First Look at Toshiba’s First Working Camera Modules for Project Ara

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First Look at Toshiba’s First Working Camera Modules for Project Ara

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Project Ara is an on-going endeavor by Google to create a modular smartphone for which the user can switch critical components in and out, thus allowing them to build the perfect phone for their specific needs. It seems that one of the third parties working on the modules is Toshiba, which is contributing towards its progress in creating the first swappable camera units.


Toshiba has created one prototype with a 2MP camera which is designed to be placed in front of the camera and 5MP and 13MP camera modules, which is to be placed as the primary camera. All the cameras are within a swappable module, which would allow the user to swap cameras according to their desired shot, or simply purchasing a better camera piece and replacing the existing one.


 Toshiba had revealed some of the initial designs at the Modular Phones Forum. As of now, the company is now developing three different modules: a 2MP front camera and 5MP/13MP primary camera.

The video below shows Toshiba’s new 5MP prototype camera module working and capturing images.

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