Epic Sunday Treat : Samsung Galaxy S2 Unboxing and Hands on Pics , feat : iPhone 4 | Update : Video LIVE!

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Epic Sunday Treat : Samsung Galaxy S2 Unboxing and Hands on Pics , feat : iPhone 4 | Update : Video LIVE!

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Is it here Finally? Yes it is, the new Samsung Galaxy S2, The Epic Smartphone of the Year! (Till now Anyway)  While we unbox the beauty check out the Hands On Pics below. Remember you got all exclusive news on the Samsung Galaxy S2 here at


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Bharat Nagpal
Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+
  • Kartik Nadar

    @djkrimp:disqus  Sir, did u encounter any issue with “Samsung Galaxy S2”? Please Do tell as i am going to buy this phone soon.

  • Kjaichand0012

    nice work dude, hey can you say what is the baseband version on the samsung s2 you have.

  • Sandip Banik09

    Just Ordered Mine..GALAXY S II = M A S S I V E  .. :D :D..thank god i dint go for the HTC INCREDIBLE S..The GALAXY S II will be the high end phone for the few more upcoming CHEERS..the TOUCH WIZ 4.0 is pretty Impressive,not as good as the SENSE UI of HTC,but does that matter? THE WINNER is GALXAXY SII in all the benchmarks and stuff. My recommendation is this GOD of all SMART PHONES>..Will post again after receiving my Unit on Tuesday.wished for a full review from BHARAT>..hope we get one today..


  • ankit

    hey should i go for s2 or for htc sensation?

    • Sandip Banik09

      SAMSUNG GALAXY S II dude..the benchmarks are way higher than the sensation.i checked it on youtube video comparison by POCKETNOW

  • Aakarshkabir

    and hey plz do explain about the feature NFC provided in gs2.

    • bhavdip

      no nfc in india version of gs2 if is it than no use in india in near future…..because it just started in u.s and u.k…

  • Aakarshkabir

    hey buddy u dint tell anything about the hdmi port in gs2 and as per the box of content it doesn;t even have its tv out cable………….do discuss this too

  • Shri_style82

    Anyone who wanna buy this phone contact me..price is 31k.

  • bjbinc

    I’m just as excited as the next guy about this phone, but you just can’t beat the sleekness of the iP4.  I have it now and plan to sell it and get the S2, but I love how my iP4 looks and feels.

    • Neha Sharma

      Sleekness of the iPhone 4? Are you kidding me, this is the slimmest phone on the planet mate? LOL :D

      The iPhone 4 is a good 1 mm thicker than this beauty here. 

  • bhavdip

    waiting for full review

  • Siddhanthgupta

    Hi, I know this is not the correct place to post this, but please bear with me. I want to buy an android phone with my budget of INR 23000. I want a phone which will receive android updates in the future. Updates are preferred by manufacturer, but even stable developer based upgrades (such as CyanogenMod) will do. Which one should I go for? I’m currently looking at the Desire S and the Galaxy S. Should I expand my budget and go for the Optimus 2x? Or should I settle for something less like the Defy as I heard that it will get a Gingerbread update soon. Please Help Me.

    • Bhavdip

      plz….also see the samsung nexus s

      • Siddhanthgupta

        Nexus S is exceeding my budget (26K on Flipkart) and has the same hardware as the Galaxy S and NO Super Amoled. Yet is costs more because it has a vanilla Android. Is it worth it? I want an android phone which will be updated, but is it necessary to take a Nexus phone for that? Please forgive me if i sound rude. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just curious.

        • Sandip Banik09

          SAMSUNG NEXUS S on flipkart has its price down to grab one if u have the budget..its a good phone,but do check out some reviews before to end up with your decision.the Nexus S still runs on the android far as i am concerned!>..have a great buy and enjoy ur new phone!

  • Bubblesna

    sgs2 is simply a beast of a phone, but bharat i would want to know how good the Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 is? Myself being a virgin when it comes to the android platform ( i’ve been using symbian all my life), would it be wise to spend about 30k on the S2 or should i stick to the SL @ 19k for the time being?

    • It’s worth it man! Buy S II! I’m also a symbian user (for the past 4 years), and I’ve preordered the S II after falling in luv with it!

      • Bubblesna

        thank you robin, im heading to the nearest retailer very soon

  • Arvind Ramu

    Hi Bharat,

    Does this has an NFC feature. The version available in India.

  • Shyamaj Bajpai

    Very nice guys… keep it up.. waiting for the full review

  • Vjkdua

    mast maza aa gaya…>>

  • Bharath kumar

    If you are reading this, please change the Website Layout – it’s neither appealing nor usable. The side bar just acts as a “Information Bar” and is redirecting to the home page ( again, instead of that particular article. Fix it. And the carousel isn’t mouse interactive, if i forget to click the article, I have to wait again until my desired article turns up. Change it and change it soon! I visit ur website 2-5 a day and this thing is driving me nuts!

  • Ajay

    where did u buy this phone from? is it available in stores other than the vodafone ones…amazing unboxing guys..great job…:)

  • Chatupaul

    Is NFC available in Indian version of s2 ???

  • bhavdip

    okay it’s on youtube but not hd it just 480p….try to upload in hd…..

  • bhavdip

    “Epic Sunday Treat”
    i think that it’s epic monday breakfast……….
    come on bharat nagpal upload it……………..

  • Dudemumbai

    Bharat Nagpal are you going to upload the video today itself ??????
    You are calling it a sunday treat…. i hope it will be uploaded today itself…… unless you have a different sunday then rest of us.

  • Govilbasra

    when will u upload the unboxing video 

  • is the iphone slim that SII?according to the first pic..

    • bhavdip

      only bottom of s2 is not slimmer than iphone but rest of g2 is slimest than iphone 4

  • Dudemumbai

    You got to be kidding me….. there is no box in the
    pictures & you call this as unboxing.. i particularly wanted to see the box
    because its white in color in India compared to black box in uk…. This is completely
    ABSURD for a tech website….

    (Sorry for being personal but we deserve better information)

    (edited by MODS)

    • Maybe you shouldread before being a complete troll, Unboxing video is uploading , so see the box in the video, these are PICTURES OF THE DEVICE, hands on. There is basic courtesy of speaking to people,

      box can be found here , any more defamation will be considered spam and blocked.

      • Saj_2001ind

        you are right dude, at least u guys posting the very 1st unboxing of this device for the first time for indian version

        appreciate ur effort :) and let the video come in soon

        • Dudemumbai

          I agree it’s the first website to come up with unboxing
          video…. but the phone is already there in the market from last 3 days. The
          unboxing video on tech site should be made available before the phone is
          launched in the market unless it takes 3-4 days to make a video….. Nevertheless
          appreciate the efforts.

      • Bhavdip

        ya, i think box different from u.k version but doesn’t matter because we got same spec like u.k v r lucky….
        waiting for unboxing and full review………

    • bjbinc

      Yeah, cuz the box is so important.  give me a break you ‘tard

  • Sreeky M

    really waiting for galaxy s2 compared with htc sensation when it launches…..! also plz compare the galaxy s2’s screen with galaxy s….! super amoled vs super amoled plus

  • Nagarjuna Kristam

    where is hands on vide0s?

    • Dudemumbai

      Its coming soon….. ( I think the sunday treat will start in the evening…. lol….)