LG Set to Release New Smartphone Featuring Company’s Own Chipset

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LG Set to Release New Smartphone Featuring Company’s Own Chipset

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We have heard for long about LG’s homegrown chipset. It was its effort to catch up with its compatriot and consumer electronics powerhouse Samsung. The chipset is supposedly going to be called Odin. Now it seems that the Chipset is well cooked, and it’s ready for the world to see.

LG has said that the processor will be inducted in the upcoming LG G3 Screen, which will be unveiled in South Korea. The processor will be called the NUCLUN (pronounced NOO-klun) and will boast of an Octa-Core (1.5GHz Quad-Core +1.2GHz Quad-Core) processing capability.

Nuclun processor is LTE Category 6 ready.

Nuclun processor is LTE Category 6 ready.

The company claims that the Nuclun processors are designed to handle LTE Cat.6 and can provide download speed of up to 225Mbps. It also provides backward compatibility with current LTE networks.

Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company said, “NUCLUN opens up a new chapter in LG’s history of innovation in the mobile industry. With this in-house solution, we will be able to achieve better vertical integration and further diversify our product strategy against stronger competition. NUCLUN will give us greater flexibility in our mobile strategy going forward.”

Samsung’s Exynos processors are still trying to find their mark and LG needs to bring an efficient chipset if it wants to take on the leader of the market; the Snapdragon family. The LG G3 Screen with its 5.9 inch Full HD display won’t make it to India anytime soon, but we’ll know pretty soon if LG has a worthy competitor for this ever-saturated market.

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anil bhar

shitty processor same as samsung and a 2 years old technology bravo LG wasn’t expecting this shit from you at least it means you are no different then Samsung so from today we hate you as well