Top 5 Time Lapse Alternatives For Android Users

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Top 5 Time Lapse Alternatives For Android Users

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Time-lapse video mode is is one of the coolest feature in iOS 8. Timelapse videos, which take frames at slow speeds to give the illusion that time is speeding up, have always been difficult to create, and required expensive equipment. However, there are a handful of apps that combines the simplicity of the photo sharing service and an image stabiliser to put time lapse photography in everyone’s hands. And, yes! There are some for Android users too.

This is a list of the Top 5 iOS’s time lapse mode alternatives for Android users.

1. Framelapse

If you want something similar to iOS 8’s automatic time lapse mode, Framelapse is the one app you are looking for. A “simple, fast and intuitive interface” lets you control frame interval, video duration, zoom, autofocus, white balance, color effects, exposure compensation and more, and that’s all in the free version. If you upgrade to pro for $3, you get exposure locking, white balance locking, Sleep Mode (screen off) while recording to significantly reduce battery drain, Wizard Mode that sets the frame interval automatically, and a few other features as well.

Download : Play Store

2. LapseIt

Arguably, one of the most popular time lapse app for both Android and iOS, LapseIt gives users the most control of any of the apps but trades in the super-simple “just point-and-shoot” capability. Among LapseIt’s popular features are the ability to import and speed up video, the ability to import image sequences from DSLRs or GoPros, the ability to attach music from your library to your finished time-lapse and more. You can also use it to create stop motion sequences.

Download : Play Store

3. Hyper TimeLapse


It is, in true sense, quite an efficient alternative to Instagrams highly-popular Hyperlapes app.  It even describes itself as a Hyperlapse alternative in the Google Play store. It’s really easy to use, and has a great interface. Just push the record button to record the video, and then speed it up using customizable frame rate up to 8x as per your preference. It is quite simple, however, there are some functionalities that are missing.

Download : Play Store

4. EasyLapse

Similar to Hyper TimeLapse it is quite simple to use, as the name itself suggests. The app provides you with basic functions and runs quite smoothly. The best thing about the app is its social media integration. You can share your wonderful time lapse video easily, upload it to Instagram or Facebook with a few taps.

Download : Play Store

5. Droid Timelapse

droid timelapse

This free app comes with the single purpose of recording time-lapse videos on Android devices, and it has no ads. It supports the highest resolution of your camera (up to 1080p), has a recording delay timer, so you can control the speed of your time-lapse and the resulting video is of high MP4 quality. You also have both manual and auto-focusing modes, as well as the option to fine-tune white balance and color effects.

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