How to Take Better Pictures With The iPhone 6

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How to Take Better Pictures With The iPhone 6

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Apple started the ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ ad campaign earlier this year and filled billboards with photographs shot with the phone. The campaign was only restricted to still pictures but Apple has now added videos to it too. The purpose of this promotional act is to showcase the camera capability of the device. The company’s microsite titled ‘World Gallery’ stores all photos and videos exclusively shot on the iPhone 6. Here you can take a look at the photos and video submissions to Apple by users from across the globe.

iPhone picture

But we will not just ask you to browse through those breathtaking pictures and videos but also help you understand how to take better pictures with this outperforming camera phone. These are some quick points that you need to know while clicking great pictures.

iPhone Camera 11


1. Focus & Exposure Lock

iPhone Camera 0

We are aware of the touch to focus capability but what many don’t know is the camera’s lock mode. You can lock the focus on the iPhone by long pressing the area you want to lock the focus on and remain fixed at. With this even the exposure gets locked, preventing the dimming and brightening of the picture. Recompose your frame by locking the focus and exposure and get great flexibility in your pictures.

2. Manual Exposure

iPhone Camera 5

The tiny little yellow box with a sun icon on the camera interface gives you the ability to change the exposure in the picture. For example if a person is standing against a bright background, it would appear to be dark, with manually setting the exposure, you can increase it and make the person perfectly visible. A lot can be achieved in your pictures by playing with it the other way around.

3. Use Grids

iPhone Camera 6

The grid lines makes it easier to level out horizontal or vertical lines and helps in positioning the subject. The composition made with the help of grid lines result in better and aesthetically pleasing photographs. If one is aware of the rule of thirds then grid lines are of utmost utility. You can switch the grid lines on or off, though at first the lines might seem as a little distracting and need a bit of getting used to.

4. HDR

iPhone Camera 8

If you have bright lights and deep shadows in the same frame, use HDR. HDR or the High Dynamic Range is an option which can be set to auto/on/off. Considering the wide use of this mode Apple has put this mode directly on to the camera interface. It brings out more details in a picture and adjusts the overexposed or underexposed areas in a composition.

5. Timer

iPhone Camera 12

This option is something that we do not use often, but put it to its best use and it will give you great results. The Timer feature isn’t always used when you don’t want anybody to physically press the shutter button. Infact there are times when pressing the shutter button shakes the phone a little and hence results in a shaky picture. To avoid that shake and to get a very stable and crisp picture, use the mode mounted on a tripod or place it on a stable base.

6. Burst Mode

iPhone Camera 1

This simply helps you take multiple pictures on a single shutter press. There are often times that we miss the moment either before pressing the shutter button or after. With the burst mode you can long press the shutter button and it will take 10 photos per second, giving you the options to pick the best out of them all. It makes sure that you do not miss a moment even if you are not precise while pressing the shutter button.

7. Panorama ModeiPhone Camera 13

The standard and the usual way of taking panorama pictures is to move the phone vertically from either left to right or right to left. But you can experiment with the panorama feature by using the phone horizontally or in a landscape mode and moving it from top to bottom or bottom to top. This is generally used for tall buildings, towers and skyscrapers but if experimented well, it can be  incorporated in normal portrait shots.


These are some common tips that would make your photos look better and stand out. Many of you might be aware of these camera features but it is still unknown to many. Apple with its constant iOS updates improved the camera functions and we might see some more upgrades in the camera but as of now it remains the best camera phone as compared to any other smartphone, today.

Iphone 6 billboardSo next time pop out your iPhone and remember these tips for better pictures. Experiment with whatever you have got and display your photography skills. Who knows, Apple might just ask you to use your pictures on their next billboard.

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