Here’s How You Can Deceive WhatsApp’s Blue Tick

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Here’s How You Can Deceive WhatsApp’s Blue Tick

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In a recent attempt to intrude our private lives, WhatsApp added another layer of unnecessary information in the form of blue check marks, indicating that the recipient has indeed read the message.

The addition of the blue check marks is utterly unwanted in our opinion, given that this brings back the social pressure to reply – what most users consider an interruption of privacy. In the interest of privacy, WhatsApp earlier added the choice to conceal the ‘last seen’ notification that informs the other party when that person was last available on the messaging platform.

Well, there is a way around to avoid this new feature. Rahul Banker, a blogger and head of India’s Google Developers Group, has revealed the method to avoid this feature in a blogpost.


Basically, when you read the message you received on WhatsApp, the app uses your Wi-Fi or Data connection to notify the sender that the message has been read via blue tick marks. So, if you read the message offline, the app won’t be able to send the information to the sender.

So, if you don’t want the sender to know whether you have read the message or not, you just need to switch off your internet and Wi-Fi connections, then open WhatsApp and read the message. Close the app, reconnect to your data or Wi-Fi, and the check marks remain grey.

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Manjunath HS

I usually use this method to decisive my last seen…….
But I have heard WhatsApp plus users are immune from this blue tick……..

suraj hazra

this trick doesn’t work. i have already checked before u r post

Sarthak Jain

I used this same trick for the Last Seen update… :P Whenever I didn’t want the person messaging me to see my last seen, I switched off my WiFi/Data Connection and read the message. If I had to reply, I wrote the message and sent it. When I enable Data Connection again, it would send my message and would not update my last seen B)

Shh - Hide the blue

Lab SX has just released an app for free that allows you to read Whatsapp messages in incognito mode. Check it out looking for “Shh – Hide the Blue Doublecheck” on Google Play


Whats new in this?

Samuel Thomas

Good Trick!

Ronish Satpathy

I already knew this… This was the same trick to avoid showing our last seen to someone even when we had read their texts and not replied (when there wasn’t the option to hide last seen)…. So this is nothing new…

Shashank Chourey

This is bullshit.. You don’t have to be the head of Google Developers Group to figure out this..

Shivam Miglani

Most people already now about this nothing new…