Sony’s Next Smartwatch May be Entirely Made Out of E-Paper

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Sony’s Next Smartwatch May be Entirely Made Out of E-Paper

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Sony is under a lot of pressure to return to profitability and reach back to the rank of the biggest consumer electronics brand in the world. Recently, apart from the Playstation family, no other device in the company’s consumer portfolio has seen an upwards momentum. In this trying times, Sony is working on something unique, a smartwatch made entirely out of e-paper.

There have been previous attempts into making an e-paper smartwatch. Central Standard Timing’s CST-01 is a Kickstarter-funded smartwatch with an e-ink display. With a ‘thinness’ of 0.80 mm, it holds the enviable spot of the world’s thinnest watch. It would be interesting to see what Sony comes up with its massive innovation budget.

Central Standard Timing's CST-01 has an e-ink display and is 0.8 mm thin.

Central Standard Timing’s CST-01 has an e-ink display and is 0.8 mm thin.

It is being reported by Bloomberg that the device will be developed by a new division within the company. This division is responsible for bringing innovative devices to Sony’s portfolio, and the e-paper smartwatch might just be the breakout star that this division was looking for. The watch is expected to be made almost entirely of e-paper including the straps.

The company is in an emergency reinvention mode and is working towards cutting down the heavy losses that have been incurred in the past years. The company is already planning on cutting down its smartphone and TV portfolio. This is the right time to come up with a unique and affordable product. Sony still has a lot of goodwill in the consumer market, which it can utilise to bring about the growth it desperately needs. Sony is known for design, and if a Kickstarter project can create the slimmest watch, we hope Sony can churn out something that upholds the brand we have come to appreciate over the years.

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