Thanks to Twitter Trolls, Veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor Decides to Quit Twitter

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Thanks to Twitter Trolls, Veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor Decides to Quit Twitter

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The court’s verdict on Salman Khan’s 2002 Hit-and-Run case took the whole nation by storm. Social media wasn’t exempted from this either. The netizens gave a mixed reaction to this fiasco on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, how can Bollywood be left behind; the who’s who of the industry also expressed their opinions on the social media platform. But one veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor had to take a call to retire from Twitter. Here is the complete story of Rishi Kapoor’s decision to deactivate his Twitter account.

Rishi Kapoor was trolled on Twitter following his tweets on two Bollywood personalities. The tweets made by Rishi Kapoor were in reaction to the tweets by Ajaz Khan and Abhijeet Bhattacharya. The tweet by Rishi Kapoor was:

These tweets were just the beginning. Twitterati responded:Counter tweet 1 Counter tweet 2Briefly after this, Ajaz Khan himself responded to Rishi Kapoor:Ajaz replyAnd then Twitter starting taking a jab at Rishi Kapoor in support of Ajaz Khan:Ajaz support Rishi Kapoor kept himself updated with all the tweets and retweets, and came out with a clarification.

But the trolls kept coming in.

Last response 1

Last response 2

The veteran actor then decided that it was too much to take from the blunt and outright attacks on Twitter. And decided to deactivate his account.

Recently in a candid conversation with NDTV, Ranbir Kapoor stated that his father, Mr. Rishi Kapoor has always been forthright about his opinions and emotions. “I have been privy to this all my life, its just that world will get to see this side of his now”. He added “Unless somebody has got a valid point and logic, it is very difficult to change Mr. Rishi Kapoor’s opinion.”

Whatever twitter war we are witnessing, Twitter happens to be one platform where everybody has a say on equal terms and express their opinions.

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