Winner | Best Phablet | iGyaan Tech Awards 2014

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Winner | Best Phablet | iGyaan Tech Awards 2014

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Choosing the middle path has always been a speciality. A good phablet (a hybrid of a phone and tablet) should have an ideal screen size between 5.3-6.9 inches, with good touch sensors, easy-to-use interface, capable of performing all tasks of a phone or tablet smoothly.


Voting is now Closed! The Winner for the Best Phablet in the iGyaan Tech Awards 2014 is Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The winner of the giveaway is announced HERE.


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jayad uberoi
jayad uberoi
iGyaan newbie Jayad likes to describe himself as charming, witty, handsome...and modest. We beg to differ.
  • omkar prabhu gaonkar

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Krushna Hare

    One Plus One

  • Shajith Bonny

    No need of any Nominees becoz NOTE4 has already choosen as the best phone of 2014..
    I also do prefer ONE PLUS ONE but only thing is that ,,, if u need to buy it we should wait for too long to get it amazon….and there are some uncomfortable things like invie or something…but the handset is very goodie…

  • Arun Singh

    It’s gonna be Note4 4 sure

  • Harry

    I really appreciate one plus one phablet. Its one of the best device I have ever used.Its a budget oriented phablet .
    So I’ll Vote for one plus one

  • Monu Sharma

    Acc. to me HTC Desire 820 should be the winner cause of its overall specifications @Rs.22k. HTC has a very good reputation in the indian market as compared to samsung etc. in terms of clearity and quality of smartphones they produce.

    I’ll vote for HTC Desire 820 cause i dont think xiaomi or one plus one can beat HTC
    it has Blinkfeed, HTC Sense,HTC Boomsound
    Holding a HTC smartphone looks more premium than one plus one or any other.
    Who will spend this much money on a new company like Xiaomi or one+ one.
    Apple 6+ and Samsung note 4 are too much expensive.

  • One Plus One

  • Mahua Banerjee


  • Joydeb Debnath

    One PlusOne is the greatest invention of tech-world and greatest discovery of me in 2014!

  • Rizwan Ahmad Khan

    Again its Note 4

  • wasim

    Samsung note 4 is the winner for best performance spen camera super display jant battery

  • Mavel Johny

    iPhone 6 Plus

  • Puneet M

    Galaxy Note 4

  • Poosa Sampath Kumar

    samsung galaxy note 4

  • Kiran Warrier


  • Sandeep Hassani

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Chirag Agarwal

    One Plus One

  • Vedant Kaushish

    samsung galaxy note 4

  • Rahul

    Motorola Nexus 6

  • Ratnadeep Gaikwad

    Note 4 is the best phablet because of the S pen features and the multi window feature.
    But I like the nexus 6, so voted for the Nexus 6.

  • T.S. Elanthirayan

    Iphone 6 PLUS

  • Sachin Dabas


  • VimalJ

    Great :)

  • abhi

    Nothing can go above the Samsung galaxy note 4…however its price is high..

  • Azaan Shaik

    well my vote goes for HTC desire 820, best phablet and It sports great specs and the uber cool htc sense :)

    one plus has been banned recently and there would be no cyanogenmod on that device and i dont wanna void the warranty of my device, the deviceis having issues.

    redmi note is running on an old version of android and its a bulky device, xiaomi has failed to provide updates :)

    iPhone 6plus is too costly i dont want that much of my money to be spent on iOS

    Note 4 is running the touchwiz UI which kills the android experience and makes android ugly :)

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      Ehm, this is about what phone that is the best Phablet. Without TouchWiz framework on the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Note 4 wouldn’t be the phablet it is today.

      And because the Galaxy Note 4 does have all of the neat features it have now, it’s by far the best phablet in the world now.

      • Azaan Shaik

        and what about the pricing ?
        if u use note 4 with aosp, u would see the true power of the device, but tbh touchwiz is ugly, it messes up the vanilla android experience.
        it is customizable but i dont like that,

        • Tom-Helge Andersen

          I’m sorry to say it, but you are wrong. You won’t see the true power of the Galaxy Note 4 with a CM or AOSP ROMs because you will lose the ability to use the heart rate monitor, multiwindow, S Pen, display modes and so on.

          Those features are the sole reason why i use a TouchWiz ROM. Without those, you can just rather buy a Nexus 5.

  • Sriram Rao

    Note 4

  • Linu

    By far, Note 4’s latest iteration wins hands down with the S Pen mightier than the sword……It’s difficult for others to compete especially with the S pen added features on Android.

  • Faizal Shaikh

    note 4

  • Pulkit Jain

    Galaxy note 4 is the deserving winner here.