NASA Starts its SoundCloud by Sharing Some Epic Moments in Space History

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NASA Starts its SoundCloud by Sharing Some Epic Moments in Space History

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We all love the outer space. It has enticed us since childhood and everyone who came before us. But it wasn’t until recently that we could finally soar above the surface of the planet and bid adieu its atmosphere and stare at the great expanse. One agency that takes most credit for helping humankind cross this frontier is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration aka NASA. Now NASA just tuned into SoundCloud and has released, what can be called a space nerds ultimate audio fantasy.

It has released some of the most symbolic recordings in its tryst with space travel.

Here’s the sound from the first man-made object in space called Sputnik. The people who launched it wouldn’t have imagined it leading to a communication infrastructure that runs the world of today. These are one of the most iconic beeps ever heard.

The first one is from the moment during the flight of Apollo 13 when the oxygen tank exploded. The crew made a heroic survival in the harshest of conditions known to man to return back to their home planet.

These one’s have to be the saddest of all; they mark the end of the epic voyages of the Space Shuttle programs.

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Space is silent, the almost vaccum makes it impossible for sound to travel. But radio waves are everywhere. They are transmitted by activities of the heavenly bodies including earth. Nasa’s space probes have recorded the radio signals from the planets. Here’s what Cassini heard on Saturn.

Voyager is the ultimate space probe. It launched in the September of 1977 with a mission to study the outer planets, the gas giants. Its primary mission ended in 1980 but it kept going on and still continues to go on. Here is some of what is heard during its legendary voyage.

And at last, this is a message from the Stars. The sound we hear travel thousands or millions of years before it reached us. It may have left its host star even before humanity existed. This message truly travelled in time.

If you are crazy about outer space as we are, then go out to Nasa’s Soundcloud page and it surely will create a sense of nostalgia that will engulf you.

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