Microsoft Patents New Tech Which Senses When You Don’t Want to Be Disturbed

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Microsoft Patents New Tech Which Senses When You Don’t Want to Be Disturbed

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A smartphone’s loud ring is highly distracting when you’re in the middle of something important. In spite of the available do-not-disturb mode, there’s no feature that is intelligent enough to sense your presence at different places and function accordingly. However, Microsoft has found a solution for this – the inconspicuous mode – which transforms your smartphone smart enough to turn down your device when necessary.

inconspicuous mode

As per the latest patent granted to Microsoft this week, the ‘inconspicuous mode’ on the smartphone detects when the user is in a meeting, theatre or is going to bed. Once detected, it automatically turns on and adjusts the brightness and volume level of the device. The mode also reduces the number of notifications on the lock screen so the user does not get distracted from the ongoing happening.

This intelligent  feature works using the internet. The application checks when the mode is required and detects using GPS, sound, NFC, Wi-Fi  and other data. It also syncs with your Calendar and picks up information that can be of use. For e.g. meeting schedules, movie plans, bedtime, wake up time, etc. If the application finds a meeting schedule, it automatically enters the inconspicuous mode to avoid outside interruptions. The feature is extremely handy and can be turned off when required. Also, it exits the mode on its own as soon as the event that triggered it, finishes.

If this feature lands on the Windows Phone platform, it will be the next big thing for the brand. Meanwhile, there are bigger announcements by Microsoft coming up soon.

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