Google’s New Contributor Service Lets You Pay to Make Ads Disappear

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Google’s New Contributor Service Lets You Pay to Make Ads Disappear

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Well, ads irritate each one of us when we browse through the internet. However, in exchange for free content, you have to view some ads that will compensate the cost of creating the content for you people. It’s a clash that has become a major pain point for news websites and other publishers. The rise of ad blockers, which let people surf the web without these annoying ads, is also blocking their revenue. Anyhow, Google has found a way out to this problem, Google Contributor.


The trial is in the US only, and like many of Google’s new undertakings, Contributor is invitation only for now. The contribution, which is handled through a user’s Google account using whatever payment method they have chosen for the service, doesn’t go to all of the participating websites, but is only triggered when that user visits a specific site. That way, as a Google spokesperson said, readers or users can support only the websites and publishers whose sites they visit frequently.

Google has experimented with similar methods in recent months. In June, it announced Fan Funding for YouTube, which lets viewers make donations up to $US500 to the video channels they enjoy the most. Currently in beta, channels must enable the service first, and fans need a Google Wallet account in order to make a donation. Meanwhile, it’s only available for Australian, US, Mexican and Japanese residents.

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