So, How Much Does it Really Cost to Make a Voice Call via WhatsApp?

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So, How Much Does it Really Cost to Make a Voice Call via WhatsApp?

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Almost everybody has upgraded to the new version of WhatsApp. The highlight of the most recent update is the new WhatsApp voice calling service. What is interesting to see is that many WhatsAppers are using the voice calling service more than any other VoIP service available, such as Viber, Skype, Line, WeChat etc. So, what is the fuss about?

Recent tests carried out by suggest that calls made via WhatsApp may not be as cheap as we think they are. Infact, they might cost you the same amount for what you pay for a normal call.

Androidpit tests reveal that calls made via WhatsApp consume 1.3MB of data per minute on LTE network. This number is the maximum of what it could consume and can go as low as 600KB. If you go by the highest number of MBs consumed, by calculation, this would mean a monthly pack of 500MB would evaporate in 6 hours, equivalent to 11 minutes of calling per day.

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We at iGyaan wanted to check for ourselves as to how much exactly does WhatsApp voice calling cost users. Both the voice calling and receiving phones were Android phones running on Lollipop. Upgraded to the latest version of WhatsApp, the phones were using 3G services. A call made for an exact minute incurred us 0.43MB (430KB). If the average per minute call incurs 500KB, a 300MB data plan for a month will give you 600 minutes of WhatsApp calling. This equates to 20 minutes of WhatsApp calling per day, for a month.

We also tested the free Viber call for its per minute data consumption, the average came out to be 230KB per minute, almost half of what is consumed using WhatsApp.

It is important to note that higher the bandwidth (2G, 3G or 4G,) the more data would be consumed. Simply put, the better your connection, the more you pay. There is also a two-way charge here, which means that your data is being consumed even when someone calls you via the app. On a normal cellular connection, this would be free for local calls.

So, in case you’re worried about WhatsApp eating up your data pack, make sure you use it on a Wi-Fi connection. Nonetheless, WhatsApp voice calling is successful unlike other VoIP services because of its clear connection and flawless working. It has also steadily become the most popular service since the app has a total number of 800 Million monthly users worldwide. It is undoubtedly the top player in the free calling and messaging app segment, strengthened by its reach.

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