Facebook, Apple and Google Protest Donald Trump’s Decision on Transgender Students

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Facebook, Apple and Google Protest Donald Trump’s Decision on Transgender Students

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Facebook, Apple and Google, have come together to join hands – and it is not for a professional collaboration, the tech companies have spoken out in protest to Donald Trump’s ruling on transgender teens.

A directive that was rolled out in May 2016, by then President Barack Obama gave transgender teenagers federal guidance allowing them to avail education at public schools that are in line with their gender identity.  Current President Donald Trump, has decided to withdraw the protections that were laid out for the transgender students.

Trump Rolls Back Protection For Trans Students

In an effort to roll back the progress the directive had made, the Trump administration has given the decision of using bathrooms back to the state level.  This has not been received with great enthusiasm, most Americans gave a cold shoulder to his previous decisions of immigration ban and his appeal to create a separate Muslim registry. The tech industry has shown surprise, as to how these decisions are blatantly undermining basic civil rights and giving rise to discrimination.

The commencement of the protest was marked when Apple, which is led by a eminent member of the LGBT community, issued a statement. The statement said that Apple disagreed “with any effort to limit or rescind… the rights and protections” of trans teens. This was followed by similar statements, opposing Trump’s decision, from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many others.


In a statement given to TechCrunch, Google said, “We’ve long advocated for policies that provide equal rights and treatment for all. We’re deeply concerned to see a roll-back in transgender students’ rights”. Facebook also issued a statement to TechCrunch, that read, “Facebook is a strong supporter of equality. We stand for ensuring equal rights for everyone, including transgender students, and will continue to advocate for more rights instead of fewer.”


The decision has taken social media by storm too with tweets with the tag #ProtectTransKids raining in.


Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, expressed his opinion with a tweet, saying :


Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith also took to Twitter to address the issue.

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