7 Effective Tips to Help Reduce Your Smartphone Data Consumption

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7 Effective Tips to Help Reduce Your Smartphone Data Consumption

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Nowadays, it’s safe to say, a user is paying more for data than talktime. For both prepaid and postpaid users, consumption of mobile internet data has significantly gone up and so have its charges. This increase in data bill is concerning and today we have just the right tricks to reduce your phone data bill and help you save those bytes.

1. Keep Wi-Fi Enabled

Probably the most obvious tip would be to make sure you have your wi-fi option constantly enabled.  At the locations you frequently visit (work, home), save the wi-fi passwords, so whenever you enter these wi-fi zones your device automatically switches off its mobile data. It may consume your battery slightly more, but at least you won’t spend hours on your phone without realising you’re still using your mobile data services, and not the wi-fi.

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2. Monitor and Set Data Limits

Almost all smartphones these days come equipped with the data usage manager. It lets you monitor usage and also gives you the option to set a mobile data limit and receive warnings to keep a tab on the amount used. If your phone does not have a data manager, there is an app called ‘My Data Manager’ available on both Google play and App Store.

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3. Choose Browsers Carefully

If there is a lot of browsing involved in your daily usage then you can use browsers optimized for less data consumption. They have remote servers which compress webpages before sending them to your phone, hence using less data. These browsers significantly reduce the data usage on your phone, giving you the same web experience at the same time. One such browser is ‘UC Browser’ and another, ‘Opera’. Both are available on Android and iOS.


4. Avoid Torrents

Never use torrents on your phone. It might seem like a good idea to download something while on-the-go, but the verdict on this is a ‘No’. If not used properly and carefully, torrents carry a big risk of eating up your mobile data even if you have used it only on Wi-Fi.

5. Disable Automatic App Updates

Your phone would want you to be updated at all times, instantly. But it should be told to be patient at times. Many apps will update automatically whenever they receive an update, the size of the update varies. You can save up on your mobile data by choosing the ‘auto updates over Wi-Fi only’ option.


 6. Close an App

Almost all apps consume data. The efficient way to save up on your data is to close an app after using it. Most of the time when an app is opened once, even after it has used, it might run in the background consuming data. Also, some apps might not even need an internet service, use the option to disable them from using internet data. At best these apps will just need it for spamming you with ads.

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7. Disable Push Notifications

The more apps you have, the more scope of data consumption. But that should not deter you from enjoying the apps you like. Many applications annoy us by sending Push notifications and unnecessarily eat up mobile data, little by little. Last but not the least, disable push notifications for apps that you don’t want to receive information about.

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