Xiaomi CEO’s Mi 4i Launch Speech Becomes a Viral Music Video

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Xiaomi CEO’s Mi 4i Launch Speech Becomes a Viral Music Video

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Mr. Lei Jun’s speech at the world premiere of Mi 4i, here in India has now got a funny angle to it. The CEO struggled with English language for his introductory speech, which is now remixed into a rap music video. Some chunks of his broken speech have been carefully edited and made into a funny video. The music video has gone viral and is getting more views and hits as its shared across all platforms on social media. The moments where he cheers for the crowd saying “Are you OK?” has become the highlight of the video.

Mr. Lei has taken this video with good humor and promised that he would work on his English as the company expands overseas. In the midst of his struggle with English he came up with his first post which is to no surprise in English. He wrote “Everybody loves good products,” and reshared a post where an Apple store employee is wearing a Xiaomi Mi Band with a screenshot from the hit remix song.

Taking the whole gagging with a pinch of salt Mr. Lei wrote “Thank you for your Attention,” on Weibo.

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