With Cortex-A72, ARM Promises Three Times Faster Performance in Smartphones

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With Cortex-A72, ARM Promises Three Times Faster Performance in Smartphones

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ARM, which is a standard when it comes to chipsets for smartdevices, has unveiled new CPU and GPU designs. The company claims that these products won’t just churn up faster performance for the products of 2016; they will also be power efficient.

The company introduced the Cortex A-72 mobile CPU that the company claims is 3.5 times faster than the existing Cortex-A15 chips. The company also claims that these chips will require 75% less energy than its current counterpart.

The focus on battery efficiency is necessary as the batteries have not quite kept up with the rapid increase in the processing capabilities of smart devices. The new A72 can be paired with the Cortex A53 processors to further decrease the power consumption. ARM calls it the big.LITTLE configuration.

The company also unveiled Mali-T880 mobile GPU. ARM claims that this GPU will offer 1.8 times faster graphics performance along with 40% lower energy consumption in comparison to the current generation Mali-T760 GPU.

With these offerings, the company is focusing on providing even greater access to power intensive 4K content. As these energy hungry displays and content make their way to tablets and smartphones, the devices have to be ready face them. ARM plans to bring out the first demo devices based on the technology by the end of 2015 and hopes to bring the technology in the market with the 2016 line of products.

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