Giveaway : Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones

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Giveaway : Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones

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As promised we’re starting our next giveaway today. So here’s your chance to win a pair of these sleek earphones by Xiaomi. Simply enter the sweepstakes below.

Follow the instructions carefully and read the terms and conditions on the form as well as given here. This Giveaway is open only for residents of India.

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We recently reviewed the earphones, check out the full video below:

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Nitya Uppal

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  • sumesh nair

    Worth the money, excellent built quality with metal finish and looks dashing

  • sarika kulkarni

    Amazing Earphones.Great review..

  • Tarun kumar reddy

    I love Xiaomi products. They are of superior quality but available at a good price. I’ll use these ear phones with my first smart phone Redmi 1S.

  • Mohammad Khizer Khan

    Just one reason and that’s because they look very classy… But I just want to see how they work. They look of good quality but is the sound and built quality good too..?

  • vikrant srivastva

    the packaging is superb. I just want one. :)

  • Nitant

    I don’t have any ear phones for my tab so I will be happy to get especially the Xiaomi ones because dude this company is the best.

  • Jayesh

    Xiaomi is trying its best to create its market in india.
    And this is result of there efforts…
    Nice Earphones..

  • YASH


  • yash singh

    the best earphones for what u pay. I woul love to get my hans on suh a loveely product.

  • Adarsh Verma

    i just love xiaomi earphones. superb..:)

  • Ashish Dubey

    i love the design of xiaomi earphones. i have redmi 1s and that makes it very important for me.

  • Chetan Chandgothia

    I have lost my current-in ear.

  • Harshith Mallya

    Really need a new pair of earphones and going by the review, these are a perfect choice for me. All hail Xiaomi and iGyaan too :)

  • Lalit

    Seems best headphone till now. Would love to try tmem :)

  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    It’s the best quality earphone and mine old is damaged

  • Shanmuga Shanker

    I want a earphone with mic and these look cool

  • Md Wasim Mallick

    I purched Xiamoi redmmi 1s after watching videos of iGyaan on youtube,as iGyaan knows very well redmi doesn’t providing headphone with handset so I really want this.
    one thing I would like to suggest iGyaan kindly use any mobile phones before uploading videos
    because I am facing heating problem on Redmi 1s.
    Thank you for giving opportunity.

  • I want this as my collection and want to have hands on this as well

  • Omkar Aradwad

    Looking forward to win these cool headset.Thanx igyaan.

  • Sagar Aradwad

    wow awesome giveaway by igyaan!!!!keep it up.

  • Yash Bhamare

    iTs a sUpErB hEadPhOnE…
    jUsT tHe BeSt At ThE pRiCe….
    wOuLd dEfInItLy Go GrEaT wItH mY rEdMi 1S….

  • Vibhanshu Pandey

    One word – “Optimization”
    Like Toast with Chai..
    These beauties are perfect with xiaomi handsets..
    Not to mention the dirac option with specific presets for pistons
    Aur looks to faadu (Premium looks)
    I have xiaomi mi3
    but a tight budget..Yes every student has it i know but still this giveaway is awesome..You guys are awesome..
    Igyaan rocks m/

  • Kartik Dutt

    Because free m mil ra h :P and hope so sound quality will be good just like it’s VALUE FOR MONEY outputs.

  • Dr. Liu Min Han

    Because it gives awesome sound with high flaunt value! :-)

  • Anshul Sood

    To get a better sounding pair than stock ones

  • Yogesh Methekar

    I want to experience the thunder!

  • aditya

    i want this because i have no earphone !!!! and pepole say that its good

  • Aditya Sharma

    I saw your review of these earphones on your channel and fell in love with them instantly…I have a redmi 1s & so I am eager to have one of these,entering the giveway, hoping to win…

  • Akshat

    Piston 2 is way to good on the same price range then others. I’m also music enthusiastic. I would love to get these on my ears.


    Em using moto g i used to listen music often but the headphones supplied with moto g is not good….i came to know about Xiaomi headphone its cool n worth getting it…..!!!!

  • Syed Rizwan Yasin

    This Mi earphone has a multi features and would love to hear my high quality music from it. I don’t know how but i am becoming a fan of Xiaomi brand. They are rapidly gaining consumer’s trust and their devices capable of hardcore uses and good build quality that too at affordable price is just superb.
    Thumbs up for Xiaomi

  • Manikandtan C K

    Beautiful Pair of buds.. Wish I had these!! these catch the ingenuity of the manufacturing processes by the Indian and Chinese. Stunning yet affordable. What more can you ask for!

  • Suraj Sharma

    I want Xiaomi in ear earphone because I love talking to my loved ones with the quality headphone like this, that makes me feel attached with them even if I am away from home. The feeling of hearing the crystal clear voice of my mother is like something I miss alot. But this beauty can deliver that quality that I want.

    And secondly, hearing to inspirational podcast and Ted videos with a quality sound that this Xiaomi earphone brings both motivation and inspiration to work harder and face the world like a man…

    And finally, Love cannot be expressed in a few words, sometimes a simple earphone like this can become an important part to someones life in the way we can’t express.

    If there is a reason for love, thats not love. Love for family or life partner or even a simple earphone cannot be expressed when it becomes a part of life…

  • Crazy lover of music.. Definitely gonna love listening to it with these
    awesome pair of IN-EARs.. Built amazingly with great sound quality in an
    incredible price.. can’t wait to get one of these ^_^

  • Kamalesh Bharadwaj

    Luks lovely..Perfect price..waiting to listen wid it.

  • deb

    I have MOTO G and the earphones i got with it are not of good quality and don’t fit properly in my ears as well. I wanted to switch to in-the-ear earphones and got to know about Xiaomi in-ear earphones. Now that igyaan is giving it away i thought why not try my luck at it.

  • Keshav Sharma

    These are the best ear phones in this price range for a perfect audio experience. I think these earphones will take the experience to next level.

  • I need a better audio experience. The ones I got with my moto g are too bad…. they look cheap, sounds bad and doesn’t fit my ear very well. it would be nice if I can win one here. :)

  • Joydeb Debnath

    The Xiaomi In-Ear earphones will be the perfect for a better audio experience I have ever been. I would love to destroy myself in pure music that is only possible with this earphone. It’s providing amazing features to improve better performance by it’s cool sound engineering. It’s got Beryllium Alloy Diaphragm which boosts sound performance and stabilizing high and low frequency effects. It has double damping system which filters unwanted sound waves for purest sound. I need it.

  • Bhavesh Bhanushali

    I want Xiaomi headphones because I broke my headphones recently and I am desperately waiting for good headphones to buy but these headphones are out of stock on Flipkart. :(

  • Rahil Jain

    i am a music lover so i need one since watch a review on igyaan i found it interesting and worth for me

  • srivas venkatesh

    Those earphones look pretty good with the metallic coating, Would love to get a pair.

  • VJ Patel

    I need earphones with quality, hard to find these (flash sales), no compromise from my side when it comes to audio and sound quality, be it music or vocals.. really impressed with the review by iGyaan on these earphones, so really want to own these babymonsters..

  • Anish Shah

    Purchased the mobile and remaining thing is, to attach original accessories !!!
    for muzik this is the thing !!!!

  • paliwal

    It is time for xiaomi to rule the market of electronics in India

  • Avilash Paul

    I have always wanted them! But they are always outf stock!!

  • Ankit Taneja

    I want these as they look pretty cool

  • Manraj Walia

    i have a redmi 1s so i want xiaomi earpieces as well

  • ksavai

    Looks good. too bad not available to buy

  • Paayal Dunwani

    In love with them after watching the video…

  • Vinod Baradwaj

    What a premium look, wish to try one

  • The reason I want the earphones is because they look good and sturdy. Good giveaway!

  • shreyans kasliwal

    Super earphones by xiaomi and a huge round of applause for igyaan…..!!!!! Yay

  • Hardeep Singh

    Superb earphones


    nice giveaway bharat

  • Suryansh Chauhan

    These earphones are just too cool for their own good.Want one very badly to enjoy nice music and bass,and also want to flaunt these in front of my friends…

  • Aseem

    Need one badly !! :(

  • Viswa Teja Immadi

    send them my way.would like to test them out

  • Abby Baldwin

    I need good earphones, cannot afford them!

  • bhavanichandra

    I used many earphones till date, nothing got my attention…. I heard lot about xiomi earphones a lot that its good

  • Nikhil Rane

    I want one coz they sound so good and i need a pair of earbuds now as my old ones are not working.

  • Tami Bates

    i wish i could find some earphones that doesnt break

  • Rishi

    Because I own a MI3..


    xiaomi rockzzzzz….i would like to hear “Yo Yo honey singh’s ” songs with this headphones..

  • Dhaivat Trivedi

    I want it

  • Would love to have one

  • Nikhil

    Ummmm where do i begin!! i saw these earphones in a youtube ad and fell in love with them instantly…i searched flipkart for these but they were out of stock, and there are many fakes in market so i didnt bought from oother sources, but today i saw igyaan’s giveaway for the same earphones,so here i am eager to have one of these,entering the giveway, hoping to win :)

  • Himanshu


  • Raj Kumar Ramoju

    just want to taste the awesome sound…

  • Rakesh Guleria

    I want to FEEL the THROTTLE of PISTON…

  • rahul

    I want these headphones because they have a coll unibody design with extremely cool wire and im crazzzzayy about it …!!!!

  • chirag

    I was just looking for a headfone and-this came up..

  • Sarthak Sarathi Barik

    want to have these earphones :)..

  • vivek sinha

    all products of xiaomi are beyond expectations… well done xiaomi

  • Vasanth Kumar

    My moto g needs some good ear phones…..

  • Marc Barnes

    these earphones are awesome would love them

  • Shreyas Devangodi Girish

    i just bought a redmi 1s , this past sale….. and im beginning to like it very much, i would kill for those ear phones….. i want em so bad……common i gyaan give them to me :) you people rock….

  • sulthan mohadeen

    I have a redmi 1s and this piston would go with it very well

  • Sarthak Kohli

    I want these In-Ear Earphones because these are manufactured my XIAOMI, Period. ‘Enough said’

  • Harshit Singh

    pick mi pick mi!!!

  • Siddharth Kanchi

    Xiaomi is a name that created waves in Indian smartphone market. They offer excellent specs at affordable price. Hence these earphones will be worth it. Hope i get lucky and get hands on them soon!

  • Shubham Chaudhari – Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones Give It to me :P

  • Amos Talsandekar

    These sleek earphones by Xiaomi WOULD BE THE ONE for those; who just cant stay without Music.. <3

  • Edward Hui An Hsue

    I want Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones because they are the best headphones at this price segment with crystal clear sound quality. It looks and feel premium that too only at a price of Rs. 999/-. I really really love these headphones from Xiaomi. Would love to win one!!! <3

  • Nishant Sethi

    I want it!!!

  • padmini

    I was not a big fan of xiaomi products but after seeing the review on igyaan abt Mi3, Mi3 accessories and redmi 1s. It has made me go gaga over xiaomi thanks to igyaan. So I would definitely would be very happy to win that two piston earphone with such a sound quality

  • Pranav Shete

    Mi in ear earphones are premium earphones at a very cheap price…..Xiaomi always makes premium devices at a budget price…so everyone wants to own Xiaomi products and I would love to have these earphones!!

  • vinay

    all the best to everyone :)

  • Alroy Fernandez

    Im an audiophile and i love my music loud and clear !! I have read alot about the Pistons and hope to get my hands on them very soon …..

  • abhinav dora

    aewsome quality,aewsome design

  • Prathik Kumar

    i’m an audiophile. and the xiaomi piston-2’s are one of the best Iem’s for the price with incredible balanced soundstage and good design too . i always wanted one but there are a lot of fake ones around. so i refrained them from buying online. need these so badly.

  • Pranay

    i am a MI Fan

  • Ankur Malhar

    After Tremendous Response to the MI3 and Redmi 1S. I Know Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones will be a killer Product too. I am actually planning to buy a Good In-Ear Earphones and after watching igyaan Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones Review i think this will be best choice in this Price Bracket and Now i got a chance to get this beauty for free so definitely want to try my Luck.. Finger Cross..:P

  • Sharad Arora

    I want these earphones because they are going to be “RARE” like why not just get them through igyaan giveaway :P

  • Kashish Rajput

    please guys this time.. please !!

  • Dhavaljit Rathod

    Start from the packing to the End Use of the Xiaomi Earphone, it gives Premium feel and Crystal clear sound to the Listener as I concluded from iGyaan Review video & MI3 web portal too. A perfect combo of Sound enhancing earplugs & Premium look in a Uni-body design perfectly fits my MI3 handset. Eagerly waiting to own one. :)

  • bhavik tikudiya

    I have looking to buy a new one for me but as you are giving away this..i hope i will win one.

  • Vaibhav Devgun

    I want Xiaomi in-ear earphones because I enjoyed the review igyaan did for them. And now iam really excited to try try them out.

  • i want xiaomi earphones because i have beats oem headphones and i recently bought and redmi 1s and looking for a good pair of headphones and the good ones are not in my price range

  • Vivek Baraiya

    I want it, simply :)

  • Shubham Singh

    i want to win xiaomi earphones because i’m unable to get any product of xiaomi as it goes out stock and now it will be glad if you give me

  • Guest

    i want to win xiaomi earphones because i’m unable to get any product of xiaomi as it goes out stock and now it will be glad if you give me

  • Utkarsh Ranadive

    I really wanted to buy these pair of headphones.
    They look a bit of stylish and I believe that Xiaomi wouldn’t provide low quality. Lets give a try!

  • VatsalRaj Dhakan

    I want this because I have the Mi3 and can’t get these headsets as they are always out of stock.

    It would be awesome as iGyaan is giving it away.

  • Akhil S

    i really need it :)

  • Niteeshkanungo

    Just want to give it a try, to see hiw well the new chinese braggers are doing so far!!

  • Gaurav Mali

    Who doesnt like free stuff. give it to me good birthday and diwali gift for me.

  • Rachit Gupta

    Xiaomi earphones look to be of very good quality and I believe the music experience is also as good as mentioned in your review. Really tempting to own one of these. :)

  • Amogh gupta

    Brilliant Earplugs with a Named Company. Xiaomi is the company which Stands itself without anybodies help. So we can say that Xiaomi is the Apple of China. Great Company Great Products :) ;) (y)

  • Anil Kumar

    Xiaomi is providing nice quality ear phones and are looking very good.want to have one

  • Jeet

    I want to experience and feel an awesome music from my MI3…which this hf only can provide…??

  • I want xiaomi earphones as I am hard fan of xiaomi products and in your review it seems that they are best in class and I’ll be glad if I get from you

  • sab singh

    i want this earphone coz i am searching for a earphone from past some days ..and in past week i have seen the review of the xiaomi ear phone and as believe in your review i think this is the best ear phone as far as in luk department or sound department …i am a big fan of IGyaan team follow them regularly …And specialy wanted to meet bharat one’s ..Really Appreciate the hardwork you whole team does…and last but not the least i want to win this gveaway…:D :)

  • Aashish Ramekar

    I really want those beautiful headphones!! Ive fulfilled all the terms and conditions asked by you guys!! And ive been following you everywhere and since many months… This time dont want to miss it.

  • Shailesh Singh

    bcos i really want it, as it belongs to the same brand as of my smartphone.. :P and that will surely make nice pair.. like “do bichde hue premio ka milan” :)

  • sai

    i want the xiaomi in earphones bcoz to hear the quality experience of songs and bcoz they are giving it free so i want it

  • Aneesh

    I want Redmi Ear phones as I have brought Xiaomi Redmi recently. I believe that if you use a same company ear phones then it would be great to use, as the manufacturers knows what are the configurations & how a customer should feel.
    I am glad to share that I had bought Xiaomi back cover from the company brand itself as I could see the difference in the quality provided by the company & from other local providers.
    So this is the reason why I would like to have Xiaomi ear phones itself :-)

  • velan

    Cool !

  • Ashish Dubey

    Well firstly ,I am a HUGE FAN of IGYAAN .. so getting anything from igyaan will b like a loved prized possession for the person who have been following igyaan for so many years. Igyaan has done and doing its bit to make me and India educated in terms of smartphone technology. And secondly , I owe a xiaomi redmi 1s and that makes xiaomi piston 2 a very important accessory for me. Fingers crossed :)

  • Sooraj Kumar

    why not

  • aswin

    Let me give it a try

  • Kapil Sharma

    who doesn’t want these :)

  • kunalsmehra

    Recently got the RedMi 1S, dying to get this now. Plus my old ones broke!

  • tarun

    its just awesome as i heard it first from bharat and one of my friends!

  • Gamer97

    I want those earphones because I currently don’t have any. Honestly. These stock Micromax earphones which had come with my phone are now dead :( And basically I want to try my luck out and Inspiration is one thing and you can’t control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving. Good luck means, work hard. Keep up the good work.

  • Anuj Km

    Don’t have any high end earphone so want one

  • Suresh Jogesh

    wud love to get this..

  • Siddhant Kewaliya

    i want this because i want a good piece of headphones so please let me win

  • Saptarshi Sarkar

    I really want to own these awesome in-ears so that I do not have to carry my bulky headphones everywhere I go to enjoy music. These headphones are very cool and are of a very good quality as compared to other in-ear headphones. Really want to win !! ;)
    #FingersCrossed !

  • Pankaj Sharma

    I want the xiaomi headphone because I am using my old samsung’s headphone from 2010 :’) and I love the review when you said the voice is loud and clear on the 3:56-59 in the review video :).

  • Sugata Kundu

    I have the redmi 1s but can find a good pair of headphones in my budget. This one will rock for me.

  • sushilbodh .

    Enlighten me, i wanna this headset rocks!!!!

  • Pawan Singh

    Already have Redmi 1S…this will totally compliment it….Hope I win

  • Satyajeet Mohanty

    I want them becuase music is love of my life…i have lost them beacuse of a bad pair of earphones…i would love them to be part of my life! i want them!

  • Pranav

    They look really great and I am sure they’ll be as good as the other Xiaomi products!

  • Huzefa Shakir

    I tried their portable battery pack and gifted the Redmi 1S to my sister. I’m very happy with the performance of both. So the earphones would also be a good addition.

  • uzairusty

    great product! hope i win one

  • Basith Shaik

    i LoVe to have these Earphones with me…

  • Saurav Sahu

    I need new headphones :P They look sharp. Old ones broke.. :(

  • Lakshman Samala

    Another awesome product and an another awesome give away from igyaan .. i am loving this

  • Vidhya Garan

    cool earphones.

  • Sampath Kumar Nanna

    Piston Ear-Phones Looking Great..
    Fingers Crossed.. :-)

  • Amogh

    Well their earphones are way worth than any other company earphone and their piston design too is a great technology for such cheap earphones :) having this will make listening to songs a bit more enjoyable

  • tushar

    because they are free.

  • Another nice product from Xiaomi…
    awesome headphone

  • Hatim Dhilla


  • Srikanth Kasukurthi

    I use nexus, I don’t have proper earphones, I want to try all

  • Sohil Jhanb

    I want the earphones because I want to give xiaomi a try and check out that the review given by igyaan us true or not?

  • Parijat Mishra

    My current earphones aren’t that good! ;)

  • [K]

    I’ve got a Redmi 1S …. So these earpieces would compliment my device…. So I’d like to have them with me

  • Shashank Chourey

    Because i dont have any earphones for my Mi3 device.. want it really..

  • Dishagra Arya

    Awesome pair of earphones. Hope I win something this time atleast.

  • Uday Vir Garg

    Been needing in-ears for a while and can’t decide which ones, but considering Xiaomi’s quality in everything so far, I can be sure that these are the ones to go for!

  • Nachiketa

    It’ll be great to have it as its have best voice in best price

  • Deepak Shankaran

    Audiophile quality earphones at killer prices.. these are absolute must-haves! Great job with this giveaway guys!

  • Kanaka Reddy Chilla

    Most anticipated & awesome ear phones ever… It is the beast… Love to have them…

  • Tarun Gupta

    I would love to have these earphones because xiaomi has provided a feel of apple to people like students who can’t afford to buy apple products I have felt that experience from my redmi 1s I also want to feel them through their earphones

  • Anuj Grover

    I’ve been looking for a decent pair of earbuds since almost a year. A pair that gives decent overall performance, has an elegant stance along with a much needed remote for Vol. control for a regular traveler like me. This pair fits the bill, rather perfectly.

  • Ankith Reddy

    looks and feels good, the audio quality is epic…… I really want one of those……

  • vishal

    Would love to have that!!!!!

  • As?w?? Parmar

    I think, i have no more reason than others to win, I just hope I have the opportunity to be the lucky winner

  • Aishwar Babber

    Classic design as well as good perfomance…..

  • Sâ Íf

    xomani is going good :D

  • Anshuman

    I really loved these headphones and badly need them :)

  • AnuraG SharmA these beautifully crafted golden earphone,I am sure that this time Igyaan is goin to satisfy my music appetite by giving me this earphone.woohooo

  • Joel D’souza

    Great earphone, with good technology built in it and would love to own one as i am already looking forward to my 1st smart phone, by buying the xiaomi redmi 1s, so the earphones would b a cherry on the cake….

  • harsh

    I want it to gift it to my dad ….

  • HanumaraTinku

    Now give me those…!

  • Aman Tiwari

    and where do i get that knife? its awesome :D >_<

  • nikhil

    Nothin can beat the peformance of a xaiomi product

  • Enamul

    need a good quality earphone as my old earphones gave up.

  • Aman Tiwari

    I’ve got the Redmi1s & the headphones would just complete the empty slot for the awesome device!!

  • Rishi Ramesh

    The sound quality and bass is epic! Who wouldn’t such AWEDOME earphones!

  • Potnuru suresh

    Nice ear phone. and xiaomi not giving the ear phone that’s why i want

  • Gaurav R. Sharma

    Really amazing design with sturdy cable !

  • Sujay Kadrekar

    Need good quality earphones that I can brag about!

  • VimalJ

    Nitya Mam, as you promised us for another Give away, then don’t forget to mention last Winner in ur give away>>
    Mention it>>>

  • Yogesh Yogi

    I Dont Have An earphone For my mi3 so would love to win these and thanks for the giveaway anyway even if i don’t win thanks

  • Ashwin SK


  • VimalJ

    Your Site is Awesomeee!!!
    great job done by iGyaan team>>
    Keep On>
    We luv it

  • VimalJ

    @iGyaan:disqus Plz, Post ur Updates Fast as Furious,
    I likely to manage from others sources>>
    Can’t wait for Reviews>>>
    Make it Fast

  • VimalJ

    Yeap!!! Mi awesome>>>
    but I found Redmi 1S, is not well & gud enough>

  • I own xiaomi mi3 and it is pretty awesome, would like to experience the headphones too.

  • Sâ Íf

    awsome build quality

  • Samartha Srivastava

    I need the earphones badly!

  • sarath saker

    awsome build quality and sound

  • Ayan C.

    Nice! This is on my wishlist but out of stock on Flipkart.

  • Vijin Meshram

    i need it for my redmi 1S

  • Chidambar Kulkarni

    Awesome review from gyaan.Another great product from Xiaomi. The build is great. The quality is great.

  • Guest

    Nice! This was on my wishlist but out of stock on Flipkart.

  • Abhishek Uttam

    iam jus crazy bout headphones……i have the collection of headphones….i want xiaomi headphones to add it to my collections..

  • Harisankar Unnikrishna Pillai

    It looks good and the igyaan review said that it performs well… so what more do I need…??!!! I simply love it

  • VimalJ

    oki oki!!!>>>>

  • Nikunj

    Awesome Review & Awesome MI

  • Rajan bingi

    Yo ear phone from my tech gyaan

  • Vijay Va.

    Xiaomi headphones are awesome and igyaan is the best tech portal in india

  • Abhimannu Das

    They’re really amazing, even better than Apple Earpods which used to be my favourite.

  • Ravi

    i want a xiaomi earphone because you guys are giving away one :P

  • Raunaq Kapoor

    Wohooo.. Another giveaway

  • Karan Gupta

    I think they will pair the best with the Inbuilt equalizer settings on my xiaomi redmi 1s!

  • Gaurav Rungta

    I own a RedMi 1S and I want to use the earphones. I so love Xiaomi that I want these earphones

  • I want to get those earphones because they are simply awesome and will look perfect in my ears. :D

  • Rahul R

    awaesome looking headphones….