Tweeting Pothole Is Now Fixing Roads

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Tweeting Pothole Is Now Fixing Roads

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Technology has helped us in many ways than we could imagine and now it’s helping us on the roads too. No, we are not talking about the self driven car or a state of the art GPS Navigation system. This time it’s technology fixing pot holes on the roads of Panama City.

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Television Show ‘Telemetro Reporta’ in collaboration with ad agency P4 Ogilvy and Mather launched a project called ‘The Tweeting pothole’. This project installs pressure sensitive devices which looks like a hockey puck on potholes spread across on some of the busiest streets of Panama City. So as you must have guessed by now, whenever a car or another vehicle runs over it, the device automatically sends a complain tweet to the twitter account of the Ministry of Public Works requesting for the pothole to be fixed.

Ramon Arosemena, Minister of Public Works Department recognized ‘The Tweeting Pothole’ project and stated that the condition of the Panama City roads are the result of years of neglect and poor practice in construction.

This initiative is not just limited to sending tweets to repair the damaged roads but also gathers information on the conditions of the most damaged roads.

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As far as the effect of this initiative is concerned, potholes are being fixed by the Public Works Department and they are frequently updating the progress on their twitter account. The citizens of Panama City have also taken up the initiative to directly tweet to the concerned department about a broken or damaged road.

The Tweeting Pothole from P4 Ogilvy on Vimeo.

We hope that a project of this caliber takes place in India as the problem of potholes and craters exists almost on every road here. We have Ogilvy and Mather here and we have a host of news channels available too, so what is stopping us? Perhaps an official twitter account of the Public Works Department.

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