Thanks to Micromax OnePlus One May Face Sales Ban in India

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Thanks to Micromax OnePlus One May Face Sales Ban in India

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After the dejection that set on Indian smartphone consumers after the ban on Xiaomi, a new development might infuriate them further. Micromax has filed an infringement complaint calling for a ban on sales of OnePlus devices as it now owns exclusive rights to sell Cyanogen devices in India. The fans of the flagship killer have waited for a long time to get their hands on the exclusive device, and this development might backfire on Micromax.

Micromax is going to launch its own brand of CyanogenMod powered devices called ‘YU’. The company states that it incurred massive costs to create an exclusive brand for selling Cyanogen powered devices in India. The devices are up for launch tomorrow, 18th of December.

According to Livemint, the complaint was registered at Delhi High court and Micromax secured a temporary injunction in the case. The court has ordered OnePlus to refrain from marketing, selling and shipping its popular handsets in India. But to give the Chinese company some relief, the judge allowed them to sell all the remaining stocks they have on hand. OnePlus began selling the handsets on 2nd of December.

OnePlus has a non-exclusive right to use CyanogenMod‘s trademark and software all across the world except China. While Micromax has an exclusive license for South Asia, this might become a major hindrance in the growth path of the OnePlus. The company had major plans for India, including bringing the next generation OnePlus Two in India, but it is yet to be seen what this development leads to. OnePlus also informed the court that Cyanogen intimated them about the exclusive agreement with Micromax just a fortnight before its India launch. The court told OnePlus that it could sue Cyanogen but that can only be governed by the laws of California where the agreement was signed.

It might not actually mean the end of the Chinese company’s India journey. OnePlus is already planning a new OS based on the latest Android L update, but this will lead to the demise of its most appreciated feature, the CyanogenMod.

Micromax on the other hand can gather a bad public reputation following this development. Though they are right in the technical and legal aspects of things, but the public opinion might shift against them and that too just a day before their brand launch. The company will have to bring something exceptional to take on the massive popularity of the OnePlus One.

Micromax if you don’t want to face immense public ire, you better bring something that blows our minds or else you’ll be seen as the killer of the flagship killer in India, and you really don’t want to be that company.

In other (OnePlus) news, they’re launching a secret device today, any guesses what it might be?

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  • Vetri

    Micromax can’t make a phone which would have the build quality of One . Micromax direct deserve cyanogen , their hardware will never impress one to buy it , so I would say The deal of Micromax and Cyanogen in India is waste unless Micromax comes out with a product that looks and feels better to use with good hardware

  • Shobhit Mathur

    Micromax will never use Qualcomm processors.. And will always remain a sucker…

  • Vaibhav Dhorta

    Well micromax has exclusive rights…… In india…….. They have paid for those rights……. How would you feel if you bought an object and some one other is using it without your permission…….
    Its like apple with ios ……….. What would apple have done if any brand produces phones with ios…………
    And still people like apple because its exclusive……. U cant find those featires on any other device…..

    • LiquorTastesGreat

      Dude…. how…. many…. effing….. dots….. do…. you….. need…. in…. your…. sentences…..

  • Dhiraj Mishra

    Healthy competition is not there in our genes.
    Never bought anything from them, never ever will.

  • Paramesh

    first xiaomi now the flagship killer..

  • Ashwin Garg

    Indian companies cant handle a little competition.!!