Microsoft to Unveil the Consumer Preview of Windows 10

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Microsoft to Unveil the Consumer Preview of Windows 10

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Everyone is excited about the upcoming Windows 10. Not only is Microsoft bringing back the familiar look that we have come to love and appreciate, it is bound to come with better features than ever before. The company already unveiled a beta version for developers, and it touched on the basic tweaks. But coming January, the company will be unveiling a preview for the consumers and will give more details of its arrival in the market.

The Verge reports that Microsoft is expected to hold its press conference to unveil the product by the end of January. The preview by Microsoft seems to be taking things to a new level. The best bit of this new OS update is that it works across multiple platforms as one operating system. They have also introduced a feature called ‘Continuum’ that makes it easier to switch from touch to non-touch devices.

windows 10

Windows 10 Start menu

The other important upgrades in the upcoming version include the return of the much-missed Start menu. This time around, the menu is empowered with Windows 8 style live tiles and is customisable. Taking cues from Mac OS X, the company is also adding multiple desktops to Windows 10. For the nerds out there, Microsoft has made it easy to use Command prompt in this version, well about time.

Microsoft has also said that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for personal users, which is just fantastic. The company will be making an official announcements on dates by the end of the year, and we’ll get you all the latest on its arrival.

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