Watch Samsung Take a Dig at Apple in its Latest Galaxy S6 Ad

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Watch Samsung Take a Dig at Apple in its Latest Galaxy S6 Ad

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It seems Samsung will never be tired of poking fun at Apple, whether it is live streaming, bigger displays, or suggesting iPhone users are gradually become “wall-huggers”. In a latest ad to promote the new Galaxy S6, Samsung understands the frustrations a user goes through when the charger has to be untangled to charge a phone.

The ad makes note of the lengths people will go through to connect their phones to a white cable. And as seen in one frame, a bundle of white wires. Samsung points out that they are the source of head-banging, back-ache and anger issues. Then, it shows its wireless charger, which makes the ordinary task of charging a phone, well, ordinary.

So how does Apple figure in this ad? The white cables represent the white charger that comes with every Apple product. To make the point more clear, one frame shows a woman frustratingly trying to connect her phone to a deck.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have buit-in wireless charging. Samsung may have made fun of Apple users, but S6 users will also have to take their charger everywhere they go.

After watching the ad, Taylor Swift will probably write an open letter, asking Apple to include wireless charging in the next iPhone.


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