At ‘Mi Home’ Experience Centres in China Xiaomi Fans Can Check Out New Products

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At ‘Mi Home’ Experience Centres in China Xiaomi Fans Can Check Out New Products

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It is a common known fact that Xiaomi sells most of their handsets online and not in stores. But what is not known is that the company also runs showrooms where Xiaomi fans can try out new products. Xiaomi’s ‘Mi Home’ is one space where fans can get their hands on new gadgets and devices launched by the company.

Currently there are close to 19 Mi Homes in mainland China. The hangout place is like a living room with couches and Xiaomi branded TVs. The idea of Mi Home was to make people try out Xiaomi phones before buying them. It is also a part of the company’s attempt to create a loyal community of fans.

A Xiaomi spokesman said that the Mi Homes get flooded with fans whenever Xiaomi unveils new products, because there are users who would first like to see and touch the devices before buying them online. Xiaomi commented that Hong Kong will also get a Mi Home with a section for Xiaomi phones, 55-inch Xiaomi TV’s and a space for workshops and events.

The company’s Global Vice President described Mi Home as “a place for fans to meet each other and hang out,” at a news conference in Hong Kong,

Xiaomi is constantly evolving and doing something new to provide their customers with services and experiences beyond e-commerce and social media. These are the first of the many service centres that the company has promised, which will soon be up and running all over the world. Hopefully, they’ll open these much-needed spaces for the Indian fans soon – a move that will only help better the company’s position in the market.

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