Giveaway : 50 India-Specific OnePlus One Invites

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Giveaway : 50 India-Specific OnePlus One Invites

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The ‘Flagship Killer’ finally arrived in India on 2nd December. Now everyone seems to be asking for invites to this mammoth spec’d phone. Luckily for them, we are giving away 50 India invites to purchase the OnePlus One Smartphone.

Simply enter the sweepstakes below and you stand a chance to win. Follow the Instructions carefully and read the terms and conditions on the form as well as here. This Giveaway is open only for the residents of India.

Update: The winners have been announced!  Fifteen winners are listed below the rest 35 can be found in the contest box further below . Congratulations! We’ll be getting in touch with you shortly.

Anirban Bluish Dey
Daisy Gupta
Tushar Kanojia
Omkar Aradwad
Akshay Prabhu
Aryan Pathak
Amey Kulkarni
Sahil Shukla
Prateek Singhal
muthu krishna
Siddhartha Nagpal
Paawan Chawla
Rupesh Tayde
Abhas Darnale
Divyakant Thaledi

Also, don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview with OnePlus India. We try and get all the important questions answered.

Watch it here:

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  • lalit pandya

    Hi guys you are doing good work. Keep doing it and post review videos on youtube channel thumbs up…

  • Ravindra Parse

    Guys, Please send me an invite if any body has an extra or don’t want…my email address is

  • Ravindra Parse

    Guys, Please send me an invite if anybody has an extra or doesn’t want…

  • Himanshu

    This is going fake! I’m not getting the invite!

  • Himanshu

    Which himanshu? me?

  • daisy

    When the invite will give away to the winners of the list

  • Pradyumna Madhav

    Any one still giving away invites? please be generous.

  • Aditya Malhotra

    now after entries ???

    when will the results be out?

  • Bhavesh Mandavkar

    it’s free so i am ready towin!!


    please please give me a invite

  • Pratik Ghogre

    i want a one plus one because i don’t have any phone yet.. and i did work nigh shifts to earn money to buy opo, where i am still studying- engineering!

  • daisy

    Waited is going to over soon

  • Kapil

    Best phone at best price ….. Ofcourse who doesn’t love the design???

  • Manpreet Singh

    I Love this Two In One.. I Need it…..

  • IN stock of Amazon, waiting to get the invite…plz

  • Ramakrishna

    Hey Team igyaan, wassup? Hey Bharath, watched all your mobile phone reviews. I feel that you are Indian version of MKBHD. At few incidences You were more accurate and more informative. I dont wanna explain why I really want the invite like others and convince you, But I just wanna say I wanna feel special atleast for one time by having this beast. And yayyy its my 200th comment

  • Nabeel

    I need it.

  • Rajat Prakash Singh

    OPO is definitely the flagship killer, best specs, awesome fans what more you want in 20k its a trend setter, dying to feel it in my hands…

  • Waiting for the result – Hope I get one, but Amazon is saying – “Out of Stock”

  • Raghav Arora

    I can really use one.

  • Zishan

    I have been with galaxy s2 for 3 years!!! and now it can’t cope up with the all the new software and apps…. that is why i want OPO.

  • lahratla

    Will never settle unless I get the OPO

  • mridul doshi

    A gift for my dad!



  • Sandeep Yadav

    plizz send me the invite..i m not going to settle for sure..

  • Sachin Dindagur

    i will take ice bucket challenge if i win a oneplus one invite!!
    and i’ll send the pic to iGyaan thanking Bharath and his men….!! :p

  • Soumyadeep Banerjee

    I have been participating in every contest, be it on OnePlus forums or on Amazon… Didn’t get an invite still… This is my last hope… :(

  • Dhiraj Mishra

    I need an OPO invite because I believe in the concept of sharing or making “A chain of help” as explained in the movie “Jai Ho” by Sri BHAI ji.
    You help me get this phone and I assure you that the power to invite I receive afterwards will be used to make some Indians genuinely happy who in turn will make more Indians happy and in the end you’ll be credited for this awesome deed.
    In short, I beg you to give one of those invites to me.

  • Like to have a killer phone in my hand to just swipe away others

  • Nishant Bhateja

    I am looking for a new phone with killer specs!!
    and i simply HATE the way these brands overprice the phones…
    One plus one is the only choice for me!

  • Dhiraj Mishra

    Used to have an Xperia Z. Recently tried to wash it and Voila! I was ready to purchase a new phone.
    Saw OPO-the beast and instantly fell for it. Due to budget constraints and its awesome features, I chose it to be my cellmate. Only problem, there are a lot of lovers and only a few of these available. And that’s why I need an invite desperately.

  • Jigar Nagda

    Oneplus One is the best feature rich phone at a reasonable price.

  • mayank

    Because i m a student and i cant afford high end branded phone and also i am a big fan of flagship killer …

  • uday gupta

    Because I am unemployed and I can’t afford nexus 6! One plus one is a life saver for people like me. Jai OPO! :)

  • Abir Sinha

    I need one desperately.. :P

  • Yogesh Gupta

    Too good a device to have. I love the dusted mate finish at the back and the screen looks jaw dropping. Would love to click selfies with my girl and share with friends and family

  • Karan Lakhani

    Please please please pick me!!! :D

  • Avadhut P. Kathe

    One Plus One is an awesome device… <3

  • Harsh Gupta


  • Ankur Sharma

    I want the OnePlus One because why settle for anything less than the flagship of the year? :D

    • Rohan Shah

      Really want the OPO, i thought you will want the YU!

      • Girish balan

        yu comes with shit hardware bro. . . that aint no flagship. . .it just beefed specs with nil opitmization or perfection

        • Rohan Shah

          Shit hardware?
          Dual quad-core,
          615 Snap Qualcomm,

        • Girish balan

          only on papers, specs. . not worthy for anything/nothing. .

  • Aryan

    always love oneplus one when i heard about it and finally there is a chance to get one invite through igyaan.. the perfect tech site, i open thrice a day..!!

  • Abhijeet Subudhi

    I am a huge fan of ONEPLUSONE. I need it it any how. But lack of invitation I can’t able to buy. I have watched its unboxing by iGyaan nearly 50 times. Its curves and design is awsome.

  • Aliasgar Raj

    Need one :)

  • Samiq Rawa

    Invite :D

  • Yogesh Yogi

    I need An Invite For My Friend Because i have a mi3 i can’t buy the phone so would love to help my friend and i would also be able to see the Phone If my Friend Get’s it

  • Bhumik

    i want this one!

  • saikarthik_n

    nice give away…

  • Derino k

    the phone os just awesome i need it .. flagship killer

  • Bard

    Go bold go flagship-killer way!

  • Anuj Batra

    The best phone ONE can ever ask for.. the ONE with best camera… the ONE with best developers… the ONE with the best price… the ONE with best build quality

  • Nitin

    Looking forward to receiving the invite and buying this phone.

  • Techtomind

    One Plus One is awesome device its new and most advanced features like android 5.0 OS
    that amazing feel look like , i want that

  • Ashwith Vishwakumar

    I have been a proud owner of this awesome phone since 3 months. I got one for my wife yesterday & she is also happy with the Phone. Awaiting the invite for buying the phone, so tat I can share it with friends & family.

  • Shaurya Singh

    Amazing features, amazing price and just broke my phone and really want this phone right now. Just need an invite and i am getting so damn anxious now.

  • Allan

    Because its the best phone to have with the most powerful hardware in market with out the useless inbuilt apps…

  • aryan pathak

    Because Best in-budget phone ever….

  • I need one invite.

  • Tushar Malhotra

    I want one as this is ‘THE’ only Android phone that excites me. Plus has a high Geekness quotient (GQ)!

  • Sarabdeep Singh

    I want a one plus one invite because its a beast of a phone. It has top notch specs and killer performance. It is truly a flagship killer.

  • I need OPO

  • Smashing phone, incredible price!

  • Pankaj Patel

    I want one +1 invite buy replace my old htc pico please give me one

  • Ashish Mukka

    I need a one plus one invite to buy one.

  • Such a power-packed device at such a cheap price.. who won’t want to grab the opportunity!??
    just Love its looks..its specs..just everything. :)

  • AnuraG SharmA

    I want one because I would like to become “THE ONE” after owning it and will be “SETTLE” after owning it :-)

  • Anshul Kathet

    am a geek and want a device to hadle my sec to sec nasty works !!! :D ;p

  • Abhinav Mittal

    one plus is one the beast unleashing in the current situation in market.

  • Hakim Omar Mukthar

    i am a budding youtuber i wanna make that 1st step towards my carrer so a one plus one will be great to give my small channel a very big boost

  • Mayank Ramphal

    because its unique……

  • Harshit Singh

    i want a two!!

  • Never settle…

  • Nikden Rumba


  • Chanakya Volam


  • Sunny Choudhary

    i m ready to buy so please send me an invite.i would be thankful to iGyaan.

  • Aman Singh

    I would really appreciate if you can send me the invite. I am also willing to buy it from you! I want it that bad!.. my email id is

  • Sumit Gupta

    #NeverSettle #NeverBefore

  • Subhajit Singha Roy

    I have one One Plus One Invite.If Amybody Wants I can Give it.Please drop a Reply here.

  • Niharik Talanki

    Its the perfect phone for me.

  • Karan Dhamele

    Perfect phone

  • Faizal Shaikh

    perfect + for a perfect 1

  • Girish balan

    i sold my first invite. . .

  • Siva Raman

    perfect display… perfect dimensions.. perfect price.. a perfect phone for one

  • Peeyoush Malav

    I want OnePlusOne invite because presently no smartphone is available in market like this at such a attractive price. ??? Really loves sandstone black back. Would be the best piece to flont and show off to my mates.Else I would give it my father for some months since I already have decent phone with myself.

  • rishit

    Because it is a flagship killer !!!
    And a great phone at a smarter price and a tougher competator

  • Abhinav Sah

    iGyaan… the original source for new tech in INDIA.. no wonder the ONE founders came on video for them :)

  • Vijay

    Awesome…. I Need this one for sure….

  • RaYnal D’cunha

    i want d invite coz i wanna buy it bfore christmas :p

  • Nice Interview really liked it..Good information to share.. And i want a #OnePlusOne invite Because I want my family to experience what I have in the past 5 months with my OnePlus.

  • Sudeep Biswas

    Its a real flagship killer, greatly priced and awesome looks. And all of this topped with Cyanogen MOD. This would be a pleasure of a lifetime to own the One. NEVER SETTLE!

  • Deepak Kumar

    Awesome Beast, Blazzing fast at great price… Why not someone want this phone.

  • Saurabh Choudhary

    I truly love this device and was waiting from 2-3 month for launching..and now itz launched in india i eagerly want it to have it..because it is awesommeee..!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paras

    I love the punch line “NEVER let the other flagships SETTLE”

  • Pranil


  • cybersa

    Great beast at great price.

  • Mohammad Asif Khan

    #NeverSettle :)

  • Mehal Prajapati

    great device

  • I will love to grab one as it is challenging the norm & all the established brands who have monopolized the market . Its a breeze of fresh air in the market

  • Ajit Ghodke

    I want onePlusone because it’s fabulous!!!

  • Saurabh Chahal

    I want OnePlus One because it is a flagship killer and I like “Murderers” :P

  • nishant nair

    its awesome

  • Vikas

    A device that defies the established positive correlation between performance and price!!

  • Rahul R

    was trying my luck to get this awesome device with such a good specs…. everyone would be jealous if i have one too :)

  • have been trying really hard to get this monster….but still no luck…let’s see if I get one this time…. :)

  • Ashu Chaudhary

    I want one plus one bcz it offers amazing features and quality mobile at an unbelievable price

  • Rahulsingh Rajput

    I want the the OnePlus one because I have the “NEVER SETTLE” attitude !!!

  • because i am awesome and need an awesome phone to meet my awesomeness .. :p

  • Mustafa Champeli

    it is indeed pretty awesome

  • dan1sh

    Done all the steps! now eagerly waiting for the invite. Hope I get one! Thanks iGyaan

  • Gurjot Sahota

    finally some more invites…NEVER SETTLE

  • Nadim Ahmed

    Flagship Phone, Flagship Specs, Flagship Looks, Unbelievable Price. Truly A Flagship Revolution.

  • tejajuloori

    because its awesome!

  • sushant

    One Plus One is a great value for price smartphone… all the high-end specs that a geeky nerd needs!!!

  • ashwinskn

    The One Plus One is the best smartphone of 2014. At affordable price and incredible specs it is the best phone anyone can dream of. Cyanogen awesomeness does no less justice.


    becous i am triying to buy ths phone from 6 month i also win the international invite but i am not able to buy that time because they dont ship in india before india launch so ,plz give me an invite, and i m your old fan of youtube fan

  • Rashmi Ranjan Samal

    Being a smartphone lover, owning an oneplus one is a honour… such a masterpiece with all sort of powerpacked configurations under the hood is a real flagship killer… But to buy it, i need an invite so i want it desperately

  • Pranay Mankad

    Life isn’t about settling! #neversettle

  • DumbReader

    Please get me an invite, so that I can happily get back to concentrating on my work!

  • Chintan Parekh

    i need invite to buy this awesome flagship killer

  • Kashif Khan

    very simple…i luv this phone n i need it desperatly… :)

  • Shrinivas Toshniwal

    Just need it badly waited a long for this phone..its just awesome phone and a flagship killer and never settle as i never settle i want to settle with this never settle

  • jaspreet singh

    want it coz ….its a amazing phone with this killer specs…… definately a flagship killer…
    hopes good for the company … (Y)

  • Rebel Mushfiq

    bcoz its awesome.

  • Have missed OnePlus international invites twice. Desperately want one now.

  • i want it coz i despiratly need it

  • Ankur Upadhyay

    I want OnePlus One because its the real deal… #FlagshipKiller #NeverSettle…

  • Suyash Nande

    I want one plus one because I #neversettle in life, nor for any phone.

  • Rutul Raval

    The “NEVER SETTLE” thing. WoW.
    Just can’t wait to get my hands on this
    “Flagship Killer” #OnePlusOne #Amazing.

  • Mohameth Hisam

    I want it because it is a FLAGSHIP KILLER

  • Akshay Varma

    i want a OnePlus One because i need to get the One that makes a end to compromise on anything thats budget oriented.NEVER SETTLE !!!

  • Jis Joe Mathew

    I want One Plus One invite , Because one plus one is not one its like two smartphones together

    Thank you ; )

  • Amal Fernandez

    i just got a LG g3 for almost 40+ k just cause there was no 1 plus 1 , i used all my saving for this phone, but now i really want to get the 1 plus and ready to sell my G3 for any value as long as i can get the one plus 1, pleaseee gimme gimme gimee :D

  • Pranay Biswas

    Awesome at its best…..

  • Akber Uddin Kashif

    Sir, I’ve been waiting to get my hands-on on the invite and as well as the OnePlus One too since its launch. I’m really desperate to have one. If I get an invite it would be like a pre-Christmas for me. Thank you.

  • saravanan

    I want One Plus One invite , Because Number ONE in smartphone also make me more Smart

    Thank you ; )

  • Ravi Chandra


  • Smart Vamsi

    great phone for the great price…:)

  • suketu shah

    i love the phone #justneedit

  • MR.AAKulkarni

    Because it is the new phone to have.

  • Suvit Sinha

    i want One plus one because east or west china is the best… its the beast…. need it badly,… :)

  • Rithik Sharma

    i want to win this one plus one invite because i like the never settle attitude of one plus one and really excited to buy this smartphone

  • TajArora

    nice specs

  • akhil kumar

    its the only best gadget out for such a price so never settle go get one LOL :D

  • Chintan

    I want Oneplus One because I have been waiting for this MONSTER for a loooooooooong looong time…!!!
    Its specs and the price and especially Cyanogen is there in Oneplus one (latest news) !!!

  • Ankita

    fantastic marriage of powerfull hardware and user friendly custom ROM!! way to go OnePlus…#neversettle….. waiting for d ONE in my hands!!!

  • himil parpani

    I need OnePlus One because it is the best electronic gadget with excellent hardware and great specs… YO OP O

  • Akhil S

    OPO is one of my dream gadget!

  • Kevin Bijlani

    I want the Swappable OnePlus One Cases to be available in India too!!
    #NeverSettle #OnePlusIndia #One4India #OnePlusOne
    The Beast phone!

  • Would love to buy The ONE…

  • mani deep

    i just want to put my hands 0n OPO

  • Kashyap Trivedi

    I want One Plus One

  • Rvs Chaitu

    I want a invite because i f****ing need this phone.

  • Aman Bhagchandani

    I want this invite for my brother for his new experience in company one! he wants this mobile from months and was waiting for his arrival in india.


  • Saksham bansal

    I want OPO coz it’s an innovative piece of tech with high specs that doesn’t empty my pockets when I try to own it.

  • Dylan Fernandez

    i want to experience pure android with the customization of CM and what better than the One Plus One with the awesome hardware and software.

  • Karthiklal B

    How about the best phone ever !!

    # Never settle for nothing but the best ! :D

  • Ameen Asr

    you cudnt get better at this price

  • Tanmay Chakraborty

    This Is the perfect phone at the perfect price!! Awesome Giveaway

  • Gorkhali Samir

    igyaan we love you and the one pluse one

  • Gaurav Mali

    awesome cyanogen, great build quality at crazy price. best the money can buy today….

  • dr.kkpandey


  • Prasanna Gd

    Opo is the Great mobile for the money..

  • saiakash konidena

    one of the best phones and would love to have it cant wait for 9 days

  • Pramit Roaming

    An absolute stellar for its price…….. #igyaan great of you for organizing a giveaway….u guys rock

  • Nasir Ali

    pls give me an invite!

  • Guest

    I want this dream phone ….. #igyaan pls send me an invite :)

  • Ramdas Menon

    1 + 1 = 2 phones at a price of 1

  • Tanuj Gambhir

    I want to OnePlus One invite because its really a FlagShip killer and i can’t afford to buy a Nexus 6. Thumbs up to iGyaan for their awesome quality tech reviews.

  • Arvind

    I need the invite so that i can buy the phone! A huge fan of Cyanogenmod! :D

  • kishore

    i WaNt ThIS PhOnE

  • Naresh Kumar

    I need a new phone this Xmas and the Oneplus One is the best deal.

  • Gautam Hans

    Never settle, Not even for invite.

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Looking the specs of the phone and the price it is offered at, I hve become a great fan of one Plus One, Already waiting for an invite for a long time and deperete to get an invite so that I can buy the phone….

  • Mr.Positive

    Looking forward for an invite

  • Akshay

    For CM experience without compromising on specs

  • Raghav Arora

    Alright, my previous comment might came out hard.. i just really really in hope of getting one. Thanks guys for the awesome job. Keep rocking!!

  • Sohaib Khan

    ’cause who doesnt want a beast at this low price?? #OnePus #iGyaan

  • Ashpreet Singh

    because its flagship killer with unbelievable price…… :)

  • Subhadeep Sen

    When I heard about this mobile I was speaking about this to all my friends and the greatness it can achieve in a competitive market where peoples are biased with other big companies.I wanted to hold this phone and show other peopes who use high priced branded mobiles that brand is not everything, Quality and quantity matters the most.I wish i win this giant and show them what quality can do against brand names.

  • Riyuk

    It’s the best phone in terms of both hardware and software at the price.

  • Ashwin

    i need an invite

  • 3bu1kanyal

    Pleas need only ONE

  • Ananthram EL

    invite pls!


    Flagship killer… |B

  • Jithesh Kt

    Because NeverSettle :)

  • Abhilash Kulkarni

    One Plus is defintely the best phone in the market for a reasonable price.

  • Hariesh Selva

    wannna get hands on the flagship killer…!!

  • harshit Gahlot

    U guys r simply awesome … Doing a great job. Giving invite to the needed ones!!…..
    Thanks igyan. For giving the opportunity
    N I would love one invite as I desperately want . my opo…..

  • Dhairya Patel

    Desperately want one… Um… Actually the One Plus One !

  • Suman Kalagara

    i need one plus one invite because it is a very good phone with flagship specs but only one third of their price

  • Cause it’s a great device.

  • Himanshu

    I badly want one.

  • Sahil Tiwari

    Because I want to buy the phone. Duh…

  • Erla Shiva

    I think this is the phone which I am looking from the years so far. I am very happy to the specs they have sported in the flagship device 1+1 and that to at affordable price. “SMART INNOVATIVE”

  • amit panda

    Need oneplus one so bad

  • Nihar Deshpande

    I want one… Tried lot of times… No luck…

  • Rakesh Guleria

    Pls give me One for One… :)

  • Karan More

    As reviewed by others it seems to be a Killer SmartPhone for 22K. The phone is very fast, as it has 3GB Ram. OPO looks great and its features are mind blowing. Looking forward to buy this amazing phone.

  • Aishwar Babber

    Want to get hands on the beast desperatly!!

  • Anuj Grover

    #NeverSettle is OPO’s mantra & so is mine ! Why settle for anything but the best. Be future-proof, Be future-ready, NOW!

  • Piyush Lashkaria

    hoping to get OPO in my hands before my birthday 29th dec!! ^_^

  • saigen

    am following oneplus since april i know its awesome phone and i deserve it more than anyone

  • Gajesh Kumar

    Wish to get one atleast this time!! :P

  • Vikas Bhatt

    Because this is the only beast available in the market that can compete with all flagship segment and so called “high priced” devices.

  • Varun Kumar

    Coz i can’t afford G3 or Note 4

  • Pranob Thachanthara

    Good products are to be shared among family and friends if i get an invite I would share my invite with my family and buy this phenomenal phone for them because want to make them happy and feel how good is this master piece priced which no one can match….

    Thank you iGyaan!

  • Mithun Vigneswar

    I want the oneplus one because its the most awesome phone to have and makes all other phones look crap.

  • senthilkumar66

    I just want it for the very reason myself couldnot afford to buy a Flagship device rather would like to own a flagship killer! yay, yes i mean it and i want it!

  • Pulkit Jain

    I want oneplus one cuz its one hell of a phone at one hell of a price.
    No words to describe its awesomeness.
    It has performance,camera,battery,looks,gorgeous display.
    Everything packed under one hood.
    What else would one want,its a flagship killer and I can’t settle without owning this beast.

  • Ty for such a giveaway Gr8 Phone which i would like to get.

  • ishtiyaq

    everyone is waiting for OnePlus invite, thank you iGyaan for such a giveaway.