Ultimate DIY Desk Setup For Your Computer in Rs.20000

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Ultimate DIY Desk Setup For Your Computer in Rs.20000

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Always dreamed of a classy workspace without breaking the bank? We bring to you the ultimate desk –  for your home or office with minimum effort and maximum functionality.


Keeping that in mind, we decided to go the retro route with wood and white accents. We already had a Mac Mini and a 34 inch curved LG monitor along with a keyboard and trackpad with us, so we purchased additional utilities to get going. It’s time to pack your tools and get ready to hack the desk.

The Desk

We loved the simple yet extremely functional  Urban Ladder Belua Four Seater Dining Table in natural wood. The 52.6cm x 66cm x 96cm table comes with an additional shelf which is ideal to store the Mac Mini, a wire bin and even some books. However when the table arrived, we found it to be shorter than expected and that is when we decided to DIY the desk.


DIY Desk Modifications

To increase the height of the desk we added white plastic door stoppers (two on each leg). We then drilled two holes into either side of the desk to insert two hooks. On these hooks, we attached two white chains and hung a metal rod (painted white again) on the bottom of the table to make a foot rest.

We selected two pipes and fitted them with elbows (both painted white) to make a cup holder and a stand for headphones which also doubles up as a pen stand. Lastly, we made a simple lamp using a metal holder for the base, and a piece of pipe for the bulb holder. You can find all these items at a hardware store or you can follow the links given in the video’s description to order them online.


Logitech Speakers Z200 

These Bluetooth enabled speakers not only look great but also have excellent sound quality. They come with ports for headphones and mic and have  a built-in rechargeable battery that powers upto 5 hours of continuous music.

Audio Technica ATH-AX1 Headphones

These headphones are a good mix of aesthetics and comfort. They come with 36 mm drivers, auniversall mic, volume and track control along with cushioned ear pads for extended use. Not to mention they look great on the white stand we made for them!

Mansaa SmartShine – Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb

We’ve featured these smartbulbs in many of our videos and find them to be very versatile. You can download the app and choose from over 16 million colours and a host of personalization options that you can control from your smartphone. We placed one to the lamp and three on the floor to add a boost of colour to our desk.



Transcend TS-HUB3K USB 3.0 4-port Hub

We wanted to add ports right upfront to the desk and this 3.0 USB Hub fits perfectly. It comes with four USB ports and provides 2A output current.

Transcend USB 3.0 Super Speed Multi-Card Reader

This multi format plug and play card reader supports SDHC, SDXC and MicroSDHC among many others.



This simple but powerful headphone amplifier and DAC is lightweight and connects into the USB 3 Hub. It also allows you to connect both the speakers and the headphones and control the audio from the Mac.


Cable Managment

MX Cable Organizer 

Needless to say, our desk would be cluttered with cables if it weren’t for smart cable management solutions. We used these to funnel multiple cables into one cable cover and then taped them under the table using velcro and staples.

Tidy Up! Wire Bin

Finally we placed all the adaptors and plugs inside this bin. We added an extension board to connect all our devices and placed the bin on the shelf under the table.


House of Quirk Felt Mat

We used a protective felt mat to add a gorgeous accent to the desk. You can use it as a mousepad, to place your laptop or keyboard. It protects the desk from scratches and spills and is a comfortable resting surface for your hands while writing or using the mouse. 

DSW Dining Chair

Last but not the least, this chair is very comfortable and stylish. It has a polycarbonate shell that is offset by beech wood legs and comes with metal geometric accents that adds a great overall look. 


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