Yu Yuphoria Vs Yu Yureka Camera Face Off

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Yu Yuphoria Vs Yu Yureka Camera Face Off

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The YU Yureka was the first phone by Yu, launched last year in December. A few weeks ago, Micromax launched the YU Yuphoria, but contrary to what we expected, it was not an upgrade to the Yu Yureka. The company downgraded the primary camera of the new generation phone, along with many other specs and gave it an aggressive price tag.

Though the camera on the YU Yuphoria is inferior to that of the Yureka on paper, we put together the cameras of both the phones to compare the difference and if the megapixel count really matters.

Let’s start with the camera specs first.

The Yu Yureka has a 13MP primary camera with LED flash and has Sony IMX 135 CMOS sensor, with F/2.2 aperture. It is made using the five piece Largan Blue Lens Architecture. The front camera is a 5 megapixel OmniVision 5648 sensor with 71 degree wide angle lens.

On the other hand, the Yu Yuphoria has an 8MP primary camera with LED flash, a 5-element lens system with F/2.2 aperture. The secondary camera is a 5MP shooter, 4P lens with an 85 degree wide angle view.

The camera test is solely done for the still images and not for the video capability of the phone.

Both phones use the Cyanogen camera app to power its camera. The application works just fine on the Yureka as well as on the Yuphoria. It fires up quickly and is snappy to work with. Filters like Sepia, Mono, Posterize, Aqua and many more can be applied in real time to show how the resultant image would look after pressing the shutter. Photo modes such as the HDR, Smart Scene, Beauty Mode, Steady Photo, Night Mode, Action, Slow Shutter and Clear Image bring in versatility to the images.  The panorama feature is just a tap away on the main camera screen placed just along the photo and video mode toggle keys.

In the setting menu, the size and quality of pictures can be adjusted according to the desired output. One can manually toggle with the ISO, White Balance, exposure and colour temperature.

We tested the camera and made sure that all camera settings were the same on both devices. Lets take a look at some sample images taken from both the phones under specific conditions.

Outdoor Conditions

Wide shot

The colour reproduction on the Yuphoria is slightly better than the Yureka. The former gives rich and vivid colours while the latter boosts the exposure hence distorting the right colour tones in the image.

Mid Close up

In certain brightly lit conditions, we saw that the images from both the cameras are starkly different from each other. The colour rendition on the Yuphoria was close to what the eyes saw. While the Yureka boosted the image with warmer colours and was far from close to the actual colours of the subject. Also on the corners, the image seems to be burnt out. The pictures from the Yuphoria are sharper here than the Yureka in these conditions, but we would not conclude it as many other conditions for testing are still to go.

Parallel Shot

However in this shot we noticed that the Yureka has more detail in its picture but keeps the images bland. The Yuphoria on the other hand, has a bluish tinge to its pictures, the denims look new because of the extra blue though they are really worn out. Notice further and the center of the image produces a magenta halo patch.

Close up shot

The depth of field is same on both the cameras. Both phones are consistent with their images with one giving out a filter like tinge and the other burning out on the corners. The problem of overexposed areas is persistent on the Yuphoria in the picture here too.

Dim lit outdoors

This photo sample above is a good example of how the Yureka outperfoms the Yuphoria in dim lit outdoor conditions. The extra exposure boost rendered by the Yuphoria lights up the shadows in the picture. While on the Yuphoria, the shadows on the image make it dark and dull.

Indoor Conditions

Low light (without flash)

The Yuphoria when focused on the candle blackened everything out. The photo frame put right behind it is not even visible. Whereas the Yureka manages to bring out everything that receives light. The low light performance of the Yureka is better than that of the Yuphoria. The preference of the colour tone is entirely subjective, some might like the Yuphoria for its neutral colour while other might fancy a warmer tone of the Yureka.

Flash used in dark

When we used flash in a completely dark room it appeared that the saturation level is too high in the image taken by the Yuphoria, it fails to produce original colours and even white is not white here. The Yureka maintains a cool colour temperature and the image produced looks like any standard image taken from a camera phone with flash.

Indoor with Artificial Lights

The Yureka churns out a much brighter image with artificial lighting indoors. Both images taken from the phones have equal amount of noise though. The displeasing factor with the Yuphoria is its massive chunks of bluish grains.

The Purple fringing in the Yuphoria is all over the picture, the photos when looked at closely, are not crisp and lack detail. Of course the megapixels on the camera do make the difference here, but the quality still suffers majorly on the Yuphoria.

Front Facing Camera

Both phones have a 5MP front facing camera and it is now that the test comes at loggerheads with each other. The Yureka produces a better result with its front facing camera with bright and crisp pictures, though the colour reproduction is still bad. While the Yuphoria produces not so sharp images, but some users might prefer the front cam on this phone simply because the images are softer because of lack of details. Selfie lovers will like the Yuphoria as it hides blemishes on the face and the yellowish tinge suits the colour of the skin making it look natural. Notice the Yuphoria has a wider angle than the Yureka. All the photo effects and settings can be toggled in the front camera also.


With all kinds of tests done so far, we conclude that the Yureka has a narrow depth of field than the Yuphoria because it houses a better camera. The Yuphoria gets everything in focus and struggles when focusing on close distanced objects. Though the camera test done might not seem fair, we had a reason to believe that Yuphoria would have got something new with its new but low MP count camera.

Many of you asked for a camera test between the Yuphoria and the Yureka and we tried to bring you what you asked for. The amount of images taken in different conditions from both the phones will give you a good idea of how these cameras fair against one another.


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