unsubscribing right away you bull shit

  • whos the winner

  • Paarth Tyagi



    Hume harbar kyun “Baba Ji Ki Thullu” milti hain!

  • Akhil S

    As usual i lost :( come again with another giveaway :)

  • When will the results be declared?

  • Femin Albert

    hope i will be the winner :-P lol

  • Paarth Tyagi

    This is wrong man :/ we have been waiting from last 48 hours

  • Jalil Irfan

    when and whr will the winners be announced

  • Anuj Bansal

    When will you announce the results?

  • nikhil bokade


  • Pulkit Jain

    Eagerly waiting for results :D

  • Paarth Tyagi

    Still no winner announced :(

  • Ansh Hembram

    where are the winners..!!!????

  • Jalil Irfan

    waiting for the results

    where will be the winners announced

  • Yatharth Jaggi

    When my brother bought a Xiaomi Mi3 I thought this was easy…
    I’ve been trying for 4 consecutive sales and it only gets worse :'( :P
    It’s been almost 3 years that i’m using a Sony ericsson (Yeah ericsson existed ages ago) xperia pro I bought the phone for it’s amazing physical keyboard and now it is causing problems for me
    I just look at the redmi 1s everyday try to find something wrong but I just can’t … IT’S PERFECT

  • Simply awesome phone. I’m all praise for xiaomi .redmi 1s simply shatters competition away

  • Naveenkumar Rana

    xiaomi redmi 1s is best phone. igyaan alway best for sorting our problem by giving review to us. i like igyaan . AND I REALLY WANT TO WIN THIS.

  • Garvit Khatri

    who is the winner :)

  • Paarth Tyagi

    Eagerly waiting for the results from an hour :D

  • harsh

    Who’s the winner

  • Nitin Sharma

    i am following igyaan from past few years .
    and i am a big big fan of igyaan its reviews, its news……

    i want this Xiaomi Redmi 1S as i was constantly registering in the sale and what i get was out of stock :P

    i will go for any opportunity to get this mobile even if i know that probability of getting Redmi 1S here is much less than 0.1 % :(


    This is an awesome phone with great features.I would like to own this phone.Thanks iGyaan for this giveaway.

  • dilip

    This mobile does almost everything that middle and high range phones does , 4.7 inch display ,1gb ram , 8 mp camera,8gb internal memory , quad core most important it different than most of android phones and this phone costs only 6000. who doesn’t want it when u r giving it for free?

  • Aishwar Babber

    Because it a bang for bucks. You are getting more than you are paying and I want to win this giveaway for a bang without paying a buck…

  • Dilip Nagaraj

    i want this desperately pls

  • Suyash Kamble

    want miui experince

  • Nitant

    I like to have this phone because it comes not in mine but everyone’s budget and that’s the biggest thing we Indians aspire for.

  • Vinay Sharma

    A best phone at best price.


    My one and half year baby started to walk here and there, she started talking small small words..I want this phone, becoz i would like to capture her movements, her smile, her talking, everything with this wonderfull phone….

  • Sumit Rai

    I need a new phone because my older nokia 2700c start giving problems, Also the technology moving faster. and because of my budget for me it is hard to get these smartphones until I got a JOB.
    And if this is giveaway then this must be given to the needy not to the one who have collected bundled of handsets.

  • :'( i want it because i dint get it in 3 sales , sale end in just a sec on flipkart. it is budgeted phone with sexo specs i want it plz

  • Mohammad Abdullah

    This phone is awesome ! Royalty buster for Iphone and Blackberry . The best hardware in minimum budget, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad core processor with a combination of 1gb gigantic ram. I NEED IT FOR MULTI-TASKING N MAKE LIFE BETTER

  • Want this phone for the Development Purpose and Some Theming!!
    Waiting For this Result!!

  • Vaibhav Ambashikar

    With the Smartphone market getting flooded with so many brands, Xiaomi clearly stands out!
    Amazing specs at such a low price shows that Xiaomi wants its marketing done by the people itself !
    This phone or brand would revolutionalize the smartphone market with its specs and price.

    I’m just posting it again and again so that it gets read at least !

  • Mayank Sharma

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S one of the best and cheapest phone for Indian Smartphone users…

  • Kiran Parmar

    I want the Xiaomi Redmi 1S as my Nexus S has grown too old now & needs a worthy successor

  • Hitesh Vashisht

    Who doesn’t want a phone like this?
    I want this phone since it has
    become a trend nowadays, everyone wishes to get this phone. Honestly I
    haven’t tried yet to buy it. But when I came to know about “igyaan”‘s
    giveaway, there arose a curiosity within me.
    Lets see what happens.

  • Jalil Irfan

    xiamoi latest emerging brand in mobile
    hope to use one

  • siddhesh ghag

    lost 3 cell phones in the last year. Really pissed off. Busting my hump to buy redmi since past 2 weeks..but before i even get to click the buy button.its sold out. Simply astounding specs and design at a surprisingly low price.. its a steal in every way. so yeah.. give me the cell.. or this guy dies
    0 } ( plz dont let him kill me)
    / !
    | |

  • Vaibhav Ambashikar

    With the Smartphone market getting flooded with so many brands, Xiaomi clearly stands out!
    Amazing specs at such a low price shows that Xiaomi wants its marketing done by the people itself !
    This phone or brand would revolutionalize the smartphone market with its specs and price.

    I’m just posting it again and again so that it gets read at least !

  • B.barf!

    An affordable for with great spec. and the lite mode is just perfect for my parents.

  • Kuldeep Mashru

    Really Affordable Phone (Y)

  • Dr. Liu Min Han

    Best phone at affordable price

  • Tijo Thomas

    I want it because it’s the best phone under this range with high specifications and i didn get it in the auctions….:(

  • Shaniraj Babar

    i want it bcoz i’m usin basic phone and dnt have smart phone being smart one!!

  • Mohammad Aman

    I want it for my brother :)

  • Sachin Yadav

    I wanted to try one of the budget phones and what better phone than Xiaomi Redmi 1S to do that.

  • Subrato Dey

    I wanted it for my dad, couldnt grab one at the sale, hoping to get lucky here..

  • Dylan Fernandez

    I like the the price of this phone as well as the red color.

  • Shubham Tripathi

    Awesome specifications @ a price of few Socialing!

  • pjhck

    I wish ill get this give away ;) :)

  • Rajat Narula

    With great specifications and exceptional price Xiaomi RedMi 1 S is a steal. If i win this phone I’ll make a cool review for my YouTube channel.

  • Krutarth Champaeri

    It is the best phone either by build quality or the functionality. Its like dream phone
    Gr8 camera screen snapdragon chip otg ….. list goes on n on, thanks for bringing this to us Igyaan.

  • sumesh nair

    Excellent phone with high end features and this really serves the value for money that you pay to own it

  • Manas Ranjan Sahu

    Cool smart phone at a very affordable price. Just concerned about the data leakage to chinese server and thus compromising privacy.

  • Daniel Eluvathingal

    always love a phone with great specs.i have Mi3 and if i win this.i want to give this as a present to my brother.

  • interesting phone. looks like is the great balance between price and performance.

  • Shantanu Nigam

    killer phone with killer specs and would love to win this contest

  • VimalJ


    60K Entries Submitted ;-)
    Killer RedMeee;-0000

  • Shantanu Hem Kabadi

    I want it because my previous phone(Xolo Q1000) is broken beyond repair and I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 as a phone which is very very inconvenient.


    when will be the results

  • Shubham

    best phone in this range, would love to win this giveaway

  • Harichandra Shirodkar

    Love to Win this…

  • Sagar Shah

    720p HD Disply with Snapdragon 1.6 GHz Quad-core processor… Come on….

  • Satyendra Nair

    I want this phone because I am not here to tell my woes in life. I want it because I love gadgets – they are nirvana.. and like any other gadget freak, I would love to have this one.

  • Sanjeev Yadav

    great specs at this price !!

  • sappubhai

    I love this phone, Its superb..
    Best phone in Price Range


    Xiaomi phones are top notch devices with excellent pricing..

  • Shesh Kumar Bhombore

    I want that phone because the way your team showcased the phone in your Redmi 1S review video was amazing… Bharath Nagpal emphasized the features of Xiaomi Redmi 1S exceptionally very well… The video made me fall in love with the phone…

  • Abin O Varghese

    I Want Xiaomi Redmi 1s because i don’t want any other overpriced “BRAND” valued Phones and
    want to check out the MIUI versions of android.

  • This Great Phone is beast in its price segment even give competition to 15-20k. Worth buying it 6k.

  • Chinmay Navre

    Well, to be honest I’ve been trying to get my Hands on this phone for quiet a long time. #NoLuckSoFar. I want to gift it to my Dad.. He’s been using his Nokia N73 religiously for ages now and its about time he gives Android a fair shot.
    Redmi 1s is great value for money, big screen, decent camera, simple Mi UI, what more I can ask for in a 6k phone. I think it’s a perfect device for someone who’s starting out on their Android Journey. Hope I Win It!! My dad will be supper happy I GIFT this him. #MyFirstGift #superExcited #fingerscrossed

  • ashwaniq

    who doesn’t want to own the most faadoo spec phone?

  • Sanjib Patra

    As I am still jobless and I want to gift a phone to my I need it.

  • Shubham Chowkse

    Well undoubtedly and honestly i need a redmi 1s for i cracked my old phone and i was about to ask my dad to get me redmi 1s but sincerely after this event he ain’t losing a chance to give me a tease. I really need a new phone and most of all i had my eyes set on it since a long time and i was so close :/ I just hope i get rewarded.

  • Dwane Almeida

    a great phone with decent specs and budget :)

  • Vidit Shah

    speaking of reasons to own it would be an understatement…… i want because its THE “REDMI 1S”…. awsome phone……. i want to own it too :)

  • Ranvir Singh

    I want Redmi 1s because, first of all its free..and my dad already uses Mi3 so I find it awsome. Good specs affordable range…a phone for everyone..

  • Karthik

    I want Redmi 1s because it is the most affordable phone with awesome specs.. and I love the customization done on top of android which gives some cool features even those are not found in any high end phone itself:)

  • HanumaraTinku

    the phone is awesome but the software needs a lot of healing

  • Abjeet Singh

    For my college purpose, i have many presentations to make and books that i have to read and this device is what i need for all my daily purpose.

  • Vinay Tripathi

    Want to use it for a while & compare it to a Moto G which I already have & which was nearly twice the price of this smartphone…. See if this gadget & company has it what it’ll take to kill the competition…

  • Vatsal Doshi

    I want Redmi simply because its awesome given the price point… igyaan reviews say it… so its gotta be best!

  • kunal garg

    I am kunal aged 13
    I am a passionate smartphone geek
    I would really like to win this 1s and gift it to my mom
    She is using a hangster galaxy ace duos

  • Mayank Narang

    I want redmi 1s because it value for money smartphone. It has awesomest configuration for just RS. 5,999. And i want to gift this to my lovely mom on her B’Day… :-) :-*

  • Aditya Adhauliya

    Because it offers twice the specs for the price of one!
    And also because I have been phoneless for 3 months since my Optimus l9 broke down in june!

  • sampath kumar

    Igyaan u r fantastic I love redmi 1s

  • Wedo Khalo

    Because I have never won anything for free in my life and I’m pretty sure I won’t be winning it this time as well.But if…if I do win, I will Find you and Give you the Biggest Salute with my head held high,Brother!! Ty

  • Apoorv Bhatia

    This phone offers mind blasting specs , but is hard to get your hands on…..Great Devices from Xiaomi are changing the market as we know it …:)|

  • Pratik Chopra

    I have no mobile and i really like the xiaomi redmi 1s so would like to have one such great piece of tech in my hand :)

  • Jagminder Singh

    Great Specifications at great price

  • Rajdeep Roy

    want this phone because how it works!!!!!!!! as its price is so low!!!!

  • nivilesh

    I want this for value of money

  • YASH

    Thank for such a giveaway!

  • Aamil Keeyan Khan

    Large. Strong. Durable. So powerful it could keep you up all night long!! The Xiaomi Redmi 1s is a phone that will make you scream with pleasure!… And that is just the beginning of what will be one of your most long lasting and beautiful relationships. When a phone truly understands and delivers on everything you need, it truly is worthy of the title “Smart Phone”.

  • Abhinandan Shetty

    Amazing Phone…best budget phone ever.. has all the features of a mid range phone… just too amazing. i would really like to win it

  • Aakash Gupta

    One word for this phone-awesome!!!!

  • Kashish Rajput

    I want this phone badly, need to switch from fucking galaxy y :@

  • Benin John

    The phone @this price with mind blowing specs just makes the reason why i should have it

  • Hemanth Sai


  • Yash Jain

    Phone with awesome specs
    N low price
    Best phone under 12000

  • King Rahman

    An Excellent review by iGyaan, Loved it.

  • Aditya Russell Pinto

    Surely a worthy and value for money phone. Most users don’t believe this phone is worth it because it’s a Chinese brand. That’s not the case of Xiaomi and this will be great buy for my mom. Give it a try!

  • Pranav Shete

    Xiaomi redmi 1s is the best phone available in the 6k price bracket….its specs are comparable to the phones double its price!!… who doesnt want to who this awesome phone!! ;)

  • Gourav Mopidevi

    I want redmi1S not only because it provides high spec at cheap price but also good design,camera,720hd display means acomplete package at 6000rs……………i brought My S3 with same specs at 40k on july 2012………now i dont have money to purchase new flagship mobile or any mobile….so i want redmi 1S :)

  • Dhaivat Trivedi

    I don’t know about luck but if there’s an ugliest giveaway in the history, then I’ll win it! For sure…

  • VimalJ

    What works?
    Let’s see on Tuesdayyy!!!

  • VimalJ


    10% want to BUY ;-0
    90% try on Luck ;-))))

  • Vaibhav Ambashikar

    With the Smartphone market getting flooded with so many brands, Xiaomi clearly stands out!
    Amazing specs at such a low price shows that Xiaomi wants its marketing done by the people itself !
    This phone or brand would revolutionalize the smartphone market with its specs and price.

    I’m just posting it again and again so that it gets read at least !

  • Benny Jose

    I am so excited about this phone…. I am right now using a Samsung galaxy pro gtb7510…. N I bought that seeing ur videos…. N it was worth it all these years…. Would love to own a redmi 1s…. Because of its camera n music player …

  • Nikhil

    Awesome!! i need one :) coz my three year GT I9001 is dead and i am without a phone :(

  • MJ

    I want the Redmi 1S because it is a full fledged smartphone at an attractive price rate, but as u said mostly out of stock! So winning it will be a good birthday gift for me by me! :D :D :D

  • Pranav

    bought a moto g on my b’day 21st april….coz nothing was comparable to the phone at 14k….3 months later…started feeling cheated….first came the mi3….and now better specs than the moto g at 6k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..that too from an excellent manufacturer if not as good as motorola..

  • Rohil Sykes

    My dad is a man of great integrity and respect who loves his family. He’s always been there for us(me, my mom and my sis). The big guys birthday is coming up and I have been wanting to get something really nice to know that I love him. This would be just an amazing opportunity for that. And it’s just an amazing phone by an amazing company. I really doubt any of the major mobile companies will be able to withhold their lead in the market with xiaomi producing such amazing phones. I really hope I win this cause it would mean the world to me.

  • Kabir Jain

    Specs samilar to moto g thats great . and free thats best

  • Mohsin Shaikh

    coz Xiaomi Redmi 1s offers great specs at this price, getting the same from flipkart requires lots of patience and luck at the same time. I am a nexus user and would love to try this one to feel the difference ?

  • VimalJ

    Oki now go for Copy & Paste!
    Well, This will work;-)

  • VimalJ

    How to share the link on FB?
    In my caption>>>> it shows error!!!<<<<<

  • Amit Roy

    Bcos I Need A New Phone & Redmi 1S is a great budget phone. And most importantly.. Why not “if its free”!! :)

  • VimalJ

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S at 5999/-

    Now, Register at flipkart or trying here to get it, somewht same!!!
    where, both side Luck wins!
    they will get the ride ;-))))

  • diveek

    Bcoz its the best budget phone!

  • Niraj Kumar Ray

    Because it is a phone with great specs at spectacular price.

  • This is awesome budget every user will like to have, then why i should not..
    its a lovely gadget to carry

  • Vignesh Ganesh

    Great pick ..and value for money …. two days before ma frnd bought this mobile…
    its simply awesome one …. gonna get this … :-)
    Fingers crossed ;-)

  • Ansh Hembram

    i bought a phone of around 7k, it has only 512mb of ram and runs on a mediatek chipset, phone lags a
    lot.. #Redmi_1s is just great as a budget phone in just only 6k, 1gb ram, snapdragon processor.

  • Bhargav

    I need an upgrade from my HTC Wildfire which is like 5 years old.. And I really want to try Xiaomi Redmi.

  • sushamanta barik

    I want this phone because i want to feel limited edition .
    Want to experience INCH(INdia+CHina=flipkart+xiaomi) as Mr PM said

    • diveek

      Bro, Flipkart is not an indian company

      • sushamanta barik

        it may not be technically Indian but operated exclusively in india n owned by an indian so logically i may call it so .

  • Guest

    I want this phone because i want to feel limited edition .
    Want to experienceI want this phone because i want to feel limited edition . I want this phone because i want to feel limited edition .
    Want to experience INCH(INdia+CHina=flipkart+xiaomi) as Mr PM said .Want to experience INCH(INdia+CHina=flipkart+xiaomi) as Mr PM said .INCH(INdia+CHina=flipkart+xiaomi) as Mr PM said .

  • Rishi

    Its an awesome phone.

  • ramkrishna

    difficult to buy online with huge competition

  • Janmayjay Siradhna

    Seen today i like this phone because of its processor and screen >>>>>Xiaomi<<<<<

  • avinash_g

    Because snapdragon 400 for 6k !!!


    because its an awesome phone

  • danish tamboli

    definitely want the phone becuase its the best for the price bracket

  • Pankaj Patel

    For gifting my Brotherinlow

  • Harsh Modi

    Awesome phone
    as far as i’ve seen it’s best phone under 10k to have
    have become a fanboy of Xiaomi Redmi 1S :)

  • Vipul

    Why do you want the Xiaomi Redmi 1S?

    Because it is no one can beat this…. and u r giving it for free… :)

  • Harish Gangadharan

    For gifting my mother

  • Neil Lopes

    Xiaomi Redmi 1s an awesome phone would surely love to have it ,aur igyaan k reviews se toh bas fida hogaya uss phone pe, lost my past mobile in train, tried buying it online but out of stock, I would like to thank IGYAAN for giving an opportunity of a giveaway once again guys keep up the good work :D

  • Garvit Khatri

    Why do you want the Xiaomi Redmi 1S?

    @igyaan is this a ques to ask every one knows (though from you review videos on youtube watched them all :P) how beautifull this phone is with specs that can blow your mind off when you look at the price and as you said in one review Atunutu said welcome to highend devices when u checked the bechmarks (more than enough to tell how great this phone is). In nutshell with all those above things i would be the worst person if i don’t want this phone that too from IGYAAN giveaways it is the toppings over the cake :D

  • Vaibhav Jain

    Because it seems to be an amazing phone to have

  • Jayanta Barman

    Everybody likes readmi 1s beacuse what it has is that It has a lot of great features in a very amazingly low price…One cannot just buy smartphones just to get hold of it…So its an great opportunity to get hold of the smartphone for free and If I win readmi I am going to do full use of it!

  • Shrikant Nagre

    dying to get hands on one #Redmi1s
    My friend recently bought one from Flipkart.
    I was stunned with the Miui, so neat, clean and very smooth. Felt like I was using an iPhone. Navigation feels buttery smooth, without a glitch. Camera performance is very good and so is the gaming performance. My younger brother is requesting me for this mobile since he first saw it. It would be one of the best things, I would have ever given him, if I could win one over here. It is one of the best gadgets of this year.
    Just one thing that would best describe it,
    It’s an iPhone in 6k…

  • Abhishek Jha

    I want to improve its ram management bugs!!!!!

  • shuvamgayen

    I want to feel how a 6k phone should be

  • Sanaul Haque

    best phone at this price range!

  • Subhajyoti Golui

    Want to win this time.

  • Gk Tejus

    I need this !!!!!

  • Varun Kumar

    I need it coz i can’t afford it

  • I want Redmi 1 S coz its the best value for Money phone in the segment, that can help me quench my thirst of owning a smartphone.

  • Akash Sarkar

    I need this phone, I love this phone…

  • bcuz its simply awesome for going with Red.

  • Tushar Dixit

    Have been trying to get my hands on this awesome device since quiet some time now, but the flash sales get on my nerves. Moreover, i love IGyan, and a shoutout in your videos will be more than enough for me :)

  • Anup

    awesome phone

  • abhishek chatterjee

    I love Xiaomi

  • Sampath Cool

    I want to gift it to my brother since he is not having a smartphone.

  • hitesh

    i want it for my dad!it would be his first smartfone!thanks

  • VimalJ

    YO! I DONE! With all ;-)
    Let’s See! Wht Next>>>

  • Faisal Ali

    Its really a bang for the buck.

    1. MIUI and Redmi 1s is a good combination, a mid-range configuration can be maximized to the fullest by MIUI which can give you a lot more satisfying experience.

    2.for its price, its 8mp camera is pretty great compared to other competitor at the same price range.

    3.almost all of my friend really love to have one, not just because of its price but all because of the performance.

    4. i can say that Redmi 1s is near to perfection so i can’t think of any other phone in this price

  • Rohit Tarun Bara

    best budget phone in the market … nice design …. but very hard to buy … (-_-)

  • Sahil Naik

    I want the Xiaomi Redmi 1s because iGareeb ;)

  • parvez khot

    Great phone for unbeatable price

  • Nachiketa

    Cause of its specs. Its a grear cell and i need a dual sim mobile :D plus i’ll be able to play asphalt in it :D

  • Mohd Abrar Hafeez

    Best Budget Phone Redmi 1s

  • Abir Sinha

    All this spec for quarter of the price of the competition seems real mouth-watering.. :)

  • Anurag Sengupta


  • Zulfeqar Ali Khan

    I don’t have a phone now, i hope i win this…

  • Best budget phone.

  • Joydeb Debnath

    I would love to snap the
    beautiful moments of the upcoming Diwali with family, my outdoor vacations,
    natural landscapes and of course the creative objects on the way I move. The
    cool 8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash and 1.4 µm pixel size it would sure
    be my best portable companion wherever I go. So, my snaps will be live like
    experience and every picture will tell a story like professional photography
    whatever I snap! A dual SIM 3G smartphone with top of the line features will
    sure change my lifestyle and keep me always updated with the world with
    superfast processor, RAM. The amazing RED user Interface will my style
    statement. I just love red. I want to win it to give my life a break as my
    existing phone is not too much advanced and doesn’t allow me multitasking. It
    will sure make my jobs easy! Fingers crossed! Thanks

  • Soumya Adhikari

    What’s not to like? 720p screen. Gorilla Glass protection. Snapdragon 400 processor and a gb Ram. And at that price. Nothing even counts as competition.

  • Om Kareshwar

    i really need this phone cause if reviewers like igyaan recommend this then it is going to be a great phone

  • AKJ

    Redmi 1S or Moto E? Redmi 1S wins in the specs section but loses in banchmark tests. I wonder why.

  • Vaibhav Ambashikar

    With the Smartphone market getting flooded with so many brands, Xiaomi clearly stands out!
    Amazing specs at such a low price shows that Xiaomi wants its marketing done by the people itself !
    This phone or brand would revolutionalize the smartphone market with its specs and price.

    I’m just posting it again and again so that it gets read at least !

  • Shivam Koul

    I liked the Gionee S 5.5 more than any other phone . But after the inclusion of Xiaomi phones in the Indian market ,their aggressive pricing and their beautiful interface , I desperately wished to gift one to my mother. I had registered for it online , but thanks to their flash sales strategy, I still haven’t got my handset yet . So I just wanted to tried my luck here one last time .

  • Guest

    I liked the Gionee S 5.5 more than any other phone . But after the inclusion of Xiaomi phones in the Indian market ,their aggressive pricing and their beautiful interface , I desperately wished to own one . I had registered for it online , but thanks to their flash sales strategy, I still haven’t got my handset yet . So I just wanted to tried my luck here one last time .

  • Pankaj kadel

    THE BEST THING IN 6000!!!

  • Just Love ReD..<3
    So want dis ReD(Mi) too.. ;)

  • Kashif Ahmed

    Best phone for the price really looking forward to get it although no luck till now, oh god bless me with this phone ????

  • Jibin Raju

    Well Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the best value for money product currently available.. I want to gift it my sister

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    I liked the light ,mode on it, so i want to gift that to my mom.. :)

  • Aditya

    i want the xiaomi redmi 1s just because you want to give it away! ;) cheers igyaan

    (another giveaway that i know i won’t win)

  • Pallav Agrawal

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S is perfect blend between affordability and specs. Its specs are better than a phone twice is cost thus it is the perfect budget phone. It is the phone that Google should promote under the Android Once Platform instead of the other phones which are costlier and have lower specs. Go Xiaomi!!!!!!

  • Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the high spes and low price phone. After watching specs no one is going to tell that this is low prize phone. That’s why i want it

  • abdul aleem

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the best phone….
    Best phone in india now….

  • HVB

    kaboom…..i m on it..

  • Abdul Kareem

    Xiaomi Redmi 1s is best phone in this price bracket with equipped good hardware and stunning UI which make it differentiate from others…..

  • Biplab Basumatary

    Great phone at effective price. Good for the Indian market.

  • Het Desai

    Best phone on grounds of chinese companies

  • aswin

    This is the best phone which we can have now a days..

  • amby

    My parents were planning to gift me a new phone on my birthday ie on 23rd of September so I think xiaomi is the best within our budget. So if I get this phone then it would be my luckiest and best birthday gift ever!!! :)

  • Vaibhav Ambashikar

    With the Smartphone market getting flooded with so many brands, Xiaomi clearly stands out!
    Amazing specs at such a low price shows that Xiaomi wants its marketing done by the people itself !
    This phone or brand would revolutionalize the smartphone market with its specs and price.

  • Mir Shahjahan

    The xiaomi redmi 1s is targeted to the typical Indian who wants more for less. Well I am ! ;)

  • Please select me guys! College has just started and I need a new phone. This is precisely the one that I’ve been looking for. Great specs and a great review by iGyaan. Can’t wait to get one.

  • Neeraj Uttwani

    I also want this phone, i tried to buy this phone two times on the flash sale of Xiaomi but my hard luck each time i saw a message “out of stock” so this time i am trying my luck on my own igyaan and hope this time my luck works :-)

  • Jalpit Trivedi

    I want Xiaomi Redmi 1s because your review about this phone eager me to use this beast.

  • Swar Pathak

    its the best budget phone. my mom broke her phone and i love the color RED

  • Akash pal

    I need Xiaomi redmi 1s because it is build for “MI” the budget indian customer
    I like the design its look and the display afast processor and all thousands sorts of customisation i could do. And all this at a such an affordable price.
    Its selling like hot cakes. Becoming very ambitious for this great product. #DONofthebudgetsegment #giveaway #oppurtunity #thanks@Igyaan

  • Akash pal

    I need Xiaomi redmi 1s because it is build for “MI” the budget indian customer
    I like the design its look and the display afast processor and all thousands sorts of customisation i could do. And all this at a such an affordable
    Its selling like hot cakes. Becoming very ambitious for this great product. #DONofthebudgetsegment

  • Arihant Jain

    I want the redmi 1s because I simply need it …isnt this a good enough reason for someone to have it.. :-)

  • Arihant Jain

    I want the redmi 1s because I simply need it…isnt that enough for a person to have something… :-)

  • Ravi amlani

    Using Samsung Note for last 2 years.. now life needs a change… A change for better.

  • Shikhar Mangla

    I want Redmi 1s because i am an engineer! :D

  • prabu

    Thank u Igyaan for the Giveway..

    May be now its the chance to go red.. :)

  • harshabm13

    i really want this,its hard to get in flipkart.

  • Lakshman Samala

    its a wonder in hand and computer in pocket and diwali is coming and i want to capture all the lights with its awesome camera

  • Aman Dang

    because it is hard to buy on flipkart….

  • Tanmay Verma

    Seriously xiaomi has come a little closer to my heart by this awesome piece of art that too so affordable ! I seriously wish to gift it to my mother and I want to amaze her too as much as I’m with this dazzling beauty ! I hope to win it somehow! :)

  • Vaibhav Ambashikar

    With the Smartphone market getting flooded with so many brands, Xiaomi clearly stands out!
    Amazing specs at such a low price shows that Xiaomi wants its marketing done by the people itself !
    This phone or brand would revolutionalize the smartphone market with its specs and price.

  • NandaKumar R

    Amazing specs for the price and I need an alternative to my aging phone.

  • Shubham Chaudhari

    I Want Xiaomi Redmi 1s Because ” # Team Igyaan’s Redmi 1s Review says that ‘CAN’T BEAT THIS’ “!!!!!!!

  • Sunil Palakurthy


  • Ashwin Francis

    seriously need a new phone

  • ankurbajaj9

    I bricked my phone .. need a new one

  • Aditya Gaikwad

    cause i wanna gift

  • Shwatank Rastogi

    bcoz its the best phone in its class nd MIUI is just incredible….

  • Keshav Sharma

    I was waiting to buy this phone from the day I saw its Firstlook on IGyaan.
    After Watching the hands on video it developed more interest.
    The Specifications are the best in below 12,000 specifications. This phone will surely help in my all round development.
    But was unable to buy it due to flipkart issues.

  • Shaantanu Rastogi

    for the past 2 weeks i am trying to sell my lumia 620 just to buy this awesome phone at such an awesom price!

  • Anupam Dubey

    why i want it ??
    because i am a needy person of a smartphone…nowadays almost everything you can do by a smart phone ,i also want to be a part of that smart world and phone like Redmi 1s… its great…great features as a saw in the video.As i am a student & can’t afford a new phone(i have nokia 5233).
    so i’ll be happy n feel lucky if u select me.
    thanks team iGyaan !!

  • pik97

    Mayb i am the one

  • shreyashkarnik

    I want Redmi 1S because its the best bang for the buck! It includes all those features and hardware specifications which are offered in phones which are higher in price than the Redmi 1S. The build quality of the 1S is superb too.
    Its a monster in its class.

  • Tuhinansu

    Ok lets try my luck here

  • mytime545

    Because thats best to replace my iphone 3gs…in less price

  • Ryan Berkeley

    My father needs an upgrade. I bought this phone from my wife, and so far it’s a great phone. His eyes are getting old and he works at a job that requires him to look at a phone a lot. He’s using an old Sony Xperia phone and I want him to get a phone that just works. I would appreciate if I could win this.

  • Snowx2k5

    I want to upgrade from my HTC Sensation.

  • Pulkit Kewlani

    I want Xiaomi Redmi 1S because……..I will get another reason to thank iGyaan….BTW thanks for your reviews.

  • sankalp kak

    Want to gift the phone to my Lil bro.. Its a great phone.. Will be very useful :D

  • mohammed saad riaz

    an incredible phone at an incredible price.. auhentic chines is what i like, be it food or technology.

  • Pankaj

    Cousin bought a 21k grand 2 and throws it in my face as if it’s Nexus 5! Gotta show him that this 6k cellphone is much better and put a cap to that attitude! ;) :P

  • shushant43

    Great Specs.. Can’t get one on Flipkart..That’s why i want to win one :D

  • abhimanyu mahajan

    Great giveaway

  • jyoti kumar sharma

    Xiaomi Redmi 1s – Stylish phone, genuinely priced with unmatched Specs.
    One can say, the best phone available on the planet in the price range of Rs.6000.

  • Nilesh Kumar

    I love this after watching the Review. Great Specs … I want this phone …

  • Nilesh Kumar

    I like this phone, after watching your review. I want to have this phone as its have great specs . I love this phone.

  • Omkar Yadav

    This phone have revolutionaries whole concept of Indian market about Chinese phone in spite of having strong competitor like Moto,Samasung..wanna buy this

  • Jayadev Satapathy

    Its the best smartphone to have with you…. stay in touch.. play game.. play loud.. live long and all it comes under your pocket money budget…

  • Ajay

    Hopefully I get it as a birthday gift !!!

  • Jakib

    I buy phones only after going through iGyaan reviews and iGyaan has given it a thumps up ! So, i am definitely going for it BUT i would love to win this giveaway.

  • Bitan Podder

    amazing phone .. I wish i could my hands on ….

  • uzairusty

    I want this phone….as it is better than android One

  • Akil Udayakumar

    I wanna win Redmi 1s because its hard to get and its freee :D.

  • I wanna win Redmi 1s because….i need one :P

  • Mahesh Kumar

    Good things are hard to get. It makes it more desirable.

  • Sarthak Kohli

    I want to win Xiaomi Redmi 1s as this phone is a BEAST because of its top notch specification and good overall built quality.

  • Mukul

    It’s handy. It runs MIUI. It has a decent camera. It has good hardware for the price. It’s perfect for its price bracket.

  • Srinivas seenu

    Heres the phone to set a new trend and every one is waiting to grab one..!!!! :)

    with its mind blowing specs and good HD display for a drooling price its really a trend setter..!!!

    If i can win a piece from igyaan, i will be really lucky… :)

  • Ally Akram

    Honest answer is, I want this device because it’s a giveaway. As simple as that. We are like, we never forget to take freebie stickers along with our chewing gum that we use to buy from shop and for a device like Xiaomi Redmi1s as a giveaway which gets out of stock with a blink of an eye is no chance. :-)

  • Siddhant Bagal

    Excellent phone for the price range!!!

  • Guest

    Excellent phone for the price range!

  • Avinash Chauhan

    Xiaomi Redmi 1s have amazing specs with such low price but because there is no sufficient stocks in flipkart and very difficult to buy it so i want it ..overall best affordable smartphone.

  • Vasanth Kumar

    I want it as my primary smartphone…My moto g is too small for me….

  • Shikha Jain

    The specs of Redme 1s shall surely give me nitro speed on using the applications on it. moreover its very defficult to grab one here in india . Its has become a “Kohinoor “

  • Sampath Kumar Nanna

    Excellent phone for just a little price…
    trying to buy continously from past week from its release but unable to catch it..
    let me try my luck this week will i buy or will i win.

  • Prag Gargatte

    Love the specs on the gadget for the price and why buy when I can win it

  • uddandi jaswanth

    I want it coz its difficult to own it…? its stock is limited and not open in the market….

  • Viral Raval

    i want it because i want to try new MIUI.

  • Gaurav

    Because its very difficult to grab one? Not like the One Plus One but still :P

  • Akash garg

    I want xiaomi redmi 1S because I want to experience android KITKAT with MIUI 5 Theme In a super budget phone with power pack processor provided by XIAOMI the new emerging & innovating Company
    I feel lucky if i win as i am in need of new smartphone

  • Digant Gandhi

    I want this phone bcuz this is the best phone @ this budget… best specs, tons of customization, good look & most important… value for money… i luv this phone… :)

  • Sushanth Shetty

    Because its absolute value for money with the best in class specs.

  • KunalAnand1989

    because Redmi 1s is the best thing to have happened to the budget smartphone segment.

  • Joel D’souza

    Looking for my 1st smartphone,So hopping to get hands on the xiaomi redmi 1s, lovely phone with good specs and price…As i wasn’t able to get it through flipkart even the 3rd time of sale…praying to be lucky to experience the redmi 1S throug this giveaway…

    thank you igyaan for the opportunity…

  • Anshul Sood

    Due to its great specs at an amazing price

  • Parag D Bhoir

    Great Specs at a great price worth it !!!
    and giveaway from igyaan totally worth it :D

  • I am unable to get Mi3 or Redmi 1s, I need it.

  • Pulkit Jain

    Phenomenal device with flawless performance.
    Superb built quality+awesome User Interface(MIUI).
    8MP camera to capture your favorite moments and a 1.6 MP front camera for selfies and video calling.
    device which comes under the category of “budget devices” is actually
    giving some of the high end devices a run for their money.
    A fantastic device at an mind blowing price of 5,999 RS.
    What else do you expect from it and of course your review have definitely made me sure that this device is worth every penny.
    I tried my level best to get it,but missed it every time and here IGYAAN gives me one more golden chance to grab this beast,ain’t gonna miss this.
    Hoping to get lucky this time.
    Thanks IGYAAN team,hats off to you guys.

  • Vijayakumar S

    I want a Xiaomi Redmi 1S bcoz I want to be like it “A beast amidst others”

  • I wanna win Xiaomi Redmi 1S because it is a pretty cool phone ad it will be super cool if I win it :)

  • Aseem

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S is super awesome …period

  • Kavya Raj

    Battery heats up.. I noticed in my friend’s phone.. Hope they will fix it.. Thanks igyaan, u r reviews are helpful and reliable.. Keep it up.. Thank you for your work..

  • Shivank Sharma

    NIce phone, hope to win it

  • Nice Smartphone considering price bracket. Trying to get it via flipkart or Giveaway…

  • Jaya Kumar

    Becuz I never Owned one… :-(

  • Sagar Ruhil

    It’s the best phone under 10k and got some decent specifications and one of the amazing thing about the phone is the 8 MP rear camera equipped with f2.2 lens. It’s like a dream phone for people like me who want a high end smartphone in this price segment.

  • Guest

    because all the frigging apples of the world are too frigging expensive…
    regardless i win or not …cheers for doing this guys..

  • prashant jadhav

    I need redmi 1s for my daughter, its a very fine smartphone.

  • Shreshtha

    because all the frigging apples of the world are too frigging expensive….
    regardless i win or not … cheers for doing this guys …

  • Anurag Das

    Honest answer : To conquer the defeat of not being able to order one on Flipkart, thrice !!! ;)

  • Kahan Raval

    Xiaomi Is The Only Company In India Which Has Started The Wierdest Thing Of Flash Sales. Accordingly I Was Unable To Buy The Device At Neither Of The three Flash Sales. I Cross The Fingur’s?? And Wish To Be Lucky Here

  • I want to gift it to my mom for her upcoming birthday. I have been trying to purchase it on flipkart but I am an unable to do so because of the shortage of stock.

  • Samuel Thomas

    I want the Xiaomi Redmi 1S as it’s the Best Phone under Rs. 10,000 and boosts of Great Features and Specs. Also, the AnTuTu Benchmark (as seen in your Review) Tested it as a High end Device when it’s actually not, That just Goes to speak Volumes of How Awesome the Phone is!

    I really do want the Phone as it is not Easily available and in Shortage on Flipkart!
    And I have not yet had a Hands On, on the MIUI as Yet and would Love to Win this Phone to Try out the iOS look alike UI on a Phone that Runs on Android.

  • vishal

    Awesome guys…that’s really great!!!

  • Divyanshu

    I love my brother and I want this Redmi 1s for him…its a great phone..

  • Majid Ali

    I want Redmi1S because it’s the best package of specs and performance

  • vinay patil

    I want Xiaomi Redmi 1S because I missed it on flipkart and I badly want this phone :)

  • Ashish Wadhaval

    I want Redmi 1S because its the perfect mid range phone with great features matching high end smartphones priced till 20k.

  • Deepak Vishnu

    Always wanted to buy the xiaomi but always missed the sale for whatever reasons but seeing this post on igyaan really gave me a lot of hope… and why do I want xiaomi red mi??? The answer is quite obvious… I want an efficient smart phone which can do all my basic stuff and still offer and which will continue to amaze me… read all reviews which even made me want to own this beast badly… ps desperately need a new phone.. my BlackBerry Bold is quite ruined…and needs an efficient replacement hope this satisfies as an valid reason ;) 

  • Sudipto Chakraborty

    Since I have no phone for myself, I want to win this to finally own one device.

  • Dhaivat Trivedi

    i already have a better phone.. but it’s good to participate in giveaways

  • Rohan Mehta

    xiaomi brings a new hope for those who always wanted something more -something better- something exclusive- something never own before ,and were exploited by others as second citizen.

  • Aman Khot

    Igyaan always bring the latest with contests that rocks!

  • p suresh

    specs are good on this price

  • Rahul Android User

    Awesome Smartphone in Such A price Range & Yes Same Condition !!! Trying My Luck In Both way in Flip kart & in Giveaway

  • Sambit

    Its a great phone for the price it comes :)

  • Thanks for the giveaway iGyaan. I want Xiaomi Redmi S1 to get hand’s on with MIUI.

  • Ramakanth

    A phone totally worth having…loved the specs…

  • Kalpesh Mulchandani



    I wanna 1S bcoz lf its rich features,it gives a high quality features at a very reasonable price! Specially I love d camera of dis phone.

  • Rishi Ramesh

    I want Redmi 1s.. because I want It! XD! WHO WOULDN’T LIKE THIS EPIC DEVICE! :D

  • Rvs Chaitu

    I really wanna win redmi 1s cause i like the phone for its features included for that jawdropping price and i already registered for past 2 sales and still cant get a chance to order.

  • Israk Nur Sami

    Getting such a phone will be awesome as the device is awesome.

  • Ketan Salvi

    I wanna win this phone cz i wanna buy a new phone and my parents are not allowing me to do so……

  • Harshit Singh

    simply because its awesome and i am batman(deep voice)!!!

  • Aryan Baburajan

    Love it!

  • Anand Baburajan

    I want it because I think it is better than most of the phones in its range.. even the Moto E… and Xiaomi is trying its best to cope-up with the Indian market…

  • Siddhant Sawant

    waiting for it

  • ramkrishna mahato

    Even android one can’t compete with redmi 1s…camera is better..SOC is definitely better..Lady luck pls favour me this tym for winning it…

  • Saransh Malik

    I want to get a Xiamoi Redmi 1S because i have heard about this phone a lot and i am trying to get it but i fail as it sells so quickly.I would be really lucky to have it

  • Anand Baburajan

    Xiaomi.. the new Micromax of India…

  • rehil raghavan

    best in category

  • Dhananjay

    amazing ! want it anyhow :P


    Good phone @ Good Price!

  • Boudhayan Bandopadhyay

    Great phone..spec wise way better than android one in the range. Xiaomi should make their devices available in brick mortar stores.

  • Vaibhav Mhatre

    I have been hearing about Xioami for long time now. Xiaomi has created awareness among us in no time by providing amazing devices at an incredible prices. So Who can resist these kinda specs at such prices. I want this phone not only coz of the hardware it supports but also the coz of MIUI.

  • Jose Panicker

    HI Friends , I got this phone Yesterday and got delivered today , need to check it once go home from office , I am lucky to get this phone

  • Amit Kolambikar

    Its my turn to win a phone.btw good review iGyaan.


    I am so astonished with this new entrant in India i.e. #Xiaomi , I really can’t believe unless I feel it in hand !!!

  • i want this phone,affordable price with mid range specification ,stylish looks.i liked this phone becoz comes with 8mp camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset ,8gb internal and 1gb and low price,similar specification phone cost almost 6k more then this phone,4.7 inch makes for 1 hand operation ,smart,simple,stylish and pretty awesome price

  • Sahil Aggarwal

    Its the best I can get with impressive specs and outstanding performance

  • Gonzalo Pantoja

    Would like to own this phone, the specs are quite good, want to see how the performance of this phone is!

  • Amritpal Sandhu

    My bro bought a Mi3 a few days back.. n man.. I am impressed. I would like to own its younger sibling.

  • Tushar Venugopal

    First and of all Xioami is making the other smartphones suffer ( i wont mention any :) ) , one of my friend had bought an Xioami MI3 an month ago , since then i have been in love with xioami… Though now i have nokia 2730 using it from years and years (4) (screen totally broken :( ) , so i would really wish to have this piece of GADGET in my hand and for myself and hope i win this… Moreover Igyaan rocks and i don’t even miss a video they post it , and THUMBS UP to Mr.Bharat who takes a lot of effort to make the videos and i do mean it !! so cheers :) !!

  • Atul Khatri

    I want it as i love xiaomi which don’t do show offs and marketing like other big companies :)

  • mohit

    czzz Its sold out in just 3-4 sec average in every time.
    whenever I try to buy this phone my browser crashes.
    Very Fast Processing Speed 1.6 GHz.
    Good camera Quality of both Cameras (Back & Front)
    Touch quality is good and looks sexy.

  • As?w?? Parmar

    I wanna win this gadget Bcoz its Incredible Phone at Incredible Price & this device looks perfect on paper. So i wanna own one but due to huge demand the stock get over within few seconds.

    & if i would will this one then i would be a proud owner of Xiaomi’s Club ..

  • Ankur Malhar

    Awesome Smartphone One of Colleague had it.. I have used this Beast Too.. and i Simply Love It. Also Tried to Book this on Flipkart Twice but Hard luck.. It was Out Of Stock in few seconds.. i want this beast smartphone.. Igyaan this Time Please Give it to me…!!! I am Dying to have it… :)

  • rohith

    I am a fan f miui from ages even before the launch of mi mobiles ,Flashed it on my s2,In short miui a software with perfect hardware partner can produce marvells,I have never got a chance to buy mi phones,hpe dz time I will win one and stand proud in my group f friendz who own mi3!!!

  • Abhishek

    its the best and i want it to be my 1st chinese phone

  • Rachit Gupta

    Cause I really need a new phone.. And this phone is just right for me! Please help me win!

  • Parijat Mishra

    It’s time for me to get a new phone, and this one seems pretty decent. :D

  • Tushar Goel

    I don’t have a smartphone and I can’t own one right now. So, free me thoda sakta mile toh zyada bura bhi nai lagega.. :p
    PS : kisi or ke smartphone se likha hai.

  • Apoorv Singh

    Amazing camera & processor performance at the price of ? 5999 & the Huge amount of booking, Only 60,000 Xiaomi Redmi 1S is available for sale but more than 1,00,000 people is already registered….) Awesome phone must handsoff to Xiaomi Redmi 1S …..)

  • Sumer Chandra

    Well I want this phone as this is an awesome phone and I am usually at school at 2 every Tuesday! I also want this phone as I am the only kid in my class(I’m in XI class) who doesn’t have phone, let alone a smartphone!

  • Psychic_Retard

    coz my smartphone is 4 yrs old now :(

  • Jaymin Vyas

    Entered a new dragon Xiaomi redmi 1s and i am that Bruce Lee who catches the dragon.

  • Anand Leo

    High end spec for a Unbelievable price, Wow Xiaomi makes it Possible. Thank you Igyann for a good review and open my eyes to look this Device

  • Aman Sharma

    As everyone knows about the awesome features at such a low price of this cellpone so I been trying to buy this handset from flipkart to make it my first smartphone but mah bad luck, I think I’ve to wait longer than I thought to use a smartphone.. :(
    Giving it a last try.. Best Of Luck.. :)

  • Harsh

    Its the best phone on the basis of performance in its price range.

  • Why we want Red MI 1s ? Because

    1. Its sold out in just 3-4 sec average in every time.

    2. No other company provides such features in this price range.

    3. whenever I try to buy this phone my browser crashes.

    4. I Also like MIUI its different from the the other UI.

    5. It’s also provide lite mode that is good for older people who having eye sight problem.

    6. Very Fast Processing Speed 1.6 GHz.

    7. Good camera Quality of both Cameras (Back & Front)

    8. Touch quality is good and looks sexy.

    Overall i tried to buy this in every sale but never succeed this is also the reason i desperately want this smartphone.. :)
    Hope i win this one.

  • Kashish Rajput

    Wait!! Someone please pinch me. Is this really going to happen? Am I getting a chance to get my hands on this amazing smartphone. :-D i always wanted it from the day it was launched.
    It’s really the best a man can get in this price bracket.

  • Avilash Paul

    I love Xiaomi’s UI and have been waiting to get my hands on with this phone but failed every sale!

  • Sanket Dhingra

    I love Xiaomi’s customizability and would love a Redmi 1s for my sister.

  • Abhishek Aman

    First of all, is the features, beautiful body and performance, and also cause now am fed up with my HTC explorer,

  • Nazir Hamirani

    Xiaomi is a great value buy at this price range. Also I want this phone so that I can understand what the fuss is all about :)

  • jithin

    great features in the phone..and it will be better than my nokia c2 :)

  • Paayal Dunwani

    I am extremely bored of my phone….I want a new one !!!!!!

  • subodha behera

    It’s the best budget phone, but the high performance mobile handset available in Indian market.

    “Redmi….. come to me :p

  • shravan rais

    Red mi 1s superb smart phone. Actually the smartese. Dethroning motog and samsung. Solid build. Mios integrated. Lag free. Beat specs. Great camera. Nice screen resolution. Best acratch resistant technology. Is the best in its class or must i say betr than those rubbish low specd sams…. I need it!!!

  • Ashwin SK

    The best phone in the segment…

  • why we want this phone ummm a good question the thing is who wouldnt its a xiaomi line smartphone its rated as the best budget low end smartphone that also we are getting an opportunity to get it for free.. will be very good for me if i get this badboy as i am trying to get this #redmi1s from flipkart for my youtube channel as i am an aspiring youtuber the more new products the more subsricbers i get will be plus point for me…i am not getting any luck with this device my bad this flash sale really sucks again registered again for the 26th sept redmi1s sale & yeah i`ll save money also with that money i will buy the canon ixus155 cam for my videos….. thank you!!!

  • Ananthram EL

    Because my Nokia 3310 has stopped working :p

  • Ashutosh

    I know it is best at this price, there is good camera, good sensors, and AGC dragontrail glass, I don’t think any one can give me this at this will surely satisfy my needs.

  • Parminderjit

    Because its the best smartphone in its category and i would love to own one. With its IPS screen and 720p resolution i can enjoy all the hd videos. And you know what its a snapdragon ;)

  • Raghav Kukreja

    Xiaomi is killing it with the value for miney proposition they are offering. Great going Xiaomi.
    And coincidentally….I’m in the dire need of a new phone. So iGyaan, please make me happy.

  • Vimal H Revankar

    I love tis phone very much.. but i cudn’t get this in flipkart as the sale ends in a jiffy….
    the best phone with the best specs in the price range…

  • Amar S. Gawade

    I love this phone soo much, Perfect combination of Design and hardware with such a low cost !! :)

  • Shushant Verma

    IGyaan i have been your fan when you were new, i trusted you in every decision, i never complained when your weekly tech focus turned into a monthly tech focus, not even when your channel started showing reviews with unfamiliar voices but now i ask for only one phone humko de-de tha-koor :P

  • Rahul Bhagtani

    Because it is xiaomi

  • Mirza Ismail Baig

    Would love to win this phone for my mother. Perfect phone with simple interface.

  • Vipul Limbachiya

    Just checking if giveaway ever selects my name ;)

  • Chakri R. Tendulkar

    Coz we can not have anything better than this in the price range….

  • viral soni

    Because I want to sell xperia z2 and buy this and use money to buy a bike

  • Bhavesh Bhanushali

    Xiaomi redmi 1s is the best phone in the market with the price bracket it falls in!! I would really love to have one!!

  • rpcom

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  • Vikram Chaudhary

    I am dying to get this phone because i tried 2 times in the sale and still couldn’t get it.

  • Kiran nair

    Thanks for arranging the giveaway, i want a RedMi 1s just because i want one! #adeviceparexcellence

  • Shreyas Devangodi Girish

    the redmi 1S is simply the best phone in the market for that price range. and moreover mi ui rocks. i want a redmi 1s so bad…… :)

  • would like to gift it to my mom if i get it.. :)

  • Raghav Kukreja

    Xiaomi is killing it with the value for money proposition they are offering. Great going Xiaomi.
    And coincidentally…I’m in the dire need of a new phone. So iGyaan, please make me happy.

  • Md Sanjay Khan

    I really want to have this super cheap powerful device –

    with 1.6 GHz Quad Core Processor, 8MP Primary Camera, 1.6MP Secondary Camera
    4.7-inch Touchscreen
    All amazing features in such a cheap price is really incredible. Now every one can have android phone in their pocket without compromise and worrying of price

  • Arvind

    MIUI really rocks. Really would like to get hands-on the device. :D

  • Praveen Singh

    I want Redmi 1s as I want to upgrade from my current phone – Galaxy Ace and Redmi 1s just beats the competition hands down.

  • Amit

    Because of its specs and that miui skin on top android. :)

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  • Ricks

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  • Md Sanjay Khan

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S is very affordable smartphone with android OS. and I really luv its specifications.

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  • I want redmi1s because i have head this of many times and after you reviewed it ,i inspire me to get one for my cousin as he entered in 11th class and wants me to buy one for him .Every time i was uable to order one from flipkart flash sales and brother is angry at xiaomi about its flash sales

  • Chidambar Kulkarni

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S is a really amazing phone with an amazing design and good camera.Best Budget Smart Phone.

  • sunny

    I desperately want the 1S as all my attempts to but it on flipkart since its launch have gone in vain.
    I am a big time follower of Igyaan and this is the first website which open up in my browser as i have set it as my homepage.
    I just love to see the knife do the unboxing of brand new mobiles.

    Keeping fingers crossed for the give away.

    Pl do not disappoint me.

  • Prashant Jayant

    Chota packet bada dhamaka!!!

  • Krunal shah

    I bought moto g and xiaomi is giving it for half the price with more features..i so envy xiaomi..that’s why i want it so badly..

  • AnuraG SharmA

    I would like to go red by owning this because I would like to experience MIUI and want to witness whether is it really possible to build such a great device in such a cost effective me one plz..

  • ramkrishna

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  • Shubham Singh

    I want to win super budget phobe because i want my dad to use touchscreen phones as he thinks that the touch response will not last longer than six months or more and chinese brands are just bad from last decade in making their products whether toys or cheap bulky phones that we have seen . i want to change my dad’s opinion about chinese brands that now the era has changed

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    I honestly just need it as a secondary device.

  • Aamir Siddiqui

    Seeing how the development of this phone is picking up, I’d really love one to replace my aged Htc Desire S

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    Want it because my canvas 2 is too old and doesn’t even have kitkat.

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    he is using his old buggy nokia x2 right now .
    hoping to get one for him :)

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  • I wanna gift RedMi 1S to my Mom. I’m myself already using the Mi3 and I think 1S will be the most appropriate phone for her as she wants a good device but she isn’t a heavy multitasker or a heavy gamer. So that way Mi3 will be the ideal device for her.

  • Vidhya Garan

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