CyanogenMod’s Camera App to Get Pressy-Like ‘Kate Upton’ Mode

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CyanogenMod’s Camera App to Get Pressy-Like ‘Kate Upton’ Mode

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Kate Upton, a name that keeps teenagers drooling will now be a feature in CyanogenMod camera app. The Android-based open source operating system will incorporate a Pressy-like feature on your phone.

With the Kate Upton mode users can use the media button on the phones headset to take images, videos and panoramas along with setting focus. The play button on the headset will act as a shutter while the next and previous button will aid in focusing.

This feature will ease the process of taking selfies. It lets you take the images without stopping your tunes. It will also let users experiment with their images. Your headphones literally become a remote control for the camera. The name of the update would surely change as its still in the developmental phase, but it’s a damn good name to attract attention to your feature.

Experiments like these are great as they devise new uses for the existing peripherals and components of the product. It would also be cool if they bring in features for remotely accessing your camera. Considering not everyone is going to buy a Pressy, bringing software solutions sounds like a great plan. Cyanogen will be bringing out this update soon. Hopefully sooner than later Android will incorporate the feature in its regular updates.


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