Now Your WhatsApp Status Messages Can Be Like Snapchat Stories

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Now Your WhatsApp Status Messages Can Be Like Snapchat Stories

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In an effort to engrave Snapchat’s story trend into most of its apps, Facebook has included the feature to WhatsApp. The WhatsApp status, now, would look strikingly similar to Snapchat stories. You can share pictures, videos and also embellish them with drawings, emoticons and texts.

With the indoctrination of the Snapchat story format, WhatsApp has bid adieu to the old school text-based status messages. Like Snapchat, the status updates on WhatsApp will be posted from an in-app camera. The story, once posted, will appear in the new “status” tab and can be viewed by your contacts for 24 hours from then. The feature will be available for users on Android, iOS and Windows phones.

WhatsApp will be the fourth from the Facebook family to instill the “stories” feature. Prior to this, Instagram, Facebook messenger and Facebook also included this feature. The feature, however, is available on Facebook Messenger and Facebook only in select countries as it is still being tested. With this update coming up, WhatsApp will be the second Facebook product to inculcate the feature globally after Instagram, something that has been extremely popular with Instagram users. Over 150 million Instagram users are using the feature everyday, which is almost the same number as the users of Snapchat.

The update comes in the wake of WhatsApp’s 8th anniversary which is on 24th Feb 2017. The company, in a blog post, said that WhatsApp was initially designed to let people share what they are up to, with their contacts. However, with time they revamped WhatsApp to allow users to communicate in real time. Today, WhatsApp has over 1.2 billion monthly active users making it the most popular App.

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