Indian Government Plans to Lead Internet of Things Race

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Indian Government Plans to Lead Internet of Things Race

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is where the tech world is employing immense resources. It is an ecosystem in which everyday devices can converse with each other and make human lives easier. It will be the next generation technology revolution. It seems like the present Indian government recognizes the massive benefits of raising this futuristic industry. It is planning to set up a $50 billion industry by 2020.

The Internet of Things will make everyday devices which require human input into almost sentient interconnected objects. These devices will coordinate together and process the situation, and will provide solutions to human issues in an efficient manner. It will decrease human errors by using algorithmic capabilities to streamline human life. For example, your fridge will recognize that the milk will soon run out, and it will order a carton for you. There can be large scale application of this technology in the fields of medical, transportation, retail, industrial, communication and energy.

Here is a video from intel that explains some city-wide benefits of connected devices:

IoT will also bring immense safety and convenience in the daily lives of the public. The devices would still take human input. So you can imagine a thermostat in your house that recognizes that you are arriving home by tracking your GPS and will set a comfortable temperature inside. How cool does that sound?

This is a great new field that will also bring in thousands of technology jobs. So if you are in the technology field or a budding engineer, you know which area of study to concentrate on. This new industry can easily give way to the next generation of Eric Schmidt’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s.

There will be a lot of privacy concerns though, for which the government has to provide a clear privacy document that could be understood by all. In an age where data is power, it’s absolutely important to safeguard it. 2020 is six years away, and this is the right frontier to point towards.

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this will not work unless we have good broadband speeds. Indian govt must order all ISP to provide minimum 10mbps. I am fed up of 2mbps. Higher speeds are really costly.


first fix broadband issues then jump into other things

Nabeel Javed

Man.. u just nailed it !! XD

gaurav arora

Yes I was about to say the same thing!!,,,Broadband’s have crappy speeds with fup,poor services and high rates..Atleast provide some good internet first..

Karan Khurana
Indian govt. in general is greatly influenced by the corporate players in the private sector. So until that happens these projects are going to be theoretical. eg When DOT decided to fix the minimum broadband speed to 1Mbps all the telecom companies refused to do so on the pretext of “infrastructure” issues. Similarly the “no roaming charges” policy was followed by no roaming charges on “incoming” calls which was followed by a 30% hike in tariff rates. Long story short broadband speeds are going to remain crappy until “corporate” sector hasn’t squeezed enough juice out of the broadband licences acquired… Read more »