Top 5 Android Launchers You Should Check Out

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Top 5 Android Launchers You Should Check Out

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We all know that Android phones offer a great deal of customization and personalization. One of the varied ways to give your phone a new look and feel is a launcher. Launchers give a foundation to completely overhaul the way your phone looks and behaves. Let’s take a look at some of the best launchers available on play store.

1. EverythingME Launcher

everything me

Everything ME is one of the best launchers available for Android. Its unique feature is its search bar which helps you search anything on the phone much like the iPhone. The launcher has an intelligent recent use app box which helps you pick your recently used apps from the home screen. ‘Daily wallpaper’ is another cool feature in the launcher which automatically changes wallpapers daily on the phone.

2. Buzz launcher

buzz launcher

Buzz launcher, is a highly customizable launcher with over 800,000 themes. The ability to change icons, icon frames, scrolling effect and creating folders in app drawer etc. are a few of the many features in the launcher. You can also make themes on buzz launcher and share it with people. The gesture setting is what we liked best. One can assign and use different gestures to open app drawer, notification bar, browsers rather than going about the conventional way.

3. Google Now Launcher


Google’s own launcher is clean and simple to use. Google Now pops out with a single swipe and gives you important information through Google cards. With the ‘Ok Google’ voice command accessibility becomes easy. You can command your phone to do anything you like. There isn’t a lot in terms of customization on this launcher but we would have liked it if there were a few options at least.

4. Hola Launcher

hola launcher

Hola Launcher is quite simple and consumes 40% less memory than any phones default system launcher. This launcher is all about speed. It has a single boost tap to free up memory and further speed up your phone. The notable feature on the launcher is ‘Hola Shine’ which requires a single swipe from the bottom left of the screen to see the recently used apps and toggle phone settings. As soon as the launcher fires up, it automatically creates folders on the home screen and arranges apps according to various categories.

5. Cheetah Launcher

cheetah launcher

This launcher is a theme based launcher and completely transforms the look of your phone. With a large number of themes and fonts available, the customization becomes endless. It’s fast, smooth and simple with neat animations. Cheetah Launcher is a simple option for your launcher app needs. It is fast, responsive and intuitive.

Do you have any launchers to add? Leave your favourites in the comments below!

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