Diwali Giveaway : Swipe Sense

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Diwali Giveaway : Swipe Sense

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Like we said, this is just the beginning. After the Asus Zenfone 4 and Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones, we are now giving you the chance the chance to win the Swipe Sense.

Simply enter the sweepstakes below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow the instructions carefully and read the terms and conditions on the form as well as given here. This Giveaway is open only for residents of India.


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Parul Ritvik Sood
Parul Ritvik Sood
iGyaan Network's newbie, Parul is a Writer, Poet, Reader and Mass Communication Graduate with great interest in startups and entrepreneurship.
  • Sridhar Sunkaranam

    I got a mail from you guys.. Thanks IGYAAN for choosing me as winner.. I am yet to receive the handset

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Lost but played Heartily

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    who won

  • Ripon La Messi-cian Biswas


  • Gajesh Kumar

    asus zenfone!!1 gone!! i didnt win!! :(

  • Gajesh Kumar

    Results plss!!! :( waiting for long!! :(

  • Gajesh Kumar

    now who was so lucky?? Waiting!! :P

  • Samuel Thomas

    Loved the Giveaway! Fingers Crossed about the Result!

  • rajashekar Mandumula

    love #iGyaan #Giveaway …Hope to win :)

  • Yatin Chawla

    #iGyaan + Giveaway = Hell lot a fun :D

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Done Again Because 12 hours remains

  • Sourabh Bathe

    Go green!!!!
    No crackers!!!!
    Celebrate your Diwali with technology!!!

  • Anantha Prabhu Joshi

    will it be freegiveAWAY…??/

  • GEET©

    when are results for this will be out?

  • Gajesh Kumar

    Pray for me brother
    Pray for me sister!!! :P

    Ill do for u rather!!! :P

    Lets pray for each other !!! :P

  • GEET©

    Love this one, followed every steps and rules. Hope to win ;-)

    #iGyaan #SwipeSense #Giveaway

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Love this Giveaway

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Thanks iGyaan

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Played Again today!!

  • Gajesh Kumar

    A small

    The rain
    here, at my place, I feel,

    Is like how
    I used to miss my home when I was far from heel,

    I was
    floating on steel,

    On water so
    unreal, raining surreal.

    Today I am
    home wow its so real,

    And Its Diwali

    I am not

    But I think
    im ideal

    To win this
    deal, with a big appeal

    Igyaan please
    do reveal

    Me as the
    winner of this Parcel

    Wish to win
    this and celebrate Diwali for real

    Thank you

  • Gajesh Kumar

    A small

    festival of lights

    Is here to
    bring us a bright

    Let’s stand
    tight, not fight

    And make a

    To all
    those who give their sight

    Please do
    not light

    And make
    the world a polluted Twilight

    Let’s make
    it right

    Stand as a
    knight and show our Might

    Now that’s alright

    Just wanted
    some Limelight!! :P

    For the
    prize fight!! :D

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Thanks iGyaan

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Done again today

  • Miron Karim

    thata why i like igyaan

  • Vinit Katira

    @iGyaan, hope my Diwali will be great with Swipe Sense !!

  • hussain b

    I hope to crack it this time.. Waiting for a crackling Diwali with Sense… #iGyaan

  • Pritam Bakshi

    It’s Great Swipe Sesne

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Thanks iGyaan

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Again played today #iGyaan

  • Subhajyoti Golui

    Done.. Hope to win this time.

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Thanks iGyaan

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Again played for more entries


    Done all……hope i win this. This will be my Diwali gift…..This Diwali

    Sense wali……!!!!

  • Saiprasad Prabhu

    I Have 100 Entries LOL

  • Rahil Jain

    I never seen any announcement of winner of your giveaway please tell me I have entered for earphone giveaway etc…. Plz tell me where u announce winner no mail nothing prove me it’s not fake

  • Joydeb Debnath

    Loved reading the details review of Swipe Sense! Awesome giveaway for this Diwali. I have participated. Hope the Diwali will bring happiness for me. :) Fingers crossed!

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Hope a better luck this time

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Thanks Played now again & will play tomorrow again

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Thanks iGyaan

  • Easwar KV

    Amazing Giveaway

  • Samuel Thomas

    Swipe Sense is a Great Phone. And I hope I am lucky with theses iGyaan Giveaways! Thanks for all the Contests.

  • Gajesh Kumar

    Hope to win this diwali!! any one of the giveaways!! :) plss igyaan!!!

  • Neil Lopes

    Fingers crossed !!! Hope so my luck earns me This cool smartphone

  • again tried my luck :)

  • Easwar KV

    Hope to win :)

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    done everything and Thanks iGyaan for trying to make our Diwali a lot more happier
    Hope TO WIN

  • harsh

    How to get subscriber id

  • Yusuf Chittorwala

    Trying for the 1st time, hope i get lucky !

  • Abhinav Mudaliar

    Nowadays the giveaway has just become about advertising…like so and so sites to gain entry….nothing creative..

  • diveek

    Did Everything, but miss the fun of creating creative answer like that once done on the lg g2!

  • Praveen Singh

    How to get the subscriber id ?

  • Chidambar Kulkarni

    Awesome Fablet Awesome Giveaway, Love to win this Fablet -:)

  • honey

    is baar toh de do yaar please please mere paas koi bhi android phone hai

  • Yogesh Dubey

    Happy diwali

  • Faizal Shaikh

    lets try my luck for this sense ……..
    hope could grap it…..

  • ishtiyaq

    Total 101 entries :)

  • Ashutosh

    hey! how can I know my youtube subscriber ID?

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Best Tech I.e iGyaan

  • Pritam Bakshi

    thanks iGyaan!This Diwali will be something more special

  • Rahul Tiwari

    hope for the best,

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Participated here !!Never Won

  • Mohib Sheth

    All done. Hope I win something this diwali :)

  • Ramakrishna

    Done:-) … hope I will win :-)

  • bsuresh

    i hope i will win this and good luck to all


    Wow! U team made Diwali more colourful…. Thanx fr d #giveaway

  • Gurvir Singh Mavi

    thumps up hope to win this one :)

  • Jitu Tripasa

    This will make my diwali best..if i won ..thanks for the giveaway..

  • VimalJ

    Error : Found on sharing the link on FB ;-(

  • VimalJ

    Another Giveaway >>>
    hope, Win ;-)