Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Prototype To Be Ready By Q3 2017

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Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Prototype To Be Ready By Q3 2017

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Just one step away from producing it, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display will collaborate to give the world a foldable smartphone prototype in the third quarter of 2017. Assuming that the prototype is unveiled around the speculated date, the consumer ready devices will only be launched in 2018. However, that will depend on the response the prototype gets from the mass.

While Samsung has been hinting at a foldable smartphone in the offing for years now, there’s no proof of a concrete development. However, after Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s ill-fated demise in the market last year, Samsung is expected to bring forward an innovative design that can make the disaster a faded memory.

Though the idea of foldable smartphones is something to look forward to and will surely garner a lot of attention, the constant delay has put the excitement at rest. Reports suggest that Samsung, in fact, unveiled its foldable smartphone concept before a selected audience at Mobile World Congress 2017. The report goes on to say that major network providers, among others, were invited to the exclusive presentation of Samsung’s foldable smartphone concept.

The idea of producing the prototype is to test the quality as well as the performance of the foldable smartphone. Another reason behind the production of prototype is to analyse the market reception. Given the major failure that the Note 7 was, it is not a surprise that Samsung is traversing the path cautiously.

If all goes well and the prototype does, indeed, garner the right kind of attention, then the production of the consumer products is expected to kickstart late 2017.

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