iPhone 8 Design Leak Suggests Slightly Curved OLED Display

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iPhone 8 Design Leak Suggests Slightly Curved OLED Display

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Since the news started pouring in for the next iPhone, rumors suggested that the Apple iPhone 8, which is next-in-line for launch will have a curved OLED display. However, fresh set of reports claim that Apple has now discarded the idea.

A report has claimed to “confirm” that though the Apple iPhone 8 (or X) will have a slightly curved display, the concept of an edge display is out the window now. The report suggests that the curves on the next iPhone, which will mark Apple’s 10th anniversary this year, will be gentler than the ones on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge. Though the curved screen feature will make the iPhone sleeker and allow a display area of 5.2-inches on a 5.8-inch footprint, that’s the extent of functionality it would offer.

Samsung Electronics stands to be the spearhead of curved OLED screens, and was followed by the likes of Xiaomi, Vivo and Huawei. Apple might give curved screens a shot, however, according to the reports it is not expected to offer any additions in terms of functionality. The report also suggests that the iPhone 8 will most likely be flat on the front, slightly curved along the edges on the side and the display is expected to be covered with layer of 2.5D glass.

The possibility of a curved OLED display would have let the world witness an interesting transformation of Apple smartphones. However, it appears that Apple will most probably skip the idea. While the launch of the Apple iPhone is still many months away, we don’t expect reports, leaks and rumours to slow down any  time soon.


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