Nepal Government Bans Use of Drones, Rescue Teams Now Require Special Permissions

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Nepal Government Bans Use of Drones, Rescue Teams Now Require Special Permissions

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Just few days back, we had reported about how drones were helping locate Nepal earthquake survivors. Now, in an unprecedented move, the Nepal Government has called out a ban on drones used on its soil following the April 25 earthquake. They’re concerned about the fact that sensitive information and pictures of its valuable heritage sites might get leaked illegally.

However this will not come in way for the rescue efforts as the drones can be used with the permission of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. This decision by the government comes in wake of the excessive use of drones by the media to cover the devastation of the earthquake.

The Civil Aviation Agency claimed it has come to their notice that some drones were used to take pictures and videos of valuable heritages of Nepal which could be misused later. The body also stated that those using it illegally without any permission would attract penal action, according to local civil aviation law. The use of drones is currently banned in India by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) till proper rules and regulations are formulated.

The use of drones was very helpful for the earthquake hit victims and hopefully, the ban should not come in way for any prompt rescue or relief efforts.

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