Samsung and Samsonite Collaborate To Make Satellite-Tracked Luggage

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Samsung and Samsonite Collaborate To Make Satellite-Tracked Luggage

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Travelling has never been hassle-free. Specially carrying and taking care of your luggage is a big worry for most travellers. What if it gets misplaced? What if it gets stolen? And the biggest scare, what if somebody opens it in your absence? To put a rest to all your concerns, Samsung and Samsonite are using technology right and are working together to solve this problem.

According to reports, the two companies are creating a suitcase which will send out information of the luggage to its owner. The suitcase will send its location to the owner’s smartphone and apparently, it can check even check itself in the airport. The Daily Mail reports that the suitcase will use GPS technology to track its location. The users will get to know when their luggage is loaded or offloaded from the aircraft. It can also send out alerts if they are being opened or if it is taken away from the owners position, in case of theft.

“Smart luggage will be able to communicate with you but it needs to be able to do much more than just give its location,” said the Samsonite Chief Executive, Ramesh Tainwala.

He added, “The goal is creating smart bags that don’t need to be checked in at airports. Chips inside the luggage will instead communicate with airlines, informing them of their weight and destination. This way, the bags can simply be placed on a carousel before passengers board their flight, avoiding the need to wait in a queue to have luggage manually labelled. Emirates and Lufthansa are working on this.”

There is always something new in the tech world. However, we don’t have an official word on when the ‘Smart Suitcase’ will be available in the market for purchase. We hope the companies bring the product out soon.

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