Top 10 Tech For Women – Woman’s Day Shopping List

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Top 10 Tech For Women – Woman’s Day Shopping List

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Are you a woman looking for cool tech products for home or office? Do you have a special lady who would love new tech in her life? We’ve got you covered. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 products to buy or gift. No more guessing what women want.

Sony MDR-XB250

The first thing that caught our attention was the vibrant colours of these headphones, available in a whole spectrum of pop. They have a 30mm dynamic drive that delivers excellent sound and deep bass. They come with an adjustable headband and are comfortable for long use. The best part is that they’re lightweight and come with a serrated tangle-free cord, making it easy to carry.

Mi Band 2 Smart Activity

This is a fantastic budget find for the fitness lover. It can track your activity levels and keep track of your sleep, heart rate and how many calories you’ve burned. It has a clutter-free display and also shows you alerts and notifications like calls and messages. It has an IP67 certification which makes it water and dust resistant.

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Yoky Tag

For those of you who keep losing your things, the Yoky Tag is here to save you. This tiny bluetooth enabled tag can be easily attached to your phone or a set of keys. Pair it with the Yoky App and it will keep track of the item it is attached to. It also comes with a pedometer and is available in different colours and patterns. You can also customise the tag on the Yoky website


Asus Power Bank

This credit card sized lightweight powerbank looks small but is incredibly powerful with a 10050mAH capacity. It supports fast charging with an output of 2.4 A and protects your device from surges and short circuits. It’s available in many colours and is perfect to charge your device on the go.


Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

Too busy to hit the salon? The Veet Electric Trimmer is perfect for days when you’re short on time but long on grooming chores. It comes with a host of accessories to comb, neaten and trim sensitive areas like the face, underarms and the bikini area. It’s a pain-free and quick solution to your beauty woes, all of which can be done from the comfort of your home.


Multipurpose Hand Bag Organizer

Do you miss out a few things each time you change your handbag? This organizer is the answer to that problem. You can place all of your things into it fit the organizer in your bag. So the next time you change a handbag, all you have to do is lift the organizer and transfer it into another bag. It comes with multiple pockets and is small enough to fit in a tote bag or a messenger bag.

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair

A flat tire is usually a great source of stress for a woman driver. This Tubeless Tyre Kit helps greatly in easing that fear. It comes with a number of parts of help you repair the puncture yourself, making you self-sufficient in case you’re stranded in a place that doesn’t have a garage close by. You can check out the above video for detailed instructions on how to use the kit.


Mi Bluetooth Speaker

It’s powerful and beautiful. Two adjectives rarely used when describing a speaker! This slim, compactly designed bluetooth speaker gives you upto 8 hours of non stop play on a full charge. It comes with dual 36mm drivers and provides hands free support for phone calls. Available in multiple colours, though our favourite is the gold.

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Shopping Bag Led Light

It may look like a shopping bag but its actually a rechargable LED night light which is perfect for your night stand. You can control the intensity of the light and even use the surface to write messages or leave sticky notes. It comes with a USB cord to charge.


SAFER Smart Jewellery

Last but perhaps the most important on our list is the SAFER smart pendant that is a must for women safety. It comes equipped with bluetooth and a button on the back which when pressed twice will send an alert to your friends and family giving them your location. You can also download the app and send an sos directly from the app. It also has a Safer Walk option that sends your travel route and allows your loved ones to keep track of you. It also makes for a gorgeous accessory and is available in different colours.

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