All You Need To Know About The New WhatsApp Status Feature

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All You Need To Know About The New WhatsApp Status Feature

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The all new WhatsApp feature has caught the messaging world by a storm. Facebook has decided to introduce the Snapchat story feature, snapping out of the old text-only status messages. With this, WhatsApp will have an edge to it, the edge being – end to end encryption even for the status updates!

Read on to know all about the new feature.


How can I get the Status Feature?




Unlike other updates offered by WhatsApp, you don’t need to install or update the app from App Store/Google Playstore. The new status feature will automatically be visible on your app. iOS users will know their app is ready to use the Status feature if their Contacts tab gets replaced with a camera icon, and the extreme left tab would read “Status”. For Android users, they will get to know about the update when they can see a new “Status” tab and a camera icon to the left of the “Chats” tab.


Who will my Status be visible to?



Like old times, you can control who can see your statuses. The status will be visible only to your contacts (by default) and in case you want to change the privacy settings, you can do so. Users can change the settings by tapping on the privacy button in the app. You will be given three options:

My Contacts: Only people who feature in your contacts will be able to see your status

My Contacts Except: You can select the people from among your contacts who you don’t want to share your status with. Your status will still be visible to the rest of your contacts

Only Share With: You can select the contacts with whom you want to share the status with. The rest of your contacts will not be able to see the status update!

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The Snapchat Effect to your WhatsApp status

If you are familiar with the concept of Snapchat and Instagram stories, then using this feature on WhatsApp will be a piece of cake for you. More than anything, this feature will make your age-old all-text status seem like a distant memory. Some Have-To-Knows about the Status feature are listed below:


  • In case you want to check out the status updates by your friends, all you have to do is open the “Status” tab. As soon as you open it, a list of status updates from your friends will fill in.
  • Similar to Snapchat, you can skip a status you don’t want to see by tapping. You can also pause a status by touching the screen or move to the next person’s status by swiping left.
  • If you want to reply to the status you’re currently viewing, you just have to swipe up and reply


How to update your Status?



There are two ways in which you can add a picture or video to your WhatsApp status,: Either you can select it from your camera roll or post one from the in-app camera! You can add emoticons, drawings and text to your status. You can also add captions to your WhatsApp status, which your contacts will be able to view at the bottom of your status.

You can send your WhatsApp status directly to a friend, as a message, or you can tap on the “My Status” tab at the top of the list to update your status.

Video Duration Limit

The videos you upload as your WhatsApp status cant be longer than 10 seconds, unlike Snapchat. Yes! You can record and share a WhatsApp status that is as long as 45 seconds.


GIFs can be uploaded too!

GIFs are the new cool thing, and guess what? You can share GIFs as your WhatsApp status now. If there is a GIF saved on your camera roll, all you have to do is – Select it, trim it (if you want) and share it!


Who is Viewing My Status?



You can see who all have viewed your status by checking out the view counter positioned at the bottom of your phone screen. You just have to swipe up the screen and you’ll get the whole list of people who have viewed your status.


Sh, Sh, Screenshots!


Unlike Snapchat, WhatsApp will not notify when a contact takes the screenshot of your status. The status disappears from your status after 24 hours, but the screenshot will stay to haunt you. Hence, you have to be very careful of what you post.

While the new WhatsApp status feature seems to be an exciting inclusion, we will have to wait to see how it fares on the popularity meter.

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