Seiko To Sell Limited “Steve Jobs” Watches

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Seiko To Sell Limited “Steve Jobs” Watches

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Japanese watch-making giant Seiko and Tokyo-based retailer Nano Universe are coming together to sell a limited bunch of Chariot series watches. Back in 1984, Steve Jobs was seen sporting the watch design in his portrait by Norman Seeff. The portrait later went on to become the cover of the Times Magazine.

The shot is one of the most iconic photographs of Jobs. Steve Jobs, who is the former Apple Inc. co-founder, is seen sitting with his legs crossed and the Macintosh on his lap, at his Woodside, California house.


After Jobs’  death, his estate sold the original watch owned by him for $42,500 in February last year. Seiko has now decided to relaunch the watch with the original size of 33mm. The company also plans to introduce the design in a slightly larger version of size 37.5mm.

The Chariot series watches will be priced at 20,000 Japanse Yen, which amounts to a little less than US $180 or . Seiko plans to sell 1982 units which will be white in color, an additional 300 units will be in black. Unfortunately, the watches will only be available in the Japanese market.

The Seiko Chariot Series “Steve Jobs” watches will go on sale from March 10, 2017.

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