On His Birth Anniversary Here are 10 Lesser Known Facts About Steve Jobs

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On His Birth Anniversary Here are 10 Lesser Known Facts About Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs, the former co-founder, CEO and chairman of Apple Inc. would have turned 62 today. The San Francisco born Jobs played a major part in the uprising of Apple. While much has been said and written about the pioneer, here is a list of 10 lesser known facts about Steve Jobs.


1. Steve Jobs was Half-Arab

Jobs’ biological parents gave him up at birth as they were not ready to get married. His biological father was Syrian and his mother was an American. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.


2. He was a Pescetarian

Jobs’ diet was mostly vegetarian, and after his health deteriorated he took up a vegan diet. However, before being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003, Jobs diet included only fish, apart from an otherwise vegetarian diet and no other meat.


3. At Apple, his annual salary was $1

While it may seem odd, given Jobs’ position at Apple Inc., Jobs withdrew a salary of $1. Though, most of his wealth came from the 5.5 million Apple shares he owned. He also owned a major part of Disney’s stock.


4. Coding, what’s that?

The mastermind who played a crucial role in the budding and flourishing of Apple Inc. did not know how to code. He was a college dropout.


5. He made it to the Fortune Magazine’s “Top” List!

In 1993, Jobs featured in the Fortune magazine’s list of America’s Toughest Bosses. He is also listed as either the primary inventor or co-inventor of 346 patents in the US. That’s quite a number!


6. There is a Steve Jobs Day!

The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, declared October 16, 2011 as the Steve Jobs Day.


7. Steve Jobs owned Pixar

The world famous animation studio, Pixar, was once owned by Steve Jobs. He later sold it and became a majority shareholder of Disney stock.


8. Experimenting with LSD

Yes, you read it right. Steve Jobs is known to have experimented with LSD, a psychedelic drug (popularly called acid) known for its psychological effects.


9. Grave, where’s that?

Steve Jobs is buried under an unmarked grave. His last words, apparently, were “Oh wow Oh wow Oh wow”.


10. Salute to the Genius!

When Jobs died, Apple, Microsoft, Disneyland and Disney World, along with other Disney properties flew their flags at half staff.



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