List of 10 Possible Names for Android “M”

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List of 10 Possible Names for Android “M”

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We have seen that all Android versions are described in one word and just how their users would want to experience the OS, with sweetness. Keeping up the tradition of its nomenclature, Android titles all its latest versions in an alphabetical order. Going back in time, only the first two versions of Android had offbeat names, Alpha(A) and Beta(B). The subsequent major updates were labelled as Cupcake (C), Donut (D), Eclair (E), Froyo (F), Gingerbread (G), Honeycomb (H), Ice Cream Sandwich (I), Jelly Bean (J), KitKat (K) and Lollipop (L).

The next major version of Android OS has a sweet tooth for the word ‘M’, and we’ve heard its launch is right around the corner. Let’s look at some of the probable names for the next Android operating system.

1. Marshmallows

This name is highly probable and is the front runner in our guess game. Going by the description, marshmallows are a smooth, soft and spongy sugar candy. This name has the potential to describe the next OS.


2. Muffin

Muffin is the second name in the competition as already many speculations are inclined towards this name.


3. M&M

M&M are colorful button-shaped chocolates; much like Gems here in India. It’s a very popular chocolate brand all over world. This name might just make the cut because of its popularity.


4. Meringe

Meringue is a type of dessert, a French, Swiss, and Italian cuisine, made from whipped egg whites and sugar. It’s another strong contender for the ‘M’ position.

Festive Meringue Cookies.ashx

5. Madeleine

Madeleine is a small cake traditionally made in France. As delicious as it sounds, will it be the next popular name to be called out all over the world.

sweet madeleine cookies on table

sweet madeleine cookies on table

6. Mars

We are all aware of the name Mars/Mars bar. This American chocolate bar might see itself getting confused with an OS probably.

mars bar

7. Macaroon

A macaroon is a type of small circular cake. This name might have its chances but there has already been the use of word ‘cake’ in the third version of Android OS. Google probably might refrain from this word.


8. Milkyway

A chocolate bar made of chocolate malt nougat topped with caramel seems to be a strong contender for Android ‘M’. But Android 4.4 was named KitKat. Are we going see another chocolaty name?


9. Maltesers

Maltesers is a spherical milk chocolate, with malt honeycomb centre. All Android OS versions are always very different from one another not just in terms of functionality but also visually. Maltesers shares its color scheme with the Android K.


10. Milk Duds

Google might fall back on a classic American snack. Milk Duds are manufactured by Hershey’s and it consists of delicious caramel candy.


These are our 10 probable names which might be the face of the next Android OS. Lets wait and watch what Google has to offer.

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