European Parliament Overwhelmingly Supports Breaking Up Google

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European Parliament Overwhelmingly Supports Breaking Up Google

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It was reported earlier that the European Parliament was considering a draft proposal to break the search and other businesses of search engines. This proposal was put on vote, and it has received overwhelming support. It is important to know that the resolution is non-binding on any party, but it now puts pressure on the European Commission to introduce regulations on search engines.

Although the resolution doesn’t name a specific search engine, but it’s easily assumable that the target is Google. The company enjoys a comfortable hold on the market with a 90% market share. It spooks the legislators that an American company forms such a monopoly in the continent. There are multiple business malpractice allegations against Google too. The allegations have led to anti-trust investigations against the company. One of the major reasons for this proactive crackdown of Google is the privacy concerns.

The resolution received 384 votes in favour of the motion and 174 against it. Andreas Schwab, the German Conservative Lawmaker and co-sponsor of the bill said that this is a clear sign for the European Commission to prevent monopolies and create a level playing field for the companies.

France and Germany have even called for review of the competition rules of the EU so as to enhance the accountability on global internet companies. They intend to make it easier for governments to target these companies.

Google has yet not commented on the issue. The vote count is definitely going to get the balls rolling in Google’s defense team. The case matters because it is questioning one of the basic and most essential components of the internet, the search. They are seriously considering regulations for the internet. It won’t be an easy task as Google is now literally the gateway to the internet and most of its ‘intuitions’ comes from integrating search with its other service. It will be interesting to see where this path takes us and the information superhighway.

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