Samsung Secure Folder App Launched For Galaxy S7, S7 Edge

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Samsung Secure Folder App Launched For Galaxy S7, S7 Edge

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Samsung’s Secure Folder app has been officially launched for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. However, it can operate only on Samsung Galaxy smartphones that run Android 7.0 or higher versions. Also, it can only be downloaded from the Galaxy Apps store.

The initial launch of the Secure Folder app was with the Galaxy Note 7, and was later added to a few Galaxy A-series models. Samsung confirmed that the Secure Folder app puts Samsung’s “defence-grade” Knox security platform into use to create a private, secured safe. This encrypted space can be used to store apps, images and documents. This will be useful for users who want to store their private data,encrypted and saved in a vault of sorts.

The app will save the users’ phones from getting hacked or their private information being misused. Users can also make copies of their most-used or favorite apps and access them from alternate profiles. The browsing history of the apps in the Secure Folder will be kept segregated from the apps outside the Folder. The Secure Folder app will also be beneficial for people who want to keep their bank details or other passwords safe, and away from the hands of fraudsters.

If a user wants to add files to the Secure Folder, all he has to do is move the content to the folder by choosing the “Move to Secure Folder” options from apps like the Gallery or Contacts. The Secure Folder can be encrypted with a PIN, passcode, pattern, or biometric verification. The App also supports cloud-based data back-up which enables users to transfer data between phones. However, even in case of data back up the data in the Secure Folder is kept separate from that in the general back files.

Samsung has claimed that it will soon introduce the Secure Folder App to other phones in the Samsung Galaxy series.

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